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So the big controversy this week has been over the legitimacy of the Sargathon event up in Canada to raise money to help this guy Snow’s mother, who is suffering from liver cancer.  Personally, I was shocked at the number of emails I got from people saying this Sargathon fundraiser was a scam.  I guess its the idealist in me, but I like to think that guys out there wouldn’t exploit their own mothers to make a quick buck.

Anyway, Snow was understandibly upset over the controversy, so I felt it was only fair to give him a chance to reply to the rumors that this event is a get-rich-quick sham.

Here’s what Snow wrote…

Snow writes:
These Negative Statements about Sargeathon is Unbelievable Filth !

This is regarding this hateful Sargeathon posts on your blog. I will fax you (or anyone else) copies of the CT scan reports from the hospitals regarding her tumors (80% of the liver is now cancerous cells).

We have been in and out of hospitals for over three months (and I have been there with her each and everyday) and I now have her living with me so I can take care of her myself after the doctors gave up on her.

Once doctors say there is nothing more that they can do you are on your own and nothing is covered by Canadian Healthcare in the Alterative Medicine field.

She’s doing quite well however with some alterative treatments and she and I are very hopeful she’ll make a full recovery in time !

My hands are shaking as I type this as I am so angry that anyone would dare suggest something like this !

I have taken alot of shit from certain people in Toronto who are trying slander me in order to further themselves commercially or because of some other agenda and I haven’t said a word publicly in my own defense as most of the people here in Toronto "that count" know the real story (and don’t believe the lies that have been spread about me) but this is not just attacking me anymore.

This is attacking the wellbeing of my mother for #%$sake !

Yes ! We are raising funds for my mother’s expenses !

Yes ! She has late stage metastases liver cancer !

Yes ! All the money is spent on her (including all my money)

No ! She is not going to die from this (MY WORDS) even though the doctors have said to get her affairs in order because they believe that she has weeks to live… I don’t believe that and that’s definitely not my opinion or belief !

And I will take her anywhere in the world if I have to to make sure that doesn’t happen !

It’s quite amazing how low some people will sink to further their agendas or try to get at me… this is now way beyond obsessive behavior as I have takened these nonstop attacks now for almost two years ! Yet I am still here and still helping people ! I wonder if that’s why all of you "Haters" are so pissed…

Is it because intelligent people in this city see through all your bullshit that you’ve thrown at me yet still believe in me and are still coming out to support me as I have supported and helped them over all these years. Despite the bullshit you say and have said about me people continue to ignore your childlike rantings and still seek me out, hang out with me and remain my friends to this day ! It is said that "Success leaves Clues"

Is that what’s pissing you off so ?

The outpouring of support and love that I have gotten from the good people here in Toronto and aboard far outweighs the bitter shit you few have spewed out on this blog and elsewhere !

So stay within your anger filled hateful worlds and fill your hearts with more of your darkest bitter shit ! The damage that you do to yourselves far outweighs the damage that you do to me here !

My mother and I will survive !

It’s too bad all you’ll ever know is just pure hate in its ugliest form !


I can’t blame the guy for being angry.  Frankly, when my father was sick, there were a lot of douches on this site that said some pretty mean things, so I know where Snow is coming from on this.

He obviously did something to piss a lot of people off, but can we all agree that if a poor woman needs help, we can set aside our differences and help her out?

Snow – if you set up a Paypal donation fund, I’ll be happy to contribute to it.  That way, some of the people who can’t make it to the event can still show their support.

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44 Responses to “Snow Responds To Sargathon Rumors”
  1. Mack Wild says:

    Wow. Thunderfat issues accusations and then turns around and says he will contribute. This blog is absolutely nothing more than the community version of the enquirer magazine. Waaay too much drama. I want the roughly 8 hours of cumulative time I have spent on this forum back.

    All this bullshit and ranting and for what? At the end of the day it’s for Thundercat to come out with another shady product and disappear until there is enough turnover in the community for him to come back once again and try again to FINALLY make his get rich scheme off the community work — so that he can actually have the kind of success he envisioned in life when he got into this 10 years ago.

