The BootyCast Episode 8: You Can’t Blame The Whang

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Hey guys,

I’ve been travelling this week because my little brother gets married tomorrow!  I’m very excited to see that my little bro has found such a fantastic wife and she’s a real welcome addition to the family.

So between the constant traveling and celebration, I haven’t had much time to update the site as I would like, which is why you haven’t seen much new material on the site this week.  But I was still able to get a podcast together, just for you guys.

Check it out here:

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Click Here To Download The Audio

Hopefully by next week, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled updates.

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59 Responses to “The BootyCast Episode 8: You Can’t Blame The Whang”
  1. Frank says:

    Don’t worry man, if you’re falling behind on the updates too much you can always hire some out of work writers to create your content for you like you talk about doing for your Stripper e-book newsletters here:

    You know what’s funny? Even in another field Thundercat / Rappin’ Matt is selling derivative products. Like he’s the first guy to ever sell something about internet marketing? I wonder how much of his course is truly original and how much is rehashed from other people’s ideas?

    Doesn’t he also sell ‘Turn Key’ online affiliate businesses through Yeah, no one’s ever done that before.

    Just jump on whatever bandwagon you think you can make money on.

  2. agent mahone says:

    lol, rappin matt was all over RSD for “running game on guys to get more money”. Then he gets exposed for doing the same thing himself, “I used a scarcity thing at the end there, it’s just a psychological trick to get more response”. lol

  3. SCOT SUCKS says:

    RSD virgin?

    That’s funny, because after Thundercats new product came out, the new term is “Thundercat Faggot”. Its where guys get SO bad with women that they just say “fuck it” and turn gay.

  4. Harry K. says:

    AFC Adam really came off as insecure, with his nervous laugh and repeatedly trying to convince everyone (and himself) that Amanda was never going to get picked up by another guy.

    Hey dude, guess what? You don’t know as much as you think you do. All this bullshit about how you “teach this stuff so it can never happen to me” is typical delusional community thinking.

    Naturals outside the community are ten times better than the phonies “gurus” in the community.

    Get yer head out of your ass, tough guy

  5. Lansing says:

    Thundy : I don’t know why you do this, but you often YELL at the start and end of your podcast. It is pretty annoying. Also, work a bit on the audio levels. When you do the “news” music for example it is always super loud and drowns out Amanda or whoever is talking.

    And whose phone kept on ringing? You think you guys would have figured out how to turn off your phones before starting to record! I was glad that Adam/Amanda’s connection was better than when they are in the USA though!

    I guess Cam came to his senses and moved on?

  6. chris says:

    Wow, Some people on hear are realy negative. It’s cool you guys brought up RSD, Lately all the news in the media sugests this stuf works and helps people, It won’t be long till a main streem news/ documentery show documents them and then evey one in the comunity will suffer. Can you imagine a reporter going undercover and hearing tyler durden say that it is only about getting the money or that he thinks his students ars chodes. Probably rub off on everybody and half everybodys sales overnight.

    The only real critisism I have is That AFC adam works for PUA training. I did an adam lyons bootcamp and I thought it realy was great. Honestly it was the best money I have spent in a long time.

    Every time you see a good review for PUA training, it has become a bit of a joke infact, You check to see how many times that guy has posted. The amount of times I have seen reviews of PUA training, and the first question is, How come you have only ever posted once on this forum. Like adam says, No smoke without fire, The number of bad reviews for these guys, is stagering.

  7. SCOT SUCKS says:

    Link us to some bad reviews for RSD, a please, show us the “staggering” amount.

    IMO, a staggering amount would be over 30 bad reviews.

    Hell, search “tundercat” in TAF or any seduction forum and see how many people hate his products,

  8. Edward Bloom says:

    You mean this Tundercat?

  9. AFC Adam says:

    Heya Harry K,

    Thanks for the comments, I’m not sure if it’s insecurity you heard or jetlag from over 20 hours of flying over the last few days previous to the show, but either way it’s definitly something I’ll watch for.

