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Tyler Durden chimes in with a good little post about that time-tested excuse “I’m tired.”

Tyler Durden writes:
The “I’m tired” thing is most often an excuse that people will throw up as an excuse for not being able to keep up with the interaction. People are joking around and talking about cool shit, and you’re out-alpha’ed by it and your brain freezes up. So you say “I’m tired” as an excuse.

I use to use it when I was an AFC, to excuse my inability to hold conversations with women. Women also use it on me now all the time. Guys I wing with also wont’ be able to keep up with me, and I’ll see them saying it to the girls.

Nothing is GAINED by saying it. So don’t say it. It won’t make the girl feel like you’re opening up, and it won’t make her feel more connection with you.

I’ve taken the Juggler workshop, and I know his material extremely well. He has some great stuff. When he’s suggesting that you open up the the girl, its under a different context.

BTW, as with all “rules” in the 25 Points post, none of them matter so long as you are congruent with what you’re doing. You can lean in, ask questions, or anything, so long as the girl doesn’t PERCEIVE it as you trying to impress.

Bottom Line: She doesn’t perceive you as having lower status, as a result of your actions.

The 25 Points are just common examples of ways that guys make these kinds of errors. They are not to be taken dogmatically.

I think Tyler is quite right about the whole “I’m tired” line. I know I’ve been guilty of this on more than one occasion. Anyway, this is 1 response in a much longer thread, if you want to read the whole thing, click here.

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