    I am totally out of here. Waste of time. Too much drama. Time to go back to fast seduction or start MY OWN blog. lol.

  2. Evan says:

    Mack Wild you know you’re not going anywhere.

    No one can resist the wonderful juiciness that is Seduction Community drama for long.

  3. Mack wild says:

    Being a part of this blog has become a drain to me. When he was jumping to conclusions and spouting off shit about nothing thats one thing — but to start using things like cancer as a way to spin drama — that’s past the line for me. A lot of people in this community seem very sick which in turn makes me seem very sick when I get caught up in it.

    Im going back to what I did to get my name, posting quality field reports of my adventures. I will probably start a blog at some point too as I have a lot of constructive idea’s. This community has way too many people with their own agenda’s and a lot of guys seem more interested in gaming guys than girls. It’s all about how good you can be at presenting some frame to suck others into regardless of actual truth.

    I’ve had enough. I don’t need this kind of sick twisted shit in my life.

  4. Mr. Richards says:

    Hi Thundercat,

    There is already a charitable organization in Canada that you can donate your money to called the Canadian Cancer Society.

  5. Miso says:

    You can always donate without attending at Sargeathon website – any little bit helps:

  6. No wonder Snow uses other people’s material for his “Workshop” handouts: his OWN grammar reminds me of a pelican in a steamboat wheel!

  7. No wonder Snow uses other people’s material for his “Workshop” handouts: his OWN grammar reminds me of a pelican in a steamboat wheel!

  8. Rake says:

    OK NOW here is my dying parent sob story.

    My parents were a couple of useless morons
    who had didnt leave me any money when they passed. Please send me some money!!! Please feel sorry for me!!! Please!!! Please!!
    Give me something!! Free money please!!!

    Like it or not your mother will
    be dead soon. Last stage liver cancer
    is a death sentence. Stop asking
    for money from strangers. Thats not going
    to give her a chance at life. Deal with it.

    Pay your own bills. Grieve with
    dignity. Do it privately with those close to you. Nobody actually gives a damn here.

    If youre lying then it won’t be the first time some “community” member has tried to milk the naive out of their money.

    Yes I’m an uncaring prick. My interest is in getting laid with women beyond my league spending no money.And then leaving them, immediately. Thats it. Not hearing sob stories.

    And yes I’m saying what many others are thinking.

    Lets stop with all these dying parent sob stories.Didn’t RJ milk that to death? Get back to pickup and seduction or pull the plug with this nonsense.

  9. Rake says:

    OK NOW here is my dying parent sob story.

    My parents were a couple of useless morons
    who had didnt leave me any money when they passed. Please send me some money!!! Please feel sorry for me!!! Please!!! Please!!
    Give me something!! Free money please!!!

    Like it or not your mother will
    be dead soon. Last stage liver cancer
    is a death sentence. Stop asking
    for money from strangers. Thats not going
    to give her a chance at life. Deal with it.

    Pay your own bills. Grieve with
    dignity. Do it privately with those close to you. Nobody actually gives a damn here.

    If youre lying then it won’t be the first time some “community” member has tried to milk the naive out of their money.

    Yes I’m an uncaring prick. My interest is in getting laid with women beyond my league spending no money.And then leaving them, immediately. Thats it. Not hearing sob stories.

    And yes I’m saying what many others are thinking.

    Lets stop with all these dying parent sob stories.Didn’t RJ milk that to death? Get back to pickup and seduction or pull the plug with this nonsense.

  10. Toronto guy says:

    Just show us some evidence. If you’re going to use your mother to raise money, have the intelligence to present some evidence that you’re the real deal. Show us some proof of the costs involved.

  11. You will all have what you spread visited upon you.

    And you better pray to whatever your god is that it’s not me who visits it upon you, you poor, poor fuckers.

    If you don’t have anything good to offer the people who are coming together to make something good out of a shitty, shitty, situation, then shut the fuck up, cos things go round real quick.

