Neil Strauss Break-Up Rumors

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Okay, there’s been a lot of hub-bub about a story in the gossip rag Sunday Mirror about Lisa Levridge breaking up with Neil Strauss to date musician Robbie Williams.  You can find the story here.  There are also a few mASF threads on the topic here and here.

I got a lot of emails from you guys over the weekend concerning this story, so I went right to the source.  Since I know both Neil and Lisa, I decided to contact them and see what was up, especially since you can trust the Sunday Mirror about as much as you can trust Page 6, which is wrong about 90% of the time.

I was told there was no truth to the item, and that you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the gossip rags.  And Lisa confirmed this.

So there you go.  That’s all I know on the subject.

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230 Responses to “Neil Strauss Break-Up Rumors”
  1. Random.Samurai says:

    And Tom Cruise, you get the fuck out of Toledo! I can’t talk to a girl without her asking if I’ve ever seen you walking around Ottawa Hills because of your invisible presence: You’re the worst conversation topic I’ve ever encountered.

    But… uh… just who all is Katie friends with?

  2. Don won Ton says:

    Well now… that news just fucked up my whole plan to bring something big to the community. Fuck me sideways. The book was pretty good, but the great thing about the book was that not a great ammount of humans read books. Well they read books, but half the people that do read the books don’t say something like well this was a great book, lets go try this out. Women aren’t into the whole seduction section of Borders™. Now a movie… well now a movie everyone goes to see, Women, kids, cupples. I just hope it flakes to one of those “dude that movie sucked” That way it will bipass the pua community. MATTER OF FACT: “Let’s all just start saying that we saw “screenings” to “The Game” movie, and that it sucks soooo bad, and no one to go and see it. So when it comes out, people are like: “aw nah, i heard it sucked.” haha. Save the community from falling. I agree with what random said, this is a win all or loose situation.


  3. Geese says:

    Cmon man. Don’t be limited in how you think about this.

    Think that now instead of relying on what a particualr guru says or method teaches, develop your inner game.

    Thats it.

    Get so good that you can even tell girls that you saw that movie and it was a joke. Convince them that guys who would devote time to picking up chicks must be pretty dorky or strange. Make them laugh at this and agree and say, “Yea, really. I would never go for a guy like that.” All while simultaneously picking her up and having sex with her later.

    Later with an inward smile you can reflect that you are that good.

    I think the only one who should be pissed about this is Mystery, unless he’s getting royalties from the movie. Then fuck it. He’s the guy who will still get laid because it’s his gig.

    All the other cats who are attempting to do the same thing as him and Style will be considered chodes. All the people who develop inner game and work on themselves as a person from the inside instead of relying about tactics and techniques will still be doing pickup successfully.

    Reframe: Imagine having a day 2 with a chick where you watch the movie “the game” but still end up with a *close.

  4. BruceBanner says:

    “heard Mystery turn down to do a reality show not once. not twice, but THREE TIMES…just so the “mainstream” won’t find out…”

    From a business stand point it makes sense. Once you do a reality based show you become labeled as a wanna be..Mystery would have little to gain for his business or magical career by going he would run the risk of compromising his customers which is his bread and butter. Would David copperfield do a show breaking down his magic tricks?

    “Personally, I think our lifestyle is going to be highlighted and shamed, because it’s not politically correct to learn how to become socially successful: if you’re a dork, other people will want you to stay a dork because it ensures their own social stability. Think about what happened to those guys in the movie “Hitch”, after it was exposed that Hitch was playing Cupid, and women everywhere felt like they were living a lie. The movie won’t focus on the fact that we’re becoming better people rather than the assumption that all we want to do is to take advantage of as many women as we can.”

    Yes, what a pity…women getting what they have always wanted anyway..can’t have that they must remain virtuos!

    In this age of a whacked out neo conservative evangelical dysfunctional america that want’s to reinstitute the Dark Ages (ah the good ole days of the Spanish Inquisition and the Templar Knights) doing a movie that would socially/sexually reinvigorate the masses is not on the negotiation table. If you break down things, money, power and sex are pretty much concentrated in the hands of the few anyway. Spreading the wealth as it were is not in the upsets too many institutions and there interests…the usual suspects organised religion, business, social mores etc. Soceity needs a constant underclass for the benefits of underclass to work at Walmart and to dig ditches…even it is not practical it so ingrained into people. people want there conceptual reality to remain intact.

