An interview with… Me?

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Donovan, over on his Attraction Chronicles Blog, did an interview with me over email.  He has it up now.  If you’re interested in what I have to say (and if you’re reading this site, chances are pretty good you do), you can check it out here:

Attraction Chronicles Interview

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12 Responses to “An interview with… Me?”
  1. Donovan says:

    Glad I could have the opportunity to learn more about the man behind the scenes.

  2. Enquirer says:

    Nevermind the article… Let’s discuss this. It is Far more interesting.

    It’s Style on Dutch MTV.

    Does Style present himself as a master PUA in this interview as he claims to be?

  3. Wow, Style looks like a pussy on that YouTube clip.

    “Uhhhh uhhhh… uhhh, I dunno if I can do it!”

    “Uhhh… uhhhhhh, ohhhh… I ‘m being set up.”

    Way to go Style, you rock. Can’t wait for that AssAssination method you and ThunderFat are pimping.

  4. Thunder's Mid-Night Lotion of DHV says:

    WHOA, I’m absolutely speechless, and to think this is the NUMBER 1 “Jedi” as our friend thunder, the male booty hunter refers to.

    Nice one style, can’t wait for you products now! ( sarcasm is oozing of my keyboard bitch)

  5. game on bros says:

    those dutch chiks sure need to be gamed

    game on bros

  6. Neil Strauss says:

    game on bros your comments are the best lol.

    do you know how hard to game they are? dude i tried with the very best of my material, i used the 80 dog’s opener and still i felt being insecure, because she was sooo hot and i am in the need of a woman, since lisa is not at home most of the time. wonder where she is, why doesn’t she love me?

  7. Tyler Durden says:

    Guys, You’ve gotta listen to THIS! If you haven’t already. Somebody sent me this mp3 clip (about 3 minutes long). I wish I could have listened to the whole thing, but I guess this is just the aftermath or whatever.

    BTW, judging from the sound of Thundercat’s voice, he sounds like a guy who is WHACKING OFF a little bit TOO much! and Thundercat – Booty Call.mp3

  8. asdf says:

    doesn’t work, copy the whole link plz

  9. L8er says:

    It DOES work you idiot.

    Now go suck a dick you fool.

  10. asdf says:

    L8er you dumb virgin, stfu

    I bet you never went in the field in your entire life because your father won’t let you.

  11. 65 Cent says:

    hahaha, he is pathetic. the most powerful of jedi!

  12. White. says:

    Hi style,
    are the rights of your book already bought for a movie?
    if not I am seriously interested!
    hasta la revolucion siempre

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