The BootyCast Episode 9: Kezia’s Boobies

August 12, 2010 by  
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Hey guys, got a new episode of the Bootycast coming your way today.  In this episode:

  • TC and crew are back!
  • The new Bootycast show format.
  • AFC Adam’s Youtube channel.
  • Amanda’s nipples vs. Adam’s nipples.
  • Kezia Noble – russian hooker?
  • Thundercat wouldn’t please Kezia in bed.
  • Sextulate
  • Amanda tries to keep the show alive
  • We take calls from REAL LISTENERS!
  • How to close the deal with chick’s you go out with.
  • Where to go to pick up quality women.
  • How to be a “social guy.”
  • Psyche calls in and wants to know how to Motorboat Kezia’s boobies.
  • Erica Awakening quits the community and comes back.
  • The original Sin is a pooty-tang czar.
  • And much more!

Check out the podcast here:  The BootyCast Episode 9 – Kezia’s Boobies

Please note – we’re still getting used to the new format so there are a few “hic-ups” during the broadcast where we have dead air – a little at the start of the show and a bit during the show – so please forgive us as we get used to the new “live” format.  :-)

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