    LIke the Tao of steve the Pua gets his comeuppance, submits to the virtuos women and all is well. Although the Tao of Steve is not based on reality (the movie was actually based on a guy named Duncan who protested the ending because it was downright false). As you noticed in the ‘The Game”, it followed the same theme with the addition of the pua made to look sleazy or to be subtly insulted (remember Orion as a “spaz” and Cliff as “boring”) or described as oily (the visual descriptions of swingcatt come to mind)Tom Cruise the White Knight and style the one who sees the light. Then, to not come off as a hypocrite he has to stay together with leveridge, the book comes off then perfectly marketable for the Hollywood apparatus. The movie if anything will come across like the game except on steroids. realistically for instance, I wonder how they could include any of the SS material without it coming off as hokey..the average person just would not get it..and if they do include it they will just make it out as goofy or slick.

    Enuff kj’ing….we get the picture

  5. Chuckles The Assclown says:

    the overall conclusion is that the Weitz brothers, who also wrote screenplays for the “American Pie” movies, are going to slander the hell out of the community and make us out to be one big joke.

    So it’s going to be a realistic documentary then?

  6. boky says:

    well robie is the man,he make naomi campbell send roses to him and she it the the bad bitch,then he told one model to go in america with him to leave job and when they came he dumped her:)…he is naturali to good with women even with out the fame,guys from america didnt heard for him,and he didnt get her on fame because he is not popular in U.S.A.

  7. Geese Howard says:

    well robie is the man,he make naomi campbell send roses to him and she it the the bad bitch,then he told one model to go in america with him to leave job and when they came he dumped her:)…he is naturali to good with women even with out the fame,guys from america didnt heard for him,and he didnt get her on fame because he is not popular in U.S.A.

    This picture sort of sums up your post I think…

  8. TheTruth says:

    >Gunwitch’s method, from the little I have >read, is a farce. There should be a movie >about it with Mr. Bean playing Gunwitch.

  9. Strat3gy says:

    The more i think about the movie, the more i realise, it’s gonna seriously fuck up a lot of peoples game ! Style is a fuckin traitor, he is number 1 on my list of the top 10 PAWs(pussy ass wankers) of all time ! Congrats neil.

  10. TheTruth says:

    It wasn´t me who posted that post 2 posts above this one. Stop impersonating me please!

  11. TheTruth says:

    Gunwith, I think your method rules!

    And thats…

    The Truth

  12. Guys, as far as I read that article, all it says is that a SCRIPT has been greenlighted to be written and a producer has been picked out. It is still a LONNNNNNG way from a picture getting made, a huge long(like my dong) way.

    And I want Edward James Olmos to play me.


  13. LewisJerry says:

    “And I want Edward James Olmos to play me.”

    Ah dude ..edward james Olmos is like pushin 60…

  14. G-Taste says:

    Anyone have a link to the Game-related Village Voice cover story which was yanked from the Voice website?

  15. rejectcowboy says:

    when you guys are on your death bed i am sure that you can look at your loved ones and say how proud you are of the achievements in your life and how your honour and integrity was rock solid.

  16. rejectcowboy said:

    “when you guys are on your death bed i am sure that you can look at your loved ones and say how proud you are of the achievements in your life and how your honour and integrity was rock solid.”

    so much negativity and gayness in only five lines, it’s disturbing!
    get in field and keep gettin’ rejected, poor cowboy!

  17. Style and Lisa still together! says:

    In case anybody is interested:

    Lisa is ith Style on his tour through Germany!!!!!

    Despite from the fact that only teenage-losers come to worship Style which doesn’t matter here,
    They seem to be still together!

  18. Style and Lisa still together! says:

    In case anybody is interested:

    Lisa is ith Style on his tour through Germany!!!!!

    Despite from the fact that only teenage-losers come to worship Style which doesn’t matter here,
    They seem to be still together!

  19. Elvis Preston King says:

    Oneitis disease is NOT for professional pick up artists. If one sets home every night with the same girlfriend he rusts and gets stale.