    REAL quick.

  12. LOL says:

    This Sean guy is a complete psychopath – I think that’s all the proof anyone should need. One minute he is acting all spiritual and calm and the next making threats. What a freakshow.

  13. Steve P. says:

    Snow said he had proof, show the proof.

  14. John says:

    I agree

    Lets see some proof!!

  15. Clarke says:

    Sean Messenger is a complete complete freak. He should not be teaching anyone anything. I can see why lance mason wanted nothing to do with that clown. what a retard. some of us dont GIVE A FUCK about snows mother. SNOW himself is CLEARLY GUILTY of defrauding members and trying to get money out of them. He was kicked off his lair for doing this so what the fuck are you talking about sean messenger? go make some more videos of yourself acting like a retard

  16. James says:


    I really don’t think its unreasonable to ask for documentation about his mother especially if he has a history of deceiving people…


    Foundations that give out grants to those in need ask for documentation all the time…

    The point being…if people trusted undocumented claims made online you would fall for the hundreds of scams that are prevalent on the internet…

    If you know snow and pay for his seminar based on his word then great…but if you don’t know the guy and have heard that he has done shady things in the past how is it unreasonable to ask him to back up his claims for this event…

    Sean Messenger…tell me how I’m being unreasonable

  17. Toronto Guy says:

    Scan us some receipts, dated BEFORE July 22nd, documenting your expensive alternative medicine.

    You do have your receipts right? They’re tax deductible.

    Silence the doubters.

  18. Spiritual does not mean abiding by evil.

    All of you who slander Snow and hurt the efforts to help his mother, seriously, look yourselves in the mirror.

    I may be unstable (which should be plenty evident just from the YouTubes), but I ain’t wrong.

    We’re raising money to help a woman who needs help. What are YOU doing to help people?


    Name one thing. Cos spreading lies and casting doubts is only hurting. I hope you own mothers are proud of you.

    And I won’t hurt you. I may be crazy, but I ain’t violent. Karma will sort it all out. Enjoy the comeback… and just as a warning, you might want to duck.



  19. amused says:

    I think it’s funny that the guys saying “Pay your respect his mother is dying” are also using foul language and threats of violence. Oh you philanthropists you!

  20. James says:


    If anything we are helping snow. By asking him to document what he is saying there will be less people who dismiss this program as another one of his scams….

    How are we bad people for merely wanting to be sure that this is a program to help people…

    Are you against the common practice of auditing charitable organizations to make sure the people are ACTUALLY HELPED?

  21. LOL says:


    Its simple.

    A classic reframe.

    He is taking the very reason people want proof and spinning that reason to reframe it for his point of view. It’s a popular SS strategy.

    Someone who would raise money by exposing his money and exposing cancer and those who actually have it, are not men. Someone who promised to provide proof and doesn’t, is not a man. A man when he gives his word backs it up. Snow went on record to say he would give proof.

    He reframed it as a real man doesn’t need proof.

    He does the same thing here. He reframes it from the questions raised and the reason for questions being raised and tries to link it with his side of the argument instead.

    This stuff only works on dumb people, of which there are many. That is why this industry is a money maker. Thankfully some actually deliver value for the money they get, while others are just lazy and out for a free handout. It’s better to just be a begger on the street asking for money and spending it on booze. At least those guys arn’t trying to manipulate and hurt people or exposing things like cancer and their own mothers.

    Maybe this guys mother is really dying and his scams have come back to bite him. Maybe he is the victum of the old “cry wolf” syndrome. If that’s the case he would provide the proof he promised.

  22. annonymous kj says:

    If your mother is dying of cancer and it is in 80 percent of her liver, thats it. In time she will be passed away. That’s life and it’s hard to lose your mother.

    Having an event and using cancer to try to make it a bigger draw in light of the situation, is not that bad or sketchy, but using the community and a sarge-fest is a bit weird.

    In the chance that she does not have cancer and this is a scam, that is insulting to those who do or who have loved ones that do.

