The Bootycast Episode 13 – Anal Scent

September 9, 2010 by  
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In this episode of the Bootycast, we welcome our special guest Vince Kelvin, organizer of the World PUA Summit and seducer extraordinare!

We had a bit of a “technical SNAFU” at the beginning of the episode where some strange opening music played over our intro, but if you skip past that, the rest of the episode goes off without a hitch.  We’re still working out the new Blog Talk Radio system, so thanks for your patience as we iron out the flow of the show.  Each week is a new learning experience for us!

But regardless of our learning curve, we still talk about some great stuff in this episode, including:

  • Thundercat talks about dating younger women (with over a decade in age difference)
  • Vince Kelvin gives us details on the 2010 World PUA Summit
  • We discover if Pick Up Artist Mike will be at the World PUA Summit
  • Vince Kelvin and Thundercat discuss the “good old days” of Speed Seduction
  • How Amanda would react if another woman touched Adam’s penis
  • Asian PUA asks Vince Kelvin how to pick up white women and cure premature ejaculation
  • Vince Kelvin reveals the “Anal Scent” secret for ass-to-mouth sex
  • We take caller questions about text message game, plowing, and how to pick up women in foreign countries
  • We go over the worst OKCupid survey ever
  • And more!

If you’d like to listen to or download this week’s episode, check out the Bootycast Show Page.  And be sure to follow us on Blog Talk Radio so you know when our upcoming shows are!