Julian Foxx Douches All Over Style & Mystery

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There’s a new video making the rounds on the internet where a new face in the pick up scene, Julian Foxx, douches on both Style and Mystery.  Check it out…

Now, I have a few problems with this video…

But before I get into the problems I have, I just want to preface this by saying I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Julian Foxx before.  He spoke at the Pick-Up Sumit here in Los Angeles two years ago, and to his credit, I think he’s got some great things to teach guys.

However, I think he’s good enough where he DOES NOT need to douche on two guys I consider friends, and two guys who are way more talented than he is.

Though I must admit, its a good strategy.  Take the two top guys in the market and tool them.  It makes you seem better than they are, even if you come off as a jackass.

So let’s get to the issues I have with this video:

1.  Michael-Mooring on Style

I love how guys think of Pick Up as some type of sport that you can challenge other dudes at.  “Dude, let’s have a friendly pick up contest.”  Riiiiiiight.  Not only does such a thing completely relegate the women to nothing more than “points” you need to score, its also totally lame.  Neil was at a book signing, if he wanted to accept that chellenge, it wouldn’t have been hard to find the first female groupie in line to get her book signed.

But more than that, with all due respect to Julian’s skills, he’s a NOBODY.  Why would anyone compete with a nobody?  That just makes the nobody famous?

I don’t know.  I felt it was a pretty shady tactic to pull there on Julian’s part.  But to Style’s credit, he really did deflect it well.

2.  No Such Challenge Was Issued To Mystery

I like how Julian went right from Neil suggesting he challenge Mystery, to Mystery in the club – as though Mystery accepted the challenge.

Let’s see Julian walk up to Mystery and do what he did with Neil.  Chances are Mystery would accept and crush the dude.  Mystery is one of the few guys I know who could win in a true “pick up challenge.”

3.  The Slap Isn’t A Slap

If you look at the video, Mystery didn’t really get slapped.  That girl put her hand on his cheek.  There was no follow through, Mystery did not recoil in the way one would if they had gotten slap, and there is no evidence there was an actual SLAP.  All there was, was a FAKE sound effect put over the touching of the cheek to make it seem like a slap.  Lame.

4.  Faulty Editing

If you follow a guy around with a camera long enough, you will definitely see him blow a few sets.  Even Mystery can’t get every girl he wants.  But Mystery is good enough where he CAN get girls, and I think this video was edited in such a way to mislead people about Mystery’s skills.

Honestly, no matter how much you may not like Mystery, the guy is GOOD.  I’m willing to bet he did pull that night.  But of course, the video didn’t show that.  All the bad things were highlighted, and none of the good things were showcased.

I don’t see how anyone could watch this video and see it as anything but an attempted to compare Julian to the two top guys in the niche.  Good strategy, bad execution.

What do you guys think?

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30 Responses to “Julian Foxx Douches All Over Style & Mystery”
  1. I think you’re absolutely right in the fact that this video doesn’t prove that this guy has more game than Mystery, and that Mystery could prolly blow him out. However it’s kind of funny and it’s a good way for the guy to get some exposure for his product. Didn’t Mystery kind of do the same thing to RJ on Cliff’s list?

    Funny thing is, how good a PUA you are means much less than how good of a teacher you are. That’s why RJ came back with a challenge between to Mystery about students, not guru vs. Guru. Mystery is a better PUA because he’s frickin 6’5 and good looking, but Ross is a much better teacher, as I’m sure Neil will admit.

    Now the real question is what this guy can do with his students. I bet George Clooney could blow Mystery out, but I bet george Clooney cant teach me diddly about pick up.

  2. Mack Wild says:


    I wish more guys would follow them around and show that no one is perfect. It would make the community a lot less magic bullet and ego minded and would allow everyone to focus on what really matters instead of putting out some kind of “I AM THE SHIT” vibe.

    I think it was a creative idea to promote himself with. His message is basically:

    Hey guys these superhero’s arn’t the only ones you can learn from and they certainly arn’t perfect or flawless. Regular guys get girls too.

  3. Kellen says:

    Julian Foxx is definitely good at what he does, he’s good with women. I do think that Mystery was definitely drinking that night, there’s a shot in there of him with a bottle in hand, and that’d probably explain the ‘hat kino’. He was drunk, it happens!

  4. Robert says:

    I’m not convinced Foxx didn’t know the girl ahead of time. Obviously he planned on making a video that would make him look better than mystery and style. And why was the girl by herself with no friends, girls never do that. This seems off much like the seduce in seconds guy.

  5. noname says:

    man, I am just gonna quote something from the video, u just feel like a big teddy bear, completely AFC, I am sorry but I don’t think this guy has game, but of course I am just a newbie…

  6. mark says:

    I just want to know if the song in the background is that song in Silence of the Lambs where Buffalo Bill tries on the female skin suit?

  7. Artisan says:

    Foxx’s creeping me out here.

  8. Dime says:

    Jesus Christ. Is tooling another Pick-Up Artist a game that needs to be taught? Julian is now famous for this shit thats all over the internet. BS. This guy is totally not a PUA. Please stop saying he is good. That makes me sick now. He needs to go to David D for some fucking coaching.

  9. Ryan says:

    Controversy aside, Julian was the guest speaker at one of the nyc lairs on Saturday, and he taught some pretty awesome content. I was really impressed with the overall newness of his material. And having met him, I have little doubt that he is a great pickup artist. If I had any criticism of him, it would be the way that he has gotten himself this much exposure…

  10. Godspeed says:

    He wants to provoce with his video and you responded. He is also tooling you because you write a article about this video that is really just comedy. If you find something stupid, ignore it and they come off as lame. Dont give attention to people that are shouting they want it…….

  11. Ben says:

    Mystery has the track record lets not forget..