    In the chance that she does have the cancer and it is as bad as is claimed, I would think that someone would raise charity within their communities or for more normal causes.

    The idea of going through this community and holding a “sarge-a-thon” as your plan to raise money for your dying mother, doesn’t really add up.

  23. napkin says:


    Give it up already. You could spend all day trying to debate whether someone should have the right to exploit their mother’s suffering in order to profit by stealing money from real cancer charities.

    It’s pointless.

    This whole thing has caused me to re-exaime my life lately. (Sorry to be a jerk and make this about “me”)

    The traditional scam model starts with an incredible claim, backed by a guilt factor to protect the person from scruitiny. If the perpetrator still isn’t believed after the guit trip has been given, he takes on the victim role and threatens violence.

    Do this in a group atmosphere with emotionally vulnerable people and an “Us vs. them, rally around the flag” mentality, and you’ve got a volatile mix. Drama is addictive, and people with just want to be part of a cause.

    I’m not going to sit here and say I believe Snow. Because that would be a lie and I think he would lose further respect for me if I did that. (If I’m wrong, then so be it. Too many false alarms.)

    But you know what? IT DOESEN’T MATTER. Just let him do his thing.

    This guy is clearly in a rough situation. (Either familiy-wise, or financially)

    I’m pretty lucky in that my life is going really well right now in terms of wealth and relationships. If I was in a bind, I’d probably do whatever it took too. Everyone has to survive somehow.

    Whether his mom’s cancer is real or not, this guy must be in a lot of pain to be doing something like this. And this is what he feels needs to be done to end his pain. At the end of the day, he’s only accountable to himelf.

    So forget about the x-rays and stuff. Just let it go.

    What do we have to gain by stopping him? We already know about his history. We can’t be harmed by this. He’s not a threat to anyone reading this blog.

    The only thing we can do is unnecessarily piss off a whole bunch of people and cause a bunch of unnecessary static that doesen’t need to be there. And Toronto is too small of a small city. (Am I sounding like a hypocrite? So be it.)

    Please guys. Let’s just let this guy end whatever pain he’s trying to heal.

    I wish him nothing but the best. Regardless.

    And Sean, give it up with the idle threats in every direction. You’re not scaring anyone. (Take it from someone who’s been exposed to a lot of violence in his life) Just focus on getting your situation fixed. I want you to be happy too.

    We don’t all have to be best friends. But I also don’t need stupid wars over petty stuff.

    I have nothing to gain from winning this argument. And I wish my name was never brought into it in the first place. I don’t want to be a creepy pickup guy anymore.

    You win. Everybody wins. I lose. Debate over.

  24. Miso says:

    The dude is doing what he does best – teaching guys how to be better with and around women.

    He’s older and more experienced than most of the pickup artists you’ve ever heard of or follow around blindly these days… and he has more “game” and skill than most of the people (me included) in this post alone put together.

    Why not use his talents to help his mother?

    Just wait for comments from attendees (if they even find time to come on this site and leave their comments) after his mom shows up at dinner tonight and expresses her gratitude to all who donated to help her out…

    Then again, I’m sure those non-believers will come up with a story that it was a hired gun of sorts – old grandma paid some enormous amount of money to show up for 10 minutes and pretend she is Snow’s sick mother.

    You dumb asses – instead of questioning everything from a negative light, go help out for a change. What have you done lately to help anyone around you, aside from yourself and your own selfish needs?

    Hell, Sean Messenger bought his plane ticket as soon as he heard about this whole thing and volunteered at his own cost to fly up here and help a friend out.

    How many of you would have done the same?

  25. CrackBaby says:

    bit harsh guys, the cost of you voicing that “it might not be real” means that three other guys don’t help his mom. when i bet most of you wouldn’t have helped either way.

    i think he should post the medical info for silence sake though.

  26. Napkin,

    You have my respect. It takes a real man to stand up and make changes, and even change your mind.

