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Tyler Durden had an excellent Field Report up on mASF about some various AMOG situations he’s dealt with in the past few days.

Tyler Durden writes:
I’m back in Kingston for 2 days until NYC, and noticing how different the vibe is here from Los Angeles and Sydney. I remember in my old archive I used to post “notes from the last few days” all the time, and perhaps I should do that more.

I spent the day with my girlfriend here, who I haven’t seen in some time. I forgot how well we get along, and how hard that is to find. After dinner, I dropped her off and hit up the clubs.

As I’m walking in, this nasty AMOG comes up to me and starts condescending the shit out of me in front of a group of girls. I was feeling rather stunned after an afternoon with my girlfriend, and kind of just sat there while he tooled me. I felt pretty stupid afterwards, could feel that familiar old feeling that I used to have back as an AFC, of having your status robbed from you to elevate someone else. This guy started up with the whole, “Wow man.. Such cool gear.. And you look like ELVIS PRESTLEY.. WOW!.. I want to be cool just like you.. Man, look at this guy. He ROCKS.” Funny, I wasn’t peacocked out or anything. I was dressed cool, but nothing to target. I’m like “Cool man.” and tap him on the shoulder and go inside. As I’m leaving, he’s screaming “Don’t touch me man. What the fuck is wrong with you!!” and he laughs to his friends.

I walked into the club, to find nothing of interest, so ejected to the next venue a few doors down. Who do I see there? The AMOG. He’s chatting up these two girls, who are very into him. I sit there for about 15 minutes, knowing I should go in and blow him out. Really I wanted to leave and go home, because Tuesday nights in Kingston are not worth it. But something in me just kept telling me that I’d feel stupid the rest of the day if I didn’t do anything. A pair of girls opened me for no particular reason, and I chatted them for a bit and regained state. It’s very unusual that my state drops. Usually it has to be something personal that just really gets to me. I think the case of this guy, it was that I had just gotten back to Canada, and I sort of have a lot of AFC anchours here. Like in LA and other cities, I’ve always been a PUA. But here was where I did my first lame approaches for almost a year before I even found ASF and where people picked on me and all that. So its easier for me to fall into old mentalities here. I often feel the same way when I talk to my father, who will barrage me with demeaning and disparaging remarks, and I fall into the old mindset of just listening to him run off at the mouth and not either standing up for myself or at least just leaving. These are not major issues for me as they might seem, but just subtleties in my mindset and state that I’ve noticed in the past that I avoid now. Really my father had a lot of amazing and unique qualities, but his overbearing nature is something that I recognize as having impacted my inner psychology on many repressive levels, and something that I consciously moderate. I bring this up in this post, just for the purpose of encouraging guys to look into their own past and looking hard at what influenced them and what aspects they want to get past.

Anyway, I knew that even my worst approach will blow this guy out, because at worst I can stack high octane material and pull them away from him, even if it would technically blow any possibility of a day2 becaue it isn’t solid. Who cares – the dude won’t know what constitutes a solid set, so he’ll just see all the IOIs and think I out-macked him. The girls are talking to me, and I spot one of the AMOG’s girls scope me out, so I walk away from the 2 girls in mid sentence and approach the AMOG set. I roll in with an opinion opener, and use my vocal projection to plow over him. I stack high octane material, and ignore all of his comments. The girls are focused on me, and I don’t even answer any of his comments back until I have full attraction about 3 minutes in.

AMOG: Hey man, are you disrespecting me?

TD: No man.. You’re cool.

AMOG: Man, I’m having an interview here with these girls.

TD: Wow, TOUGH GUY… Wooooo, we – have – a – TOUGH – GUY!! Watch out! (credit Craig)

AMOG: Hey, shut up man.. Get out of here.

TD: Holy shit Eminem (he was a rapper wannabe), I feel like you’re angry at me. Girls, I’m sorry. This is a good guy. This guy would call you ten times a day. He would bike past your house five times a night on his bicycle to see if your porch light is on. He would worship you. Talk to him. He’s cool.

AMOG: Hey man, I have a girlfriend.

TD: Of course you do man. You’re EMINEM! You have Kim waiting for you over at the A&P.. (A&P is a grocery store chain)

AMOG: What the fuck man? Are we going to throw down?

TD: Sure man, erm ummmm wait a sec…. With pythons like that? NO WAY bro.. Dude, do you have to check those at the airport? Holy shit man, you’d KILL ME.. Dude, I’m backing down. Little sisters, Eminem will take good care of you. Eminem, give these girls your rapper toque man, its cold out.

