How Ugly Men Attract Women

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It’s a sad fact of life that everyone out there has some type of insecurity that makes them feel "unattractive."  Even the most  beautiful women in the world have stuff about them that makes them feel ugly at times.

For men – their visual nature can often times make them very critical of their own appearance.  There is always something that makes us  feel as though we are ugly.

Maybe it’s the fact that we are too short, or fat, or bald, or old?  There are any number of factors that make us feel "unworthy" of the attentions of beautiful women.

But if that was the case – no one would ever be able to attract a woman at all!

In fact, the next time you’re out, take a mental note of every guy you see with an attractive girl, and try and appraise whether or not you think that guy’s looks are worthy of the girl he’s with.

Sure, sometimes you’ll find a guy who’s with a girl and they are both fine credits to their species.  But most of the time, what you’ll find is the guys with really hot and appealing women range from "average" to "ugly" in the looks department.

That’s because beauty – in men – is the exception, not the standard.

But more than that, men rely on factors OTHER than their looks to help attract the kinds of women they want to them.

There are three major factors that most men try and utilize to the best of their ability when attracting new and exciting women to them.  They are:

1.  Wealth

2.  Social Status

3.  Personality

Let’s go through these one at a time…

The first factor men use to attract the opposite sex is their wealth, or finances.  Proving one’s "provider" status to women is a sure fire  way to get female attention.  After all, what woman DOESN’T want to be pampered?

However, there is a big problem with this tactic.  First of all, not everyone is rich or wealthy, so this factor is reserved for the few that are.  More than that, women often feel like you’re trying to "bribe" or "impress" them with your wealth, and because of that, they will treat you more like an ATM machine with feet, rather than a loving, caring, mate.

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with using financial success to draw women into you.  But unless you have the money in the bank to do so, you can’t rely on this method to get you a good woman.

The second factor is social status.  Women are very attuned to the social hierarchy of things, so having a "high status" around women definitely makes any man more attractive.

This status comes from holding a certain position of power.  It could be an important job, some type of fame, or just the esteem of your peers.

However, one of the difficulties with this is that you need to be able to display social status.  You can’t just tell someone "I’m a very important person" and have them believe it.  They have to get a sense of it themselves, and sometimes your situation is not conducive to communicating this (like meeting a woman on the street for instance.  She has no idea who you are!).

Also – not everyone has a high social status.  Some people are content with maintaining a medium to low level status.  Where does that leave these people?

With the THIRD factor – that of Personality.  The thing I like about personality is that it’s something EVERYONE can use to attract the kind of women they desire, and it doesn’t matter how much money you make or what your social situation is like.

Having an attractive personality is the best way for "average" or "unattractive" men to get women interested in them.  Being able to make a woman laugh will turn her on more than a guy with big muscles and a full head of hair.

Understand that women are slaves to their emotions, and your personality is the method by which you trigger emotions inside a woman!

The better your personality, the better you’re able to make a woman feel.

And your personality is something that can be changed and cultivated over time.  You can make yourself into anything you want to be!  It’s  truly amazing how some "losers" can become "rockstars" in the eyes of their friends and the women they like just by tweaking their personality a little bit.

So how do you do this?

The first step is to really work on your confidence. The more confident you are, the better you’re able to display your personality.

Working on your social skills will also help you to be relaxed and have fun around women.  This will create new opportunities for attraction.

And learning how to create strong emotional bonds is also the best way there is to get a woman emotionally attached to you.

When you use these three techniques, you’ll be able to gain the fancy of any woman you wish – no matter WHAT you look like.

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16 Responses to “How Ugly Men Attract Women”
  1. 8lackPrince says:

    haha.. nice to hear Oprah’s pet barking about us once in awhile.. only stay at home moms watch dr. phil, he feeds on propaganda fears to while putting down overweight women. o

  2. This is a good blog..but i would say one thing ugly men can attract sexy women by wearing underwear from

  3. Sabina says:

    “The thing I like about personality is that it’s something EVERYONE can use to attract the kind of women they desire … ” I couldn’t agree more, I am usually attracted to men for their personality!

    How to Approach a Girl

  4. javier says:

    And, What is the reason because men feel ugly sometimes?