    I’ve changed my mind about you, and I apologize for sounding like an asshole. I do that sometimes, esp. online, to create an effect. In reality, despite my size and strength, I am a pacifist. I still get good and fired-up with sometimes misplaced righteous indignation, but sadly that seems sometimes to be the only way to break thru bullshit and get real discourse online.

    I give you full props for bringing the conversation back to the point. Snow needs help, and we can help him. At some point in our lives we will all need help, and let’s work to build a real community that can provide that.

    If you are in TO this weekend, I’d like to buy you a beer and shake your hand.



  27. Dare says:

    “Snow needs help, and we can help him. At some point in our lives we will all need help, and let’s work to build a real community that can provide that.”

    So True..

  28. Mack Wild says:

    I just wanted to drop in and wish snow and the others well regardless of what the real story is because either way they need some real help. If your mother really does have cancer than my wishes of dignity and strength are with her.

    With that said I also wanted to let everyone know that I finally have gone ahead and started a blog. It’s an entry level blog but with some support I may expand upon it. Anyone who enjoys my thoughts and wants the real uncensored scoop without a lot of the petty bullshit, along with some real solid balanced advice from a guy without an agenda should definately check it out here:

    You can get a feel for some of the things I have planned by reading my first entry. I plan to try to pull off a free online bootcamp once I get enough people interested.

  29. Good on ya, Mack.

    If I can help get the word out about your free bootcamp, just let me know. I’m always looking to use my evil powers of marketing to spread the word about good work. :)

  30. Johnny says:

    Alternative medicine is ‘alternative’ for a reason, it doesn’t work! Even if Snow is being truthful about what the funds will be spent on, it’s still a total waste of money.

  31. napkin says:


    If that’s really what you believe, then I encourage you to make a donation to a registered cancer charity. This weekend, I donated $75 to the Canadian Cancer Society.

    I’d encourage anyone who’s been touched by the events of this weekend to do the same.вЊ©=en

  32. Toronto Guy says:

    Hey Snow, Miso. Where is that proof you promised?

  33. Steve showed me the records from his Mom’s oncologist. I did not ask him to, but he wanted me to have that knowledge in case questions came up.

    It was an incredible weekend, an you will all get to see it when the DVD, which will not be for sale but rather given as a gift for anyone who donates, comes out.



    PS. The weekend was so great, and Steve, Miso, Tung and the entire community and city so great, that I am leaving hot-ass Miami summer and coming back to Tdot to work with them and do some events in August and September. Y’all have a great town and great men in Toronto, and I think the best opportunity to evolve the community from one where it’s all about competition to one where it’s all about support.

  34. Miso says:

    Toronto Guy… you won’t see the proof anywhere on the net (as Steve doesn’t want it floating around, due to dummies like napkin possibly exploiting that and hurting him in some way), but you definitely could’ve checked it out if you attended the weekend workshop.

    Hell, even his mom came down and said a few words of thanks and praise…

  35. Mack Lame says:

    Hey Mack considering just how much you naysay everybody else, you better be fucking phenomenal with proof of HOT girls on your blog. Anything less than consistent lays with the hottest girls confirms your KJ status.

  36. Comeon guys, let’s just make fun of RSD and end this circus. =)

    P.S. I’d love to see proof. Why not just clear it right up? Good for marketing too!

  37. Mack Wild says:

    You guys should check out my blog as I have updated it recently:

    My take on RSD is that if they are going around and filming stuff — and that alex video is the BEST that they can come up with when they are out AT LEAST every weekend — than they are waaaaaay over rated. I could make a better video than that if I had the tech!!

    As far as me providing you proof and shit — it was enough for me to put up a pic of me — and even though that pic is back a couple years ago when my style was still a bit shakey — it was big for me to even put that up.

    Putting up my girls is definately NOT going to happen anytime soon. I live in a relatively small town and I do NOT need to be exposed around here.

    What I am teaching on this blog and what I will be teaching is a little different than what mystery or rsd or anyone teaches as well.

