New Bootycast Episode Tonight 8-18-10

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The BootycastHey everyone,

Don’t forget to tune into the Bootycast tonight at 6 pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern. Me, AFC Adam, and Amanda Lyons are hosting yet ANOTHER full hour of seduction power as we discuss timely community-related topics!

As always, you can join us as we’re recording the show in a live chat room AND a call-in line so you guys can interact with us during the show, ask questions, and get on the show live. We had a great time with the callers from last week, and we encourage you to join us.

Check out our show-page to listen in live and participate in the chat here:

And you can call into the show toll-free here:


The show’s recording will be posted on the blog tomorrow for those of you who can’t listen in, so if you can’t make it, don’t worry.  But if you CAN make it, please do so since we’d love to have you.

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