AMOG: What the fuck? ummmmmm ermmmm…

TD: Girls, I’m so sorry. I just had to bust this guys’ balls a bit, because he was very condescending to me earlier tonight and kind of hurt my feelings and made me feel shy, so I’m just teasing him a little. I see he’s upset, so it was nice meeting you because I need to get home and I don’t want to hear this guy writing a diss track about me in his next Marshal Mathers album or some shit. Cya. (back turn and walk off, as girls are giggling and touching me and saying

AMOG: Hey, come back here.. Get back here!!

My back is turned on him, so by him trying to engage me its basically him too eager in the interaction, and the girls are laughing at him trying to get me to come back. I turn around and wink to the girls, and they go all giggly at me and I walk off.

His wingman who walked off earlier sees me down the street and says “Hey man. Those girls liked you. My boy has a girlfriend and he didn’t want them. Go fuck them man.” I’m like “Dude, you need to listen more. I already said those are my little sisters, man. That’s disgusting. Now listen dude, I have no beef with you or your bro, but you guys were being uncool to me before and it kind of bothered me and it was unnecessary. I went in there to bust your balls a bit, but I respect you guys and I’m just chilling man.” Then the original AMOG comes up to me because he’s blown out and says “What?? Are we going to throw down?” I laughed at him and said “Bro, I come in peace. You guys were making me feel like you were mad at me or somthing at that last bar, and I felt insecure about it and I was busting on you a bit just to play around like guys like to do. I’m cool man, and I’m sorry if you were offended. (Go to shake hands) Are we cool?” This is something I do all the time – very authoritative apologies, to get the AMOG’s supplicating me. I find it pretty much always works. He’s like “Yeah man. I was actually complimenting your clothes before. I liked them. All I was saying was that you had cool clothes, and I wanted to know where to get them.” I’m like “That’s cool bro. I interpreted it a bit insecure I guess, and it was a miscommunication.” He’s all “Yeah man. I wanna be homies, its all love, blah blah”. He introduces me to his friends, and its all good.

Afterwards I go back into the set, and build rapport as usual, and #close. They are attracted because I conveyed so much value by blowing out that dude. It was a synch. I’m glad I forced myself to go back in, because I would probably still be feeling pretty tooled right now otherwise. I used the annoyance to generate a new opportunity, which I’m proud of myself for doing. It was really tempting to say “I could get this guy if I tried”, and not do anything. That might have happened if those other two girls didn’t open me and re-engage my state. I’m not sure why that guy threw me so much. I guess I’ve become accustomed to having my wings with me to tool the shit out of anyone, as well as just being back in Canada and all the emotions that goes with it.

That reminds me of some other great sets I did last week. One was a girl entrenched in a diner, in between 6 very jacked (steroid monkeys) very alpha guys. The AMOGs are getting uncomfortable as I’m blatantly checking out their girl. I’m doing this on purpose, I suppose, because something inside me is telling me to get them upset pre-approach, just to make it interesting. They could see me looking at her, and I walked up to one of the AMOGs.

TD: This girl is like the sun, and you guys are like the planets. Look at her. She controls the whole vibe.

AMOG: What the fuck?

GIRL: What did he say?

TD: I was telling your friend what a pimp you are. You’re such a little pimp. Look at you here, with all these guys on your arm. You’re such a player girl. Look at them all hanging off your every word. If I didn’t have to go right now, I’d adopt you. You could be my little sister. I’d put you in charge of everything.

GIRL: hahaha

AMOGS (like all 6 of them): Get the fuck out of here.. We’ll kill you.. We’ll beat the shit out of you.. You stupid fuck.. blah blah blah…

TD: hahaha, these guys are pretty fiesty. Hey, I need a female opinion..

AMOGS: She doesn’t want to talk to you, get the fuck out of here, blah blah… (I’m projecting over them, because my vocal projection is stronger, and I’m literally ignoring them and the girl is totally on me)

GIRL: Don’t listen to them. Come over here. Talk to me. I want to talk to you.

TD: material material, blah blah

AMOGS: Get out of here..

TD: (Pauses and looks him right in the eye) Hey man, are you OK?

AMOG: Don’t you fucking ask me if I’m OK.. If you do that again I’ll kill you.

TD: (pausing, looking very blank Clint Eastwood style) Man, I feel like you’re angry at me. I’m chilling man. I’m havinga good night, and I’m socializing.

AMOG: (all deflated because its actually true what I’ve said, and he looks like an idiot) Cool man. Just don’t ask me if I’m OK ever again.

TD: Sorry bro. HB, this guy is sensitive. I won’t talk to him anymore. Now where was I?