    First off it’s free. There are no gimmicks or marketing on that blog. My goal is simple: to eventually have the blog with the highest quality content on the internet!! Not the best gossip but a place where guys can go, follow the advice and get kick ass results and get grounded.

    Yes I will come out with an ebook in 2009 or 2010 — but it will be like 20 bucks probably. Nothing too spectacular. The other option is if the blog takes off I might just do an online subscription thing for 20 bucks a month. Im not in this to make tons of cash, Im in it to help guys from cult like mentalities and all the bs that goes on and to get them real results and get them grounded.

    I don’t really teach shit that gets you the super hot snobby girl that doesn’t know you exist. Im more about teaching you how to become a person that girls in general want to be around so you can have a productive social life and have a steady stream of options — instead of going out and going home and jerking off and once in a while scoring some snobby shallow chick — who just disappears when she figures out your not as cool as you try to make it out that you are.

    Once you have the social circle and the people in your life by being someone that people like to be around, and you know how to lay girls in general and you have your mind right — then you have the entourage and the real life situation to be getting more picky — and then it’s CONGRUENT.

  38. kuality says:

    mack wild, if u try to become a guru

    pple are gona tool u 1000 times more than they do now.

    u already are a joke. u dont have one post that is an amazing piece of work.

    the only book u should write is ” the dummies guide to writing long ass essays on as many forums as possible”

    Actually just refer us to one post of yours that is even half good, im sure u wont post it and ull just mention it so well probably have to find it then post it to ask u why it is even half decent

  39. kuality says:

    haha we should all be gurus.

    we should call u guru mack-wild. please the little boy a little bit. oooh its so cute… tickle tickle

  40. Mack Wild says:

    I will let the quality of my blog and the real life practicality of the advice speak for itself. I never did like the word “guru” anyways.

    Now here is some advice:

    Run along now and see if you can find something “consructive” to do in your free time — that way you won’t feel the need to rip down other people who are doing constructive things with THEIR free time.

  41. kuality says:

    sorry mack wild, its just that ur really a very obvious character.

    its like when u said u wanted to leave seduction forums and most people knew a non stop gossip poster like yourself would never be able to quit for real and even start making fun that you’d be back soon enuff.

    Haha I rememember when the fast seduction masterminds forum was created and you said something like “im glad i wasnt invited to be a mastermidn because blah blah” .

    and here we were thinking. haha a newbie poster who obviously thinks that he would even be under consideration.

    The only reason why why mack-wild is stuck in our heads is because you spend donkey hours posting long ass theads everywhere. Lord knows why u love typing so much.

    ur long arguments with everyone extends everywhere, and hardly any of it is about theory.

    god even ur long ass thread on mASF is now marked Troll. Are you banned yet??

    Seriously you should concentrate you essays on this blog. Its most up your alley

  42. Kuality says:

    haha constructive to do in my free time?

    hey im doing your fav constructive thing to do, complaining bout others.

    except my “compositions” are way shorter than yours

  43. Mack Wild says:

    Naw I still have an active account on fast seduction. Part of the reason for me starting a blog is so I can vent complaints about people on my blog rather than on forums.

    Ive updated the blog recently:

    I want to make sure I offer plenty of value in the blog too, which is why you see mostly value and not rants.

    I do make posts on theory here and there but I focus mostly on real life calibration and balance in pickup and on taking the right actions and putting together the right plans to get what you want out of this and stay grounded. That’s pretty much my thing — which is why i sometimes go after the guru’s pretty hard.

    Am I a mastermind? I think that’s a strong word. I’ve only been in this 3 years. However I have been fortunate enough to have had a lot of experiences guys have not had. I’ve lived with girls most my life, I even had a spell where I lived with some strippers, had a long ltr, and have gotten many numbers and makeouts in my day — and a fair amount of same night pulls with people I meet at the bar.

    Even if I hadn’t and I was just some virgin dude on the internet with a blog, it doesnt matter. A blog is for someone to have a place to post their personal thoughts, and that’s what Im doing. Some will find it useful and know it’s value — others won’t.

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