The Truth behind me and MINE’99

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In a further effort to wipe the slate clean, now that I am technically a "commercial guy" and no longer some obscure ASFer, it’s time for a confession.  That is, MINE’99 and I have been fooling you all.

Not since the team-up of Andy Kauffman and Jerry "The King" Lawler has such a hoax been effectively pulled off.  In reality, MINE’99 and I are actually good friends, and have been so since LA ’99.  We call each other up and talk daily, practicing our phonetic ambiguities on each other and laughing like little boys into the wee hours of the morning.

In our spare time, we hang out at coffee shops and bookstores, waxing philosophical about things like NLP and puppy dogs.  Occasionally, we’ll talk to girls, but our friendship is based on so much more than that.

About three months ago, we hatched the plot to make everyone think we hated each other.  MINE’99 agreed to make everyone think he hated me and was going to make an example of me like he did with R. Don Steele if I agreed to poke fun at him occasionally.

Since that time, our flame wars have become a thing of legend.  Oh, how much fun we’ve had laughing about all the people who took us seriously!  In the meantime, we go sarging at Third Street Promenade and celebrate our differences as PUAs, as I open set after set and MINE’99 drops them into trance after our Golden Bubble is firmly established (that psychic stuff really works!).

I’m sorry we had to fool you all.  I hope you understand, it was meant to all be in good fun.  But the time has come to be honest and let you know that I love MINE’99: my friend, my confidant… my GURU!

Keep on truckin’ MINE’99!  We owe so much to you!

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4 Responses to “The Truth behind me and MINE’99”
  1. Endiphrent says:

    Didnt you say something about April Fools?

  2. sandsnake says:

    Thundercat you fuck. Our war is REAL. And war shall be reigned upon you. You will be crushed, as was R. Don Steele and Major Mark and David DeAngelo. How would it feel, if in six months from now, you were to look back, and I had snuck into your home at night and poo’ed on you in the middled of the night. Right into your mouth… Now… With my cornhole.



  3. BadDog says:

    Hey Thundercat,

    Great story! Guess I came along too late into the game to be aware of your whole charade! lol

    Anyway, I too had a run in with R. Don Steele. (Yup, the OLD fart himself!) Best thing that could have ever happened to me, being booted out of his group!

    Is there a thread to Mine99′s flame war with the old fart? I’d love to read it!


    P.S.- Feel free to plug my new lair for the boys of “the O.C.!” Oh yeah, just remembered you joined. Thanks! Now up to seven members!

  4. RJ says:


    Thundy let the cat out of the bag!

    Now I’m going to have to create a fake “war” with someone else!


    Om namo narayanaya

    RJ q

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