    And some of his girlfriends have been hot, seems like Julian Foxx is a tool!

    And i’m not even that big a fan of Mystery.. Probly more of a fan of David D/ Hypnotica/ Craig.. more playful direct Cocky and funny stuff..

  12. Dreaded says:

    Julian Foxx you suck dude you wouldn’t even be teaching if it wasnt for mystery do you realize that ? you hater . The whole video is edited anyways I mean how stupid do you think we are ? are you for rea;?l mystery will kick your ass any day dude he doesnt even need to compete with anybody so shut the fuck up STOP being a little bitch and get rid of that gay man purse.

  13. Red Rat says:

    check out the internet tough guy above me….

    gotta give the guy credit though….genius way of getting exposure. im sure im not the only one who’s noticed, however, how vin dicarlo’s camp seems to be trying to take shots at mystery and the mm in general…not nice stuff.

  14. N/A says:

    Thundercat is a marketer. He’s friends with Neil and calls him the greatest pick up in the world. What a joke. Neil has little game.

  15. Requiem says:

    Hey, Requiem here (to all who don’t know me, I’m an up-and-coming Love Systems affiliate).
    I of all people take offense with many of Mystery’s immature and childish antics…but he’s…well…
    He started the modern Seduction world….and it seems to me that we place far too many boundaries and borders on ourselves when it comes to pickup.
    We all started the same.
    We’ve all pretty much ended the same.
    Why the hell can’t we work together?

    Just my two cents.
    God Bless,

  16. SmoothDoc says:

    I inviting this foxy guy to come to the Real Man Conference 2009. If he is any good the people will decide by means of our votingsystem.



  17. Anonymous says:

    I think this guy Julian is a Cunt hair

  18. Venusian Artist says:

    gay just gay…Mystery is the f*ckin shizznit dude! julian who? I didnt see him promoying a reality tv show. This video I personally find offensive to the ‘PUA” world because it isnt a competition, it is all just a video game! get a life dude and stop paying 5 dllar hookers for a shot at mystery. and with your whole txt game, that shit is useless no offence. take care “Venusian artist”…

  19. Rich says:

    There is no right or wrong method of learning social interactions, for success and failure are rated by whether you increase your social circle or not. The video is totally fake, and julian’s teachings look like a very cheap con if you ask me. The so-called psychologist that speaks on his site has no idea of what he is saying and most importantly, he is reading lies from a script. I’m a professionally trained human lie detector and I’m also a lawyer, and I have seen the same incoherent speech-body language clusters for the last 10 years . What Julian is doing is borderline unprofessional, offensive and unethical. And as such, it should not be tolerated. Mystery and Style are great mentors and their teachings help people improve their lives, and most importantly the whole point of this science is to achieve life-long friendships and improve our social lives. Mystery, Style, Thundercat, you have my support on this. Keep up the good work and I shall see you in the field.

  20. Joe says:

    Erm.. I don’t that is mystery. We never get a close up of his face, it could easily be someone in mysterys clothes just imitating him. I really don’t thinki mystery would agree to something like this and how would a nobody like julian even get hold of mystery?

  21. Errr says:

    Wow, all you guys take things way to seriously and you guys sound waay to weird, like idol worship, most of this PU shit is laughed at in the mainstream and most you guys, after you posted masturbated like you always do by yourseld, lol this “PU” shit is so fucking rediculous, my friend showed me this site, you guys sound like fucking power rangers “Do you floss?” or did I not get the “opinion opener” right lol.

  22. James says:

    Yea, I have to agree. It’s strange that the girl was all alone in a club. That pretty much never happens. Looks like a setup to me. And you can’t judge someone’s skill based on one pickup. How about they both do 50 pickups and see the results. It’s a stupid video and Julian Foxx is still a nobody. I hadn’t heard of him until 5 minutes ago. And I don’t care to see anything else by him.

  23. fravia says:

    I really like julian fox……

    Thundercat stop bulshitting ………

    you make powerpoint presentation videos of picking up chicks. at least he can show what he does in field. also watch mind of mystery video I can just say that I LMAO.

    Hey julian i dun have the dough right now to shell on a boot camp but if there is a bootcamp i am taking then its from you …..or from gambler natural PUA guys……Vin…

    abt style man when will he get over it.. get a life maybe .. he ahs his book groupies GAWD that was the worst thing ever and even when it wsa so then it could have been so easy and he could have had shut Julian like for ever?

    its takes balls to approach my gayman style..

    He did it good ..

    Props to ya man………………

  24. jdog says:

    julian sucks

  25. Denny says:

    The pick-up industry is a competitive market these days and some guys will do anything to get the upper hand. Trying to knock down the top dogs is way to get noticed by the community. Julian does seem like a douche though

  26. Another Gizmo says:

    Seriously? Sinn has him down as being top 10 material, weather he is or not remains to be seen by me. Julian’s videos are a great example of the Pickup scene weirdness at its worst, and shows that a lot of guys get into this because they have something to prove or want their own cult. And in Foxx’s case I see it as both sprinkled with some social ineptness, and with some ADHD.

    It took watching the video a second time when it dawned on me that the best magic trick in any of the Julian Foxx “I’m the best pickup artist in the world” video is that you can’t even see Mystery’s face while Julian busts on him and his magic tricks! In Eric’s defense I don’t think the video footage was high enough quality for any judgments except on Julian’s Character as a human being.

    A contest at being a pick-up artist makes the interaction of talking to any woman CHEEP. Though there are a shit ton of people that will disagree with me, I feel that the denigration of women is what gives the Pick-up artis a bad name in the first place. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for SNL’s/SDL’s, As we are in it for the close. However, with any skill it can be used in opposition to what it’s intent, meaning that mystery had