Turning Choosers Into Beggers

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Nightblue has a great post up about how he likes to turn “Choosers” into “Beggers.” Namely, making the girl, who’s usually the chooser, so attracted to him that she loses all her power in the interaction and starts begging to ride his rodney.


Nightblue says it better than I can…

Nightblue writes:
I was talking with a group of (potential) GFs/FBs and pivots. It was a very honest conversation. Could be too honest since I believe that my honest intelligence conveying will cost me one or two of them.
Anyway it was worth it.

The whole idea of my game is turning choosers into beggers.
Its obvious that women choose.
Every natural and PUA with mediocre game shouldve somehow found that out.
The difference between naturals and PUA’s who use my type of game, is that PUA’s dont need to be initially chosen and act on that.

For example, a natural senses when a girl is into him.
Even if she doesnt show it that much. He knows he’s chosen.
And he acts in a way that is congruent to the character that the girls choose.
OTOH, PUAs, can make women choose them.
By conveying the personality and mannerisms of the character that women choose.

Ive talked to friends in the natural society about this.
Most of them dont cold approach women they dont get that electricity from.
While when a good PUA approaches, he doesnt have to be chosen before he approaches.
He runs his opener and attract material, and goes into comfort to sexual in no particular order.
He gets chosen DURING the interaction because he displays the needed value and filters.

Then there is my friend and wing the Brazilian.
His reality is interesting. He cold approaches b/c he knows that he is or will be chosen.
Similar to “I am the prize”.
A lot of guys can say that theyre the prize, but they get nervous or anxious when things dont go very well.
Doesnt have to be a shit test.
It can be lousy circumstances that elicit negative behavior from the targets.
Difference is, when you actually BELIEVE that you were chosen or will be, nothing can effect your game.

Thats why, like there are good PUAs and great PUAs, there are also good naturals and great naturals.
A Key is how you perceive the experiences.
Lets say a mediocre pua or natural gets shot down three times or even days in a row.
He’ll think that something is wrong with what he’s doing and will get confused.
While what he was doing got him laid for years.
But a great PUA or natural wont let if affect him.
I saw the brazilian getting shot down multiple times in a row one time b/c he opened way too aggressively.
He rationalized it with something like, I probably look like a guy who laid them and never called back.

Note that the real reason was, after he got shot down one time, he had bad social proof. And he kept opening around the target who shot him down.
Those girls around the target had seen him getting shot down, and accepting him would be showing lower value.
Since he wasnt good for the other girl there, why would he be good enough for her.
All girls he opens are 9s, if he would open a 7 or 8 it could work since they would know that a guy who isnt good enough for a 9, can still be good enough for her.
That’s bad social proof.

After I told him why he got shot down on the other two sarges, he said that it doesnt matter.
Can you understand how he perceives reality?
As long as its positive, it doesnt matter.
He doesnt do this consciously, he is simply seeing everything like this.

The point is, a great pua is like a great natural.
He has the ability to be chosen during the interaction, not necessarily before he opens.

Some more on choosers into beggers.
When you cold approach the girl is filtering you and trows negative shit in your face to see how you react.
You show that it doesnt affect you, and you continue running your game without showing too much interest, since youre supposed to have more value.
She gets attracted more and more.
Women know that attractive men are scarse, so they turn into beggers.
When you dont let her know she got you, she does everything to get you.
Its not that weird that girls are begging you to meet and take their numbers.
Thats also got to do with her high buying temperature state.

Im very sure of this, what gets the girl isnt only changing her state. Its changing her logical perception of you.
Try to understand that. When youre out of her environment and her state is logical again, she must still think “hey thats a cool guy”.
Instead of “I dont know about him”.
For that you should have conveyed Solid value and comfort.
An important thing for that also is venuechanging her.
Guys if you cant venuechange her back to your place for some reason, at least venuechange her to ANYWHERE.
Then youre in her life instead of just being in her club/bar/street reality.

You can also change her logical perception of you on day 2.
As long as you do it. I spend effort on doing it on day 1 since it makes it very easy to meet on day 2.
A lot of them initiate the meet then.
Another thing is forcing your reality to cut trough bullshit. Without using humor or C&F, b/c women sense that youre using it as a softener.
Thats qualifying yourself and women with a fairly amount of social intelligence always feel that.
I think that deserves a separate post. I’ll write about that when Ive fieldtested it more to sharpen it.

To sum things up, here are some points.

-Know that you can be chosen during the interaction and work towards that.

-A positive perception on things is also very important in game.

-Realize that women are choosers with filters, and you turn them into beggers by conveying yourself.

-Work on changing her logical perception of you.

Wow, good stuff!

You can read the original thread here.

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15 Responses to “Turning Choosers Into Beggers”
  1. Diablo says:

    Nightblue is sooooo right about this subject. I have a story about a girl i just met who is a damn DROP-DEAD GORGIOUS 10, plus she is one of those “Firecracker” chicks… which i love. So back to the story, she works in a store in the mall inside my town, and i always hear all the AFC guys talkin about how AMAZINGLY hott she is… but she is a bitch to all them. so i’m just like hmmmmmmm sounds like a challenge. so i make my way up to the mall… and there she is. I’m just like DAMN. The store she works at is just full of these fuckin morons throwing dipshit pickup lines at her… showing that she is the Chooser in the whole frame. Until I walk in.=) So i throw-on my super badass face and walk, and start looking around at some clothes. about 5 minutes after i come in she walks up and says “hi, can i help you?” I slowly turn my head and say “Are you serious… is that the best thing you can come up with.” she just starts cracking up laughing, histerically. (and i’m just thinking to myself… wow i got her SO fast). so i just chuckle and walk off. As soon as i walk off she grabs me by the arm and says ” hey, come back here asshole!” at this point in time she is like right up close to my face, and she just stares at me… i guess she was like trying to scare me with her looks or some shit… so i slowly reach over and grab a shirt, hold it up to my body and say “What do you think?” she looks down at it, and as soon as she does i say “HEY, quit staring at my sexy body.” and kind of run my hand down my chest (i have nothing close to a sexy body,lol). once again she just starts crackingup. And just like before i just walk off again… she doesn’t grab me this time and i continue to look around, thinking to myself… i should go get her number, but she is just so damn hott i need to turn up the tension some more. So i just walk towards the exit of the store very slowly, while making eye contact with this girl. She comes running over to me (She really was RUNNING). she gets to me and hands me a piece of paper with her phone number on it. i was like “wow… your kind of forward.” this time she starts cracking up and gives me a hug and whispers in my ear to call her Tonite. Now all this happened in like 10 minutes, just because i was acting like i was the prize, and because i KNEW she would choose me. just like you said Nightblue, i turned a Chooser into a Begger within a matter of minutes……… Great Post

  2. Nightblue says:

    Good played man. You totally get it.
    It doesn’t take a lot of effort, its just conveying the right things.

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