Then I game her for a bit, and she is very into me. I ejected the situation about 5 minutes in, because I was at the 24 hour diner that I eat and sarge at daily, and I didn’t want the waiters to notice me as a shit disturber. I am concerned that they may ban me if I cause trouble because they also noticed me in the AMOG battle with the big black dude from the night before, so once the situation was handled and I had validated myself in front of everyone by having very obvious attraction from the girl, I excused myself. The staff was looking over, and I felt that the one set wasn’t worth it to me. Still, an interesting experience from some potentially volitile guys. It was interesting to watch such huge and aggressive guys supplicate me.

OTOH, I also took a girl out of a huge set of guys with ease the other night. I spotted this beautiful girl, just totally taking over her social group. She was the centre of attention – running the show. The guys were so underqualified. They were goodlooking, but just didn’t have the social skills. I’m stunned by her, as she is so fucking cute. I sit there for 3 minutes, just looking at her. I feel her guy friends (around 5-10 of them) looking at me. They’re wondering what I’m going to do. I just wait while the desire for her is building in me. I know this reads odd, but I felt so calm and so relaxed that it didn’t matter. I was just following my instinct. I walk over, totally slow. All the guys are looking at me. I can feel their eyes all on me, and their shock is inadvertantly social proofing me to my girl, as I walk through their set like Moses parting the red seas or something. It was definetely one of the weirdest pickups I’ve ever done. I can feel their shock and the full attention of the corner of the room shifting on to me, as I suppose that they must have been somewhat shocked that I stared her down so long and approached so calmly.

I walk right up to her, and open. I’m totally calm, and fully in state. My vocal projection is so tight, because I’m warmed up from a set earlier where I made out with a solid 9 within 2 minutes of approaching her set (that also had guys). It had perfect resonation and projection, and whenever I can hit that note I know that every set will be on. It’s like trying to knock someone over with an aluminum Louisville Slugger instead of a long twig. It’s so natural. She is shooting me IOIs, and I qualify her based on the way that she was the centre of attention, and her unique tatoos. It works. She’s sold.

TD: How does everyone know eachother?

HB: These are my friends from work. This guy I just started dating.

TD: (looking at guy) Hey man. You know I’m gay right? I’m flamingly gay, and love this girl because she is so sexy. I want her to be my new little sister. I want to dress her up like a strawberry shortcake for you. I’m calling her. HB, do you want me to call you so we can go shopping and I can dress you up?


TD: Is that OK?

AMOG: Sure, if she wants to.

TD: OK HB, give me your number.

HB: Here’s my card. (leans in and kisses me.. Our foreheads are pressed).

TD: You know I’m not gay right? I wanted to meet you becuase of the reasons I said, and I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. Tell your boyfriend that I am gay, even when we hang out in the future. It will make it more comfortable.

HB: He’s not my boyfriend. We’re just dating. (On day2, I find out that they just moved in together. I guess they’re more like perma-dating).

I call her the next morning around noon:

TD: Hey, its Tyler from x-bar.

HB: You are fucking crazy. You’re such a weirdo. Do you use that line to steal girls from their boyfriend every night?

TD: LOL.. Yes, that was a very unusual circumstance that we met under last night. It’s unfortunate that we don’t have mutual friends to introduce us, because that would have been so much smoother. Last night a problem came up, and I needed to think quickly to find a creative and effective solution to the barriers of us meeting, since we didn’t have mutual friends to introduce us.

HB: Hahaa.. That definetely was a genius solution. So how many times have you used it?

TD: I had to think fast to come up with that one. But I’m thinking to use it again in the future, as it seems to be a good one. (I specifically didn’t answer her question in a linear yes/no way, and stayed on my own thread.. but then admitted that I’d use it in the future as a way of subcommunicating that I don’t care what she thinks and to avoid failing the shit test.. I felt like the exact phrasing was really important here).

HB: Haa! Well you definetely should because it works.. You are the most confident guy I’ve ever met.. What’s your name/age/job/blahblahblahblah (trying to get rapport with me and being totally nice now)

TD: Listen HB, I have a photoshoot with Rolling Stone magazine going on over here. I’d love for you to stop by.

HB: Sure.

So she stops by, and I am actually out with Xaneus getting a bite to eat. My friends, particularly Style, entertain her until I get back. It was very helpful. She is SO CUTE. I bring her into my room and show her pictures on my labtop to build rapport. We shoot the shit about various topics that are on my mind, and I continually qualify her based on her being the centre of attention.