    Honestly I agree with you 100% on the naturals. These are guys who really do have an amazing ability with women, ad if it wasn’t for the game many guys would have no way of competing with them.

    However, they don’t actually “know” what they are doing, which means that they often are impulsive and emotional which does mean that guys running game can have a significant advantage over them. Most of them are easy to get to “wind up” or convince them into being over confident and cocky in front of girls which can backfire tremendously.

    Next time any of you reading this are confronted with a really confident natural, try asking them to explain their success rate with women, most will tell you how they can “get any girl they want” At this point any girl in the vicinity will be instantly turned off them. Works a treat every time.

    I do agree most so called guru’s may not be that great. Though I would say that many of them have improved dramatically from where they where and do have the ability to teach it to others, which is really all that matters. Afterall if you don’t like a particular one. Simply move on, and find someone you do like, or alternatively hang with some naturals and learn from them.

    This community is all about improvement, well at least it is from me. I hope this may help to explain something a little better.

    Chris man, I appreciate the posting. I have to admit puatraining are looking after me incredibly well though, but cheers for the post nonetheless!

    You’re the Chris from the London camp right?

  10. Jason says:

    Barry Kirky aka 26 aka extramask OWNS you, BIAAATCH!

    Pure Personality of a piece of shit!

  11. chris says:

    “You’re the Chris from the London camp right?”

    yes mate, glad you remembered, like I said I had the time of my life and I fully recomend your bootcamp, Buttttt.

    I nearly didn’t go on it because you are with PUA training and I was dubiouse of that brand. If I had missed it I would be a lot worce off. To put things in prospective I had only been laid in thailand before your bootcamp. That german girl I shaged looks just like that bird teaching MM on youtube. Okay maybe plus a few pounds heavier.

    Again Can’t recomend you enough. Thanks for the help

  12. AFC Adam says:

    Hahaha No probems mate,

    I understand.

    Glad you’re seeing an improvement man keep it up, It’s good to say hi to you, even all this way over the net.


    Add me on Facebook and say hi.

  13. BRIAN says:

    goto for a REAL radio show

  14. jeff says:

    i know eh… geeeeez barry called you a blog all last week and this type of crap is what u got on ur radio show… Dude bring back Sinn or something, because this show is just boring.

    Barry’s show is freaking awesome!

  15. T says:

    Stop the ridiculous sound effects!! The show could be so much better if you stop TRYING to be funny Thundercat. The stories that ADAM and AMANDA where sharing were actually quite interesting. Stick to real stories that happen in real life and you might actually have a REAL show.

  16. Coven says:

    Adam, saw you speak at PUA summit and think very highly of you.

    You keep mentioning how you hate all the guys out there trying to teach and don’t know there stuff.

    Thundercat is one of them.

    Unless you have seen him in action, I have seen him out and he was always alone and looks like a slob.

    I am serious, and worried you will be drug down with him, every week he is blasting respected people in the community, when there is smoke there is fire…

  17. AFC Adam says:

    Thanks loads Coven I appreciate the comments.

    :o )

    i think people miss something about TC he isn’t a Guru, and doesn’t claim to be. He does have alot more success than he used to have, has improved a hell of alot, and I’ve seen some of his GF’s who honestly are pretty hot.

    He gives out a bunch of material, most based on things he’s found himself or on interviews with people who are really good at what they do. Anyone who doesn’t like his stuff is welcome to a refund.

    The dude is a vide playing internet geek. Just like me. We get on great as good friends.

    Honestly I hear what you’re saying, but he isn’t going around calling himself the best, or posting fake FR’s about girls he’s slept with, wheras I know a number of so called guru’s on a personal level who have claimed they slept with a certain girl in an FR when they haven’t cos I was there.

    He may be cashing in on his knowledge. But fair play to him, people that don’t like it will get there money back. People that do are happy. Alot of people hate on him because he does flame other companies.

    Honestly He only seems to hate on a few as far as I can tell. I don’t know them very well myself so don’t like commenting. But he knows them both on a personal level. He has see their inner workings, been exposed to it and seems to feel strongly that they aren’t very nice people.

