No Ugly Women?

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Here’s a pretty interesting story about an "extreme makeover" beauty contest.  If you click on the pic below, you’ll see how each of the beauty queens respond to their "before" picture.  it actually is quite amazing.


Here is the ultimate conclusion of the article:

This photo was taken at a competition in June 2006. The competition was between 9 women for best makeover. They had every possible beauty treatment available to them over a period of 12 hours before the contest.

Look at the before and after photos.

Conclusion – There are no ugly women, only those who can’t afford a makeover.

(The woman 2nd from the left won the contest.)

I can’t say I agree with this.  I mean, c’mon.  There are some darn ugly women out there that the most extreme makeover in the world couldn’t fix!  Though, I must say, the girls above do indeed clean up nice.

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4 Responses to “No Ugly Women?”
  1. Red_Apple says:

    Isn’t that kinda what your boy Style said in the book… ‘there’s no ugly women, just lazy ones; and the same is doubly true for men’ or some shit like that. Where’s the pick-up artist review you promised?

  2. new guy says:

    its like what you see in beer goggles, and what you wake up next to

  3. blah says:

    Those are not ugly women. Those are middling to hot women who specifically dressed like crap and didn’t wear any makeup in the before pic, then made up like all hot women do for the after pic.

    Is it really news that women who make an effort look better?

  4. KLH says:

    These are the contestants from The Swan reality television show. They spent MONTHS, not hours, in their “transformation process”. They had plastic surgery, personal trainers and nutritionists and therapy sessions to build their self esteem. The report of only “12 hours of preparation” is completely off.

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