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It seems Formhandle has been busy fixing shit up! It would appear as though Maniac Hight’s website has recieved a facelift. I wonder if this has anything to do with the rumored return of Maniac to posting on mASF? Perhaps we have a new guru looking to create some buzz for some future products? Time will tell I suppose.

Formhandle writes:
Maniac High’s web site is now fully templatized and navigation made easier, with key links back to FS, and FS will again more prominently reciprocate the links to Just one minor page next/prev feature to fix & turn on and all will be set with that.

For those concerned, this adds no burden to Maniac as far as updating his own site, the process is all automated in real-time.

Added features are:

- cleaned up & compacted HTML (automated)
- GZIP deflate feature for browsers that support it (90% of browsers)
- with compacting/GZIP, pages will download 60-70% faster
- integrated acronym pop-ups
- heavy crawler auto-banning (same as FS, but less restrictive), this will curb even more the random “Lay Guide” exploitation rip-offs on the web
- automatic previous/next page navigation (still tweaking this)
- automated HTML titling for easier bookmark tracking

If anyone runs into technical problems with the templatized setup, let me know!

You can check out Maniac High’s Pick-Up Girl’s Guide here.

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