    Honestly I’ve met him many times, and he’s a pretty decent guy who likes a good meal and a game of tekken. He’s never been anything but nice to me and never had an agenda other than hanging out.

    I hope this goes someway to explain things better.

    The day TC tries claiming he’s the best or can nail any girl he meets is the day I’ll stand up and tell him to stop chatting shit and I’ll call him out on it live on the show.

    AFC Adam,

  18. Ced says:

    Hi Thundercat,
    I like that people here are giving you advices on how to improve your show, and I hope that you’ll take them into consideration.

    are you planning to do a bootcamp somewhere in Brussels. Since a lot of european institutions are here, there are a lot of places where almost everybody speak English. I can help you with that if you want to know these places (you can ask my mail address to TC, I guess he can get it from the blog). We really need professional bootcamps here ;) but I know you’re busy.

  19. Matt says:

    Well I thought it was hilarious, nice one TC.

  20. AFC Adam says:

    Heya Matt,

    Glad you’re enjoying it.

    I know thundercat’s listening to all the advice and trying to implement it each time.

    It isn’t easy as these things take a bit of time out of our lives to organise etc. But heck we do them for fun, and it’s good to hear a few people love them at least.

    Heya Ced,

    I’m down to do something anywhere I love travelling and honestly if you’ve got even a handful of people and it only covers costs I’d be down to come and say hi.

    Drop me an email.

    AFC Adam,

  21. Sylus says:

    @ Adam

    I enjoyed how you and Amanda talked about your so called friend trying to pickup Amanda. I think that a story like that is something that every single listener can identify with in some way and it makes for great radio. This was the best episode in my opinion and that’s saying a lot since most of them are pretty weak and non entertaining. (No offense) You guys are onto something when you talk about real life situations.

    However I am deeply confused and worried at one of the comments that you made. You stated that you and Amanda, “Spend every single minute of everyday together.”

    I am sure most people would tell you that that is extremely unhealthy in a relationship and in fact the technical term for it is called Co-dependency. That was once something that I myself struggled with in my past relationships and I can tell you first hand that eventually the MYSTERY wore off between the two of us and it always ended badly. Despite the feelings of safety and security I felt for always having her around, I later realized that she secretly resented me for putting her first and always having her around despite that it felt good at the moment…..Co-Dependency is one of the number one causes of breakups my friend and it is pretty clear that that is whats going on…

    You of all people should know this and I was quite surprised by that comment. You say she teaches with you, travels with you, she shares a podcast with you, shows up at your speaking engagements with you, has the same friends, and spends every single minute of everyday with you….Sounds like Co-Dependency to me.

    Hopefully she has a dream job of her own and isn’t constantly living in your shadow…You guys are an awesome couple and we all wish you the best….Hope that I am completely wrong and have know clue what I am talking about. This is what it clearly sounds like from an outside perspective though and I am really surprised that you would say something like that. You of all people should know how UN ATTRACTIVE it is to spend every single minute of everyday together with someone..And from what we can all see there is tons of truth to that statement..

    What do I know though…Good luck with everything bro….

  22. ELEV8 says:

    some of the people on here are complete douchebags. if you don’t like the show, don’t listen. if you think the show could be better with a couple of changes, voice your opinion in a respectful manner. but some of you kids are just spewing out hatred for no reason. don’t get mad at the personalities of the show because your mother and father are first cousins. it’s not their fault.

    i’m willing to bet that most of the shit-talkers on these boards would keep all of their opinions to themselves if these discussions were face to face. i’m pretty sure these “thundercat you fucking suck” posts would change to “thundercat i love your show” posts, in the blink of an eye…

  23. AFC Adam says:

    Heya Sylus,

    thanks so much for the comments.

    Actually me and Amanda are a bit of an anomaly. I know it’s weird. but normally neither of us can stand being around other people for too long. We both get bored easily.

    WE both have aims and achievements we work on, and as much as you guys see her working with me on my things, you don’t often see me work on things with her as they aren’t to do with the community.

    I assure you we’ve spent a ridiculous amount of concentrated time together. and although we do spend some time apart, everytime we are we spend it messaging each other.

