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Fake Virgins On The Upswing?

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Now, this is just too crazy for words…

Add a new one to the list: fake virgins.

A growing number of Chinese women — mostly in their 20s and about to get married — are opting for a surgical procedure called “hymen restoration,” which returns the hymen to its condition before it was ruptured, which typically occurs during first sexual contact but can also happen while playing sports or doing other strenuous activities.

Even as China has flung open its doors to the West and modernized, a deeply conservative and chauvinistic attitude persists. Many men, including white-collar professionals, say they want to marry a virgin. And increasingly liberated Chinese women have found a way to oblige them.

“We can fix it so everything is perfect, so the men can believe they are marrying virgins,” said Zhou Hong, a physician and director of gynecology at the Beijing Wuzhou Women’s Hospital. “We don’t advertise it; we don’t publicize it.”

Let me ask you:  What’s the benefit of marrying a woman who’s a virgin?  I mean, honestly.  It’s not like the sex is gonna FEEL any different, and women who’ve never had sex before really aren’t all that good at it.  So what exactly is the appeal here?

Personally, I’d rather marry a liberated, experienced woman who knows what she’s doing, knows what she likes, and is able to actually enjoy herself in bed rather than dealing with an inexperienced lover who may eventually decide to “step outside the marriage” because she feels the need to experience more than her husband has to offer.

But aside from that, seeing women actually trying to revert back to “virgin” status just to get married… that’s just ridiculous.  I mean, I am in no ways a feminist, but surely that can’t be a healthy thing to do for women in society.  Shouldn’t we be ENCOURAGING women to have sex instead of keeping their legs locked?  Seems to me everyone would be much happier if this whole “virgin” myth was just done away with entirely.