  5. Really a magnificient posting..thanks for this great post…

  6. jhb says:

    This is ridiculous information.

  7. Kelli says:

    I don’t care if a man has all the above going for him, if he dosen’t have the looks to go with it, I’m not giving him the time of day

  8. Chris says:

    Sorry, but this is the same thing I read all the time and it isn’t based in truth. I have a degree in psychology so have studied this.

    Confidence is the sum of a lifetime of experiences, and people who are viewed as ugly tend not to be able to exhibit confidence because during their lifetime they don’t get positive reinforcement in social situations. Confidence comes from positive reinforcement in social situations. Even at a very early age children who are pretty and smart get more attention and more positive feedback than ugly or less intelligent children and this continues throughout life. This has been proven in psychological studies.

    There have been a number of studies done into attractiveness and they have concluded that there are universally accepted standards for beauty. One of them is facial symmetry – symmetrical faces are found to be more attractive.

    The statement about physical attractiveness is completely untrue. Physical attractiveness is a very important factor in attraction. Without physical attraction there cannot be a relationship. It is that simple and this is supported by psychological research, not mere assertion.

    We have to stop blaming people for feeling ugly or being alone. The natural bell curve simply leaves some people at the wrong end. We have to understand that is just the way it is. We need to educate people to stop making moral assertions based upon appearance or them being alone as currently occurs.

    I hope you rethink the original blog.

  9. Alexandra says:

    “women are slaves to their emotions”…I think you pulled this information out of your ass. Women are just as rational as men and their decisions are rational in the context of the unspoken “rules of the game” that social convention says what is and isn’t appropriate for their gender.

    There certainly isn’t any correlation between average/ugly guys and the “great personality” everyone keeps talking about. A good-looking guy is just as likely to have a stellar personality.

    Starting from childhood, women are raised to believe that their looks are very important. They come to view their looks as a sort of commodity that gives them leverage in social/sexual situations. Consequently, they tend to approach dating with a “seller” mentality. Men on the other hand, who are less judged by their looks, focus on what they have to offer.

    Paradoxically, what many ugly men have to offer is the fact that they actually have little to offer. If we use the metaphor of gift exchange to describe relationships, you see that ugly men who date beautiful women are in debt, because they offer less than they receive. The ugly man will then lavish attention on her to compensate for that deficit. This will make the beautiful woman feel like her commodity is doubly precious and she will have greater self-worth.

    There is also another reason why beautiful women date ugly men and that is the image that it connotes for men. If a man dates an average/ugly woman, he’ll fear that others will view him as impotent and this will deter him. His virility is at stake. On the other hand, women get positive feedback for dating uglier men because they are judged as being less superficial for doing so. A woman’s sexual potency isn’t jeopardized by her dating uglier men.

    This is all social. There is nothing innate that makes men more shallow or women less so. I’m sick of this pop psychology BS.

  10. Ali says:

    How do you know if someone is ugly?

  11. Michelle C. says:

    It is usually because the ugly men wants to feel better about himself. While looks is important to women, attraction is based mainly in their sub conscious mind.

  12. MATT says:


  13. twinkyofalla says:

    I agree that personality still have a greater edge in selecting one. For me it matters a little on the looks. Both of course matters and they are both possible for an upgrade.

  14. gav says:

    @ Chris the psychologist

    Being so matter of fact about things doesn’t give people anything positive to take away from this blog, it’s just like you are trying to slap people in the face. The original poster isn’t exactly right but people who read it; maybe who have a low self-esteem, could at least take something positive away from it. Your post is just like saying, ‘well I am good looking and you are not and I am going to make you feel even shittier about it because I am a complete cock, oh did I mention my psychology degree?.’

    Think about other peoples feelings before you bring them down to your level.

    Also, ugly is subjective (i.e it is relative to an individual.) There are loads of women who I adore and find irresistible who my friends just don’t. SOme of my friends don’t like skinny women for example, and find them unattractive, where’as I usually don’t mind what they look like as long as they tick that box (so to speak)

    Anyway, a lesson in humility. Don’t speak for the rest of mankind because your idea’s are only from your perspective, although your insights into confidence are interesting.

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