    We’re both head over heals in love, and it’s something we’ve wanted for our entire lives. Maybe it will wear off, maybe we will want seperate time. If so That’d be cool, we both constantly try and tell the other one to go out alone…yet honestly neither of us ever wants to.

    We aren’t coming from a place of scarcity.

    We’re both coming from abundance. Which gives a slightly different twist on the usual obsessing over someone. Jealousy isn’t a factor. I know she could get someone else, as she knows I could. Probably someone hotter on both counts. The fact is there isn’t anyone else we’d prefere to be with.

    :o )

    I hope this helps.

    And cheers for all the positive comments guys.

    Sometimes all the negative one’s do just get you down. and you think to yourself…damn man. All we’re trying to do is give out a shit load of free advice…and really everyone hates it?

    Cheers for listening in…We’ll keep trying to improve them as our part of the bargain!

    All the best

    AFC Adam,

  24. TCsucks says:

    Hahah Cameron realized that your show is shit and stopped coming on. Every time he was on you could tell he hated being there. Listen to him on TC’s how and then listen to him on Barry’s show and you can tell the difference. Thundercat you try to hard to be funny, stop the sound effects, stop the annoying news music which drowns out amanda, and stop YELLING at teh beginning and end of every show like your trying to pump yourself or the audience up. Isnt working. Adam I like you and amanda on the show you guys are alright ;)

  25. Coven says:

    Adam, thank you for the response.

    I hear you, but the fact that TC is trying so hard to sell his product, puts him in the poser zone.

    Also you seem so positive and helpful, he just trash talks so many, is negative, and basically against what the community is about.

    Fine for people to sell a product, and many of us know that learning this stuff was pricey for many of us, so totally cool with people trying to make some or more back.

    TC is everything wrong with community.

    Adam I wish you well and hope that aren’t the next one he turns on…..

  26. Edward Bloom says:

    There are precedents of people spending a whole lot of time with the person they love and a low amount of drama between them.

    The examples are: Paul and Linda McCartney (the 1st Mrs. McCartney), Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, and Billy Graham and Ruth Graham.

    Perhaps the exceptions make the rule though because there ARE a lot of examples of people driving each other insane.

    I keep telling people in forums, the apparent secret to longevity in a monogamous relationship is the third wife… their common cause.


  27. Whatever says:

    Some relationships where people spend a lot of time together are unhealthy at their core.

    Not all though. For some the two people just really get along well and enjoy each other’s company. It’s not really about the amount of time spent together, it’s whether the motivations and personalities and whatever are coming from the right place or not.

    Really, even though the Community can be down on relationships sometimes, especially AFC sounding ones, it is possible to be really close to someone and have it be a good thing all around. The guy isn’t always a pussy loser. The girl isn’t always going to hate him for being needy and clingy.

    P.S., I agree, the community would be better off with less greedy opportunististic marketers like Thundercat in it.

  28. Matt says:

    Adam, don’t be disheartened. I think there allot of people that are loving this but they just don’t comment, the negative people will spend their time creating a negative message whilst the people who enjoyed it get on with their lives. Your doing great man and all the free content is genuinely appreciated.

  29. Martin says:

    I enjoy the podcast, people obsessed with bashing thundercat need to spend their energy elsewhere. I enjoy listening to them casually talk about the scene and stuff going on. Adam is great and seems like a genuine guy who wants to help. I do think some of the jokes are forced but lot of stuff is funny like the matador/alpha k manly thing, the last podcast did seem like a huge plug for the pure personality product but at least they are putting something out there for free.

  30. Paul says:

    Honestly, I think this community is overflooded with theory, what offers the most value is INFIELD FOOTAGE.
    Where you SEE how it actually is supposed to be done.

    Check out the preview of Sinn’s Infield Insider episode in The preview alone will probably be more helpful for you than many theory courses people are trying to sell you.

    I honestly do not understand why all the companies just put one theory product after another and NEVER infield footage.

    I have learned from various companies and think the content they put out is great but I just can’t understand how Mehow has been the only one to come up with the idea to regularly deliver infield footage.