Lately I have been busting my ass on mid-game tactics. You guys often read people saying “I lose state after attraction/C&F”. This is not a problem for me, as I have a good ability to hold sets. But I’ve been working every day to think up and test new mid-game tactics. I have many new ones, and I feel like I’m scouting out new frontiers that will some day be taken for granted, as I did last year with the initial attract stuff. I have some great stuff so far, and continue to field test new ideas. I even skip easy opportunities to fool’s mate horny chicks, just to practise my rapport/connection game. Lately, this idea of qualifying the girls on their VIBE in the way that they interact with the people within their set has been really helpful (among many other ideas). It’s like a reverse qualify of what they see in YOU. Like, if a girl sees you controlling your group, she’ll be attracted. I qualify her based on the same idea. Whether its her being in control, or being shy but it being cute because it indicates that she has all these other sides, I use the group dynamic to help qualify.

I find her outside with Mystery, who I don’t want within 50 yards of any girl I’m gaming. I walk up to her, and AMOG him and pick her up over my shoulder and walk her off ala caveman style. I do this in set all the time, to get girls away from guys.

The formula is shoot a quick AMOG about what he’s saying. “Well man, this whole thing about x-whatever is really interesting stuff. You’re cool man. Gotta go!”, and then throw her over your shoulder and drag her off as she screams and giggles.

She was very into this, and Mystery later gave me props on it as he knew it was very necessary to prevent him from going auto-pilot. I played football with her for a bit, and kept going back to do my photos.

Then I realized, “SHIT, I have another date coming over in 15 minutes”. This girl I had gotten over by telling her I needed emotional support, in a totally cute way. I had so much value, and she was shy around me, and she couldn’t resist it. But I forgot that I had this girl here now. So I tell her I have a business meeting, and walk her to the door. I realized that I am leaving Los Angeles for 2 weeks, so instead of kissing her which I think may have given her buyers remorse because of her newly moved in boyfriend, I do the massage maneuvre on her in a very sexy way, and she melts and leans in to try to kiss me. I didn’t take the opportunity, as I had planned beforehand not to kiss her today. The kino pinging and IOIs (like me moving my face in and her keeping eye contact) are all fully there, so it was tempting to go for it. I was concerned about day3 flaking though, because of her newly moved in relationship. I’m not sure if this will help, but my intuition is that she will be able to justify to herself that she has not cheated on her boyfriend with me, and therefore can hang with me again, where I will have the opportunity to go full monty without the camera crew around and second date 10 minutes away from the house. We’ll see if it just disinterests her from seeing me again. My intuition is that it was the right move. The massage thing was so sexual that it should be enough, I think. I guess really I’m still new to the game, and will be more sure of myself as time goes on.

Second date went great, although it was tricky as PlayboyLA’s girl showed up with her, because it was from a 2set and my girl thought that PlayboyLA was in town. These two girls will be good fun for me when I’m back in Los Angeles.

Man, those Canadian AMOGs sound violent, don’t they? You can read the whole thread here.

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12 Responses to “AMOG Notes”
  1. Sphinx says:

    I disagree here, I goto Kingston on a regular basis to visit friends and have a good time. Its a nice city, although I find it rather funny that the pen is within walking distane of the university lol. I usually stay with friends who are right on campus. I’m in London ontario myself, not england. Sure there are alot of bikers but they are good guys too. Just stereo-typing too much.

  2. Spooks says:

    this all sounds fun, but my friends and i have found that drinking doesn’t mix with sarging, we have our own little project group down in the states and its going pretty well, but not like your all’s, our town doesn’t even have bikers, or bars, or basically anything good

  3. Sunny says:

    I know what Ty is saying, I’m back and forth between london and Toronto Ontario during the year. I don’t know if it’s all the hockey or what, but guys out here get their backs up quick…But I always liked that because unlike Miami or something where guys compete with you for the girl, it’s almost like AMOG’s up here just give up, because the second they get aggressive the girl wants nothing to do with them.
    Although Toronto and London are pretty much the biggest cities in Ontario, it’s hard to find any HB10′s up here…so if you’re looking, try to stay somewhere hot on the coast.

  4. Click says:

    You should be a movie. I know at this moment i’m just a starstruck AFC but as soon as I break free of the shackles of college i’m going to get out there and work on my skills, then i’m going to prove myself to this community.

    This place, you guys, it’s just… incredible. Youv’e mastered what iv’e been wondering about since i was 10. And your even sharing it. And I know you would hear that all the time so I won’t say anymore.

    As for something relative to the post, this is my AMOGing technique put into words! I have had four fights over some sort of girl and all have ended with a handshake. (the girl was usually a fluke, i don’t have a conscience gameplan)

    This sort of thing is golden, I would love to read some more stories, I’m impressed that there is actually a website with this sort of content that’s not trying to cram its products down my throat.

    If there are any up and coming pua out there in adelaide (via the land down under) I would love to chat sometime, you know, to have a friend who knows this sort of stuff.

    Keep up the great work, you guys are living the dream.

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