The Bootycast Episode 11 – Technical Difficulties

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Thanks to everyone who tried to check out the podcast last night.  Unfortunately, it seems Blog Talk Radio had some technical issues so the show didn’t stream live.  D’oh.

Plus, for some reason Skype was cutting in-and-out the whole show, so the brilliant commentary by Adam and myself is kinda hard to hear.  It’s too bad because we covered a lot of good stuff, but yeah, you guys may want to skip this episode because the constant voice dropping gets annoying after a while.  (Seriously, it’s like the show was brought to you by AT&T or something.)

We did have 30 callers on the line last night though, so I know at least some of you got to listen in!  We’re working on making it so the next episode has better call quality.  We’re still figuring out the new system as we go.

In this episode of the Bootycast:

  • We talk about RJ Hating on AFC Adam and why they are no longer Facebook friends.
  • We discuss how much Adam and I love the Jews.
  • We talk about how most of the top PUAs are Jewish.
  • We talk about Kezia Noble listening to the podcast and hating on us on Facebook.
  • We discuss the upcoming Asian PUA Bootcamp behind-the-scenes video.
  • We talk about why we think Asian guys lust after white women.
  • We interview a real-life Asian about what Asian men really want.
  • We take calls and dish out advice.
  • Amanda shares with us interesting sex factoids from Cosmopolitan magazine.
  • And more!

If you want to listen to the show, you can do so by going to our show page by clicking here.

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4 Responses to “The Bootycast Episode 11 – Technical Difficulties”
  1. john w says:

    HAHAHAH ross and kezia suit, kezia is just using ross so she can get into america, and he is willing to obide by anything she says as he wants a piece of her. she obviously is obsessed with LA. “im in LA” “i love LA”. “look at me” “im so hot”when she gets off the plane i bet all the paparazzi are waiting for her at LAX lol lol “the worlds leading female pua”

  2. paulk says:

    is john w Adam or one of Adams brain washed followers lol

  3. Wow. How can I argue with such towering intellects? And you guys certainly aren’t racist in ANYWAY, reinforcing stereotypes about Asians, etc. etc.

    It’s obvious that you clowns have nothing of value to offer as teachers or pick-up artists, and so you resort to smear, innuendo, and piss-poor Barry Kirkey imitation.

    Thundercat, you are yourself what you accuse me of being: a hater. And worse you are a hater with zero originality.

    Folks, if you enjoy Barry Kirkey’s broadcasts, you are in luck. You’ll get to hear them again when Thundy, Adam and Amanda do them.

  4. Mr.Right says:

    Ross i know Barry likes the free promotion from The Bootycast and your compliment.

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