    Either there are only a few guys who actually have the balls to walk the talk (Hypnotica, Wygant, Mehow, Sinn…) or most pua companies are just stupid.

  31. bc says:

    I dnno about mehow there.

    He allegedly charges 50 000 to become an intern . . .

  32. MarkB says:

    Go to
    We all know you changed it FatCat.
    This is the epitome of what entertainment should be scene related.
    The greatest thing that you ever did was giving Barry the press so a lot of us could find his show through your ThunderBlob Seduction Lair.
    So for that I at least can give you a little credit. But you are still a fat blob.

  33. Ced says:

    MarkB > You obviously have issues. Try thinking more positively… try not being a dick. You’ll probably end up being happier. I guess most people here are sad when reading that kind of comment… because it really is sad and pathetic.

  34. MarkB says:

    OMG. You did it! I’m changed! Thanks!!!!! Thunderblob lair helped me again!

  35. Tightgame says:

    I agree with Paul’s comment about infield footage- this is the future of the industry. A lot of naturals, when asked how they got good, will tell you that early in life they knew a guy who was good and watched how he interacted.

    My suspicion is that Tyler has seen the infield wave coming, which is why he has decided to transition into general self-help, because as a generalist his theories can still be “field-tested” without actually providing any concrete documentation.

    AFC, why are you letting Stylus make judgments about your relationship on a public message board without telling him to go fuck himself? For a tutorial on how to handle this type of KJ, listen to a few episodes of Barry Kirkey and how he handles assholes. Same with Harry K- don’t thank him for the constructive criticism and apologize for sounding insecure. Tell him to fuck off. If they don’t like the show they don’t have to listen.

  36. mr cool says:

    ha ha. yes adam good luck to you and amanda i m sure you can handle yourself.

    don t be too political though… tell that dude to go eat a dick…

  37. Tara says:

    I want to express my thanks to so many of your listeners that have stopped by to share their disgust regarding your inaccurate and purposely slanderous comments, not to mention your impressive lack of professionalism. Not only are you personally insulting me but more importantly you are demeaning the purpose and value of what the pickup artist community has to offer.


  38. Thomas says:

    “i think people miss something about TC he isn’t a Guru, and doesn’t claim to be.”

    Invariably we expect someone who is selling their services for the price of these products to have an extensive knowledge of the topic (or else we might as well read the ramblings of others who are just intermediate also).

    In general, how do we then ensure high standards in people teaching? What characteristics lead someone to be qualified to explain a whole philosophy on life and human interaction? I think some people teaching this stuff fail to realize how this affects people’s most visceral attitudes in ALL areas. Some of these great teachers seem really unhappy, and I wonder how many of them are just sending people down the wrong path for finding happiness. I think about other industries that have “gurus” and the time it takes to truly be considered an expert on any one topic. Compare this to politics, colleges, businesses, etc, and you will see that it usually takes longer than a few months to go from novice to guru (much less to guarantee that you can turn people into gurus automatically). This part just bothers me because I know in some cases we have the blind leading the blind.

  39. jeff says:

    No Bootycast today? Are you waiting to see if people post “Where is the Bootycast?”

    I listen to it just because Barry doesn’t have a show on Fridays…

  40. Rick C. says:

    No updates for a whole week and NO SHOW on a Friday…What kind of bootleg website is this. (last week its cause your brothers getting married, now what?!) The show is once a week and you can’t even keep that commitment. Stop writing your next 3 minute million program, put the slice of pizza down and record a podcast…Barry does 4 a week and you can’t even do 1..Hilarious. This website is a joke.

  41. mr cool says:

    “Barry does 4 a week and you can’t even do 1..Hilarious. This website is a joke.”

    cut a nigger some slack thundercat needs more time to eat

  42. BRIAN says:

    No he didn’t change it. I got the link wrong.

    lol Sorry Barry

    heres the correct link

    dare brought up a good point.. this is going overboard.. thundercat sux etc etc
    hopefully this teaches him not too be a dick in the first place

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