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Well, it looks like Tyler chimmed in on his impression of the PUA Summit, which some of his typical insights thrown into the mix. I’d have to agree that Style, the most powerful of the Jedi, probably had the best speech of the weekend, even if it did go on a bit long and he felt the need to neg everybody in the room. But there was still a LOT to learn from it. And seeing him play his multiple Girlfriends was awesome. He truely deserves his #1 spot on the Top 10 PUA list!

Anyway, here’s Tyler’s rundown…

Tyler Durden writes:
LA PUA Summit just finished up. I had a good time.

Incidentally, I’m feeling pretty pissed right now, because earlier today I sarged supermodel Angie Everhart at the pizza place. I had just woken up and was dressed like a fucking scrub, having just rolled out of bed and was running down to grab a quick bite. It was so lame. Here she is, Angie fucking Everhart, and I’m looking so scrubbish. I saw her and my first thought was “I look so shitty right now, I have to approach before I have time to think about it.” I ran a decent set, but the attraction just wasn’t there. She was about 6’4 in her heels, and looked quite old and not as hot as you’d think.

I liked finally getting to show the guys my lifestyle. I hooked up 3 times over 3 nights, and they got to see my routine of going to the Sunset clubs and gaming down the legit hot LA girls. God, running sets on hotties is so much better. It just makes sense. Sometimes when I’m sarging these other shitty cities, I feel like screaming “YOU GUYS DON’T GET IT!” Finally some guys on the chatboard will have some context to what I’m talking about here. It was a bit tricky, having the girls I’d pull back say “Why are there 40 guys standing around your house at 3 in the morning?”, but we plowed through it.

My favourite part of the weekend was Style’s presentation. It was a work of genius. The guy really thought this thing through. He had five of his girlfriends drop by the house, and take the hardest case guys outside to talk to them and give their impressions. Then they fixed the way they come across, and their dress as well. But the best part was right in the middle of it, he starts running canned material on them. He did it to make a point of how canned material is supposed to sound natural, and unrehearsed.

Now you had to see this to believe it. Because it was just so fucking ridiculous. Style is making his GFs (who probably aren’t even aware that he’s hooking up with all of them at the same time afterhours) get totally into his material. Like he gets them totally wound up and talking non stop about the Jealous GF and all this and that, while they don’t even realize that they’re being employed as demonstrations for how effective material is. I sat there stunned and jaw dropped, just realizing the ridiculousness of these girls having no idea what he’s done. I don’t know what else to say other than that it was a work of fucking art.

Everyone else was great as well. I’m proud of Thundercat for going up there, when he was initially apprehensive about it, and doing a kickass job keeping everyone engaged and sharing some great stuff. Ross talked about some cool stuff on yoga and meditation, and I saw him do a great set down in the Mel’s Diner. I missed Swingcat’s bit, but hung out with him earlier in the day and we shared a lot of ideas. I definetely want to go out with that guy this week, as he lives nearby. TheOne did the funniest impressions I’ve ever seen, which was also great stuff.

It was a bit tiring to have all these guys running around the house, when I’m supposed to have a bit of time off and have work to do, but it was still great to see everyone. Many of the guys who attended were very cool, and I made some friends.

On a weird sidenote, I haven’t slept more than 3 or 4 hours a night since I got back from Sydney. I feel like I’m a walking zombie. I don’t know if its the jetlag or what, but I haven’t slept properly in almost two weeks. Somehow though, I am still pulling girls, probably due to the help of PlayboyLA. Being tired is interesting, in terms of how it runs you game. It’s harder to phase shift, because you aren’t really in the mood to do anything. But you state is very even. I am pretty apathetic to outcome. My reaction times are the same though it seems, probably due to intensive sarging and repetition. It feels though almost like my body wants to wake up after 4 hours. I can’t figure it out, but it may be due to anxiety or something.

Anyway, thanks to Herbal for putting on the Summit, and to everyone for coming out.

Just so everyone knows, Tyler HAS to say he’s proud of me, otherwise I’ll show everyone the incriminating pictures I have of him dressing up in Mystery’s wife’s clothings and asking Papa if it makes his ass look fat. =)

You can read the whole thread here.

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