Women Are The Enemy?

July 6, 2005 by  
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So in my daily newsreading, I came across a blog by none other than the founder of Screw Magazine (and widely renown as the "Godfather Of Porn") Al Goldstein.  On his blog, he had this post up called "Women Are The Enemy."

Al Goldstein writes:
I love the look of my blog and the reader comments. What a strange
world! At 69, however, I still don’t trust the "cyber-world’s"
reliability. Forgive me for the analogy, but I view my transition to
the cyber world like taking on a new girlfriend (i.e., pussy). It’s a
future heartache and drain on your finances and emotions. It’s an
unexploded hand grenade that will propel shrapnel into your guts and
rip your kishkas asunder. It’s a trip on the Challanger and Titanic.
It’s having a meal with a 15 foot crocodile. You ARE the meal. Why? We
don’t even like the company of women. They can’t think but merely
react, whine and try to change us. It’s the scent of pussy that propels
us to one more self destructive experience.

Our sperm gorged
cock is the only rationale for staying in the frey. With worse odds
than Vegas, we men continue to "pay to play." What do world-renound
chefs eat after a ten hour day of cooking? They opt for junk food. They
don’t want complexity, they want to negate their hunger pangs with
speed and efficiency. They don’t want women who are alfalfa-eating new
world cultists, or vegans or astrology-loving "girl friends." Men just
want to SHOOT THEIR LOADS. Is that romantic enough for you? We hump
hookers! But what’s even more cost efficient is beating our meat after
beating our computer keys in search of the hottest porno sites through Booble.
We can wallow in our body odors and not hose down our cocks. Shaving
and showering is as optional as putting on clean underwear since we are
not frequenting the company of the enemy — females. We want to empty
our pipes and get on to the important business of watching the Sopranos
on HBO or viewing sports (for those who have no real life) and
eventually returning to our true love, our computer. If the pursuit of
sex has exhausted us we can retire from fucking and pleasure by getting
married. We should confine our efforts to chowing down on rented bush
(oh my god, not George.) I want to be your cult and clit hero in
fending off "meaningful" relationships. Opt only for the
insignifigant,the shallow and the meaningless. Opt for release not
imprisonment. Save yourself some money — opt for porn. Opt for Booble.

See fellas?  This is how porn can warp a mind.

I find a great deal of this post ridiculous.  Personally, I love women and don’t see them as simply human toilets us men must use to relieve ourselves of bodily fluid build-up.  This kind of attitude and bitterness is something that can really poison one’s mind and sabotage any relationship you’ll ever be in.

Sure, there are some bad apples out there when it comes to women.  But the same can be said of men too.  I really don’t look at any of this as a "battle" or "war" where someones "the enemy" that has to be conquered.  There’s just people.  And people can be compatible or incompatible with you.  The trick is to make sure you spend your time with the compatible ones so you don’t end up bitter about the opposite sex.

Someone like the author of the above post, who obviously has spent a lot of time with poisonous women (read:  women who have been raped and/or abused and/or addicted to drugs who end up in porn) will have a low opinion of women in general because of the kind of women he surrounds himself with.

So when it comes to YOU, be sure that you surround yourself with the kind of women you want influencing your own life.  This means, stay away from getting involved with strippers, sluts, and whores for the most part, because these women will poison your mind.  Also, stay away from women who do hard core drugs, who are gold-diggers, and who hate kids and their own family members.  There is nothing but heartbreak at the end of that road.

If you know the good traits to look for in a woman, your life will be filled with good experiences and happiness.  And should you ever start thinking or believing the sort of thing Mr. Goldstein wrote in his post above, you need to stop and seriously look at the quality of women you have in your life, because something isn’t right.

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