    I love women, I have ten girlfriends that I am madly in love with. I usually make love with one to three new hot babes per day and work the others in when I get time. One of my hottest has been waiting 45 days just for a date with your King. She is a model, 18, blonde and hot….I am starting to miss her.

    I hate to see Style and Mystery lose it.

    Mystery and I were talking a few months back via email and I warned him that younger inexperinced PUAS many times get the Game turned around on them and lose all they have learned and earned. Love is NOT forever and when the passion goes it can be devistating for the inexperinced man or PUA.

    I have emotional needs too, besides getting laid, but societies idea of one woman is not for the KING.

    Elvis Preston King,

    The World’s Number 1 Playboy
    (Based on actual notches on the old bed post).

    PS Remember I Put on workshops where I take class one step beyond numbers closes. I do full closes for myself and my students!

    No thoeries here boys just new hot babes in the sack day after day after day.

    Have a Nice Lay, Elvis

  20. Elvis Preston King says:

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    How many countries have pickup artists? All of them!

    How many countries are there in the world?

    Nobody knows, but it is somewhere between 189 and 194 countries.

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    Some people say it is Neil Strauss, (Style). Others say it is his guru Erik von Markovik, (Mystery).

    The fact is Neil Strauss is world famous because of his new book “The Game Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.” In fact he has only one girlfriend.

    Erik von Markovik, (Mystery) is one of the principle teachers of Style. He also only has one girlfriend.

    Then who really is the World’s Greatest Pickup Artist?

    The World’s Greatest Pickup Artist is Elvis Preston King. He lays one to three new girlfriends per day and has been getting laid more than any other man on the planet, as you can see here the world is a pretty BIG place.

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    Listed are the countries of the world and their capitol city. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwee there are great pick up artists. Let’s hear from you. Send us your best pickup secrets.

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  21. Fat Elvis King says:

    I have a great pick up secret technique. It is pretending that I am the world’s greatest pick-up artist. I talk about other pick up artists as if I am an authority on them, even though I have little knowledge of them or even the Pick Up arts themselves. I even claim that I can lay 1-3 different girls a day.

    This is all to establish myself as an authority and a Pick Up Master. The truth of the matter is that I live on a third world Island and get laid sometimes by the poverty stricken inhabitants that I convince I am going to save and take away from their hardship.

    I have very little money and very little actual pick up abilities. I am hoping that by pretending I have great ability to pick up women that I will convince some of the worlds greatest pick up artists to come teach me seduction, so I can finally start picking up women in the real world who actually have money and status.

    I claim to people that I have slept with thousands of women on my thirld world island I live upon. If they tell me I have nothing to be proud of, that this is little or no accomplishment, and that I could never pick up girls in the real world; I then quickly backpeddle and claim I have slept with more women than Wilt Chamberlain in the united states alone. The truth is that I am a poor, lonely old man who is just trying to get some attention and make a few bucks.

    I call this the Fat Elvis Method. I am surprised that Elvis Preston King has stolen my method and is practicing it here.
    I have found, though, that the problem with this method, is that even though I can claim to do this, that it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t get laid even 1/10,000th of the amount I claim. I have reliable reports from people whom are close to him, that Elvis Preston King has even worse results.

  22. L8er says:

    That is so true.

    P. King claims 18.000 lays.
    So to me he either is a blatant liar, or a logistical genius!

  23. PlumpBitch says:

    Well since were all making funny lookalike names to “Gunwitch”, then here’s my contribution.

    I think it’s quite stylish and a good kick in a female’s butt to.

  24. shitstabber says:

    Strauss a Jew? No way.

    Jews are supposed to be self-important, avaricious…and…….money…grabbing.

    Wait a minute.

  25. GunWitch says:


    Do you realise how hurtful these comments are? I used to get teased at school for being a fat UG (Ugly Guy) and now the cycle starts again! You’re making me feel very self-conscious. It’s people like you that cause people like me to develop eating disorders, you Goddarn BODY FASCIST! Think about that when you point out that I_am_one_ugly_fucker. My Mom says I look just like my Dad, whom she divorced 15 years ago…he never writes. :-(

    Now where the fuck did I leave those Donuts?

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