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Hey everyone,

On Monday night, I went over to Neil Strauss’s place for a big party celebrating the finale of VH1′s the Pick Up Artist.  Everyone was where – Mystery, Matador, JDog, Zan, and even contestants from the show.  I of course, got lots of pictures and video of the event, and will be writing up a recap of everything this weekend, so be sure to check back then!

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17 Responses to “Pick Up Artist Finale”
  1. JHK says:

    Interesting that Mystery finally has hit the big time, but how long can he stay there without a meltdown?

    I’ve started writing about my experience with him here: http://www.cotum.com

  2. BellyofBeast says:

    So did Mystery tell you how the whole show is a setup and that they were all actors? Also did he mention how the stripper bit was completely fake too?

    I love Mystery and Style, but the you can look up the acting profiles of Kosmo and some of the other guys on the net.

    Mystery, this does not help the PUA community at all. This so called reality show is a joke. Shame on you guys.

  3. JHK says:

    Please link to the ‘acting profiles’ – thanks.

  4. Frying says:

    BellyofBeast you numbnutt it’s no secret that Kosmo is an actor. Acting is one of the things he does and he doesn’t lie about it. Neither does he about his fear off women which he used to have. This fear was just as real as the show. Ofcourse there will be scripted scenes. They need them to pull things together. But all the guys in it where REAL AFC guys and all of them worked for real on their problems during the show.


  5. classygame says:

    Yes, maybe… but in that way the show haven’t show us nothing special, just what everyone knows already. That looks, stranght and age is important. Becouse Cosmo have it all in best way. Infact he already has some stage skills, so it should be abviouse he is going to win. Not becouse of Mystery technique. Unfortunately it shows low Mystery and all PUA world.
    One topic is interesting for me. I mean this older 45 guy. It wasn’t personaly stuff from Mystery? I think it was. His personal inner conflict.
    For me old guy was the smartest, and could do magic with little help.

  6. Frying says:

    I dont agree with you there classygame. It showed that even fat fucks like JoeD can do well in picking up and that the stuff mystery teaches works. More importantly: they made a good point making very clear that learning PU isn’t only about picking up… but like mystery puts it ‘building a life!’.

    In my opinion the show was fun to watch, and that’s what it made for: entertainment for the mainstream. And mainstream doesn’t no shit about picking up and sure as hell aint open minded enought to dig the real deal. That’s why the show had to keep it simple and a tiny bit cheesy, and I believe it did just that. They made a good entertaining show about picking up and gave all lovable loosers out there good hope and believe.

    As for the 45yr old virgin.. this guy wasn’t open for it since then beginning till the end. He never gave it a good try and all he was looking for was the perfect woman. And we all know that’s just not the way it works…

  7. john lanzat says:

    its nice that pple arent that bright

    and have no shame bout being wrong.

  8. lynx says:

    I agree with frying. The show was entertaining and it was tailored for mainstream tv. It was, in my opinion, a great introduction to the pick-up community because it kept things light, entertaining, and humorous. Moreover, it was a good introduction to “the game” for guys who may not be familiar with it. As different as the methods of pick-up artists are, one should take from each what works for oneself and discard what doesn’t. It’s like the martial arts. Take what works for you to develop your unique style instead of emulating somebody whose body type and particular strenghts are different from yours.

  9. Anonymous says:

    post the fucking pictures already

  10. RayGordon says:

    Not only were the contestants actors, the targets were PAID PROMOTIONAL MODELS.

    They got mad that VH-1 disclaimed the use of actors and ruined their reality-TV credit and are speaking up.

    Now, if the show was rigged, what about the workshops and bootcamps?

  11. Tricks says:

    I have a question, is everyone extremely bated out by one in every 300 Americans seeing it? I mean, how can you use the “Do you think kissing is cheating” with that kind of odd. I mean, luckily I live in Canada, so its not a big deal, but just curious for you American guys. I mean, I’m not pissed or anything, if anyone deserves to make money on this it’s Mystery. anyways, let me know what you guys think.

  12. Damm says:

    Interesting. Since you need to have consent to show someone who’s been filmed, you need a way to work around it. Just have a private party in a closed club but film everything. Pay models of all types (UG’s to HB’s) to fill a club for a private party. They can bring their friends. Don’t even pay just give them free drinks. The hook is that you need to agree to be filmed in the ordinary interactions in a club. A documentary study or something. Don’t tell them that you are sending guys to hit on them or that pua’s in training are there. But would a girl keep talking to a guy for longer than she would because she thought she was being filmed. Certainly a lot of girls still blew off a few guys like early on they did the back turn, later on those two had to buy Pradeep a drink to stop him and one of the rookies in the last episode got waived off by the “rude” girls. I was skeptical that the dancer was not paid to go to the limo. That scene looked too staged.

  13. Red_Apple says:

    Who fucking cares? Seriously, if you people could just stop bitching about shit that doesn’t matter AT ALL. Maybes then you’d actually get fucking laid.

    I couldn’t care less whether it was made up, full of actors, or whether they used canned routines… I’m only interested in getting some quality tips on how to get laid more,

  14. f says:

    Well you ain’t gonna find that here red apple!

  15. spacedevil13 says:

    In my opinion I thought the overall show blew. God I hope it’s only good for one season. I learned more about women from Brett’s rock of love than I did from mystery’s the pick up artist.

  16. mike says:

    Neil became a pariah with his $2000. product. Mystery… well… these guys have every right to milk a dead cow. I don’t really think anyone is paying attention now. Maybe a few kids are watching, and reading. Hucksters wrecked the credibility of the community. They’re still around… trying the same old stuff. A parody of themselves.

  17. Lou says:

    I disagree f, there were a few good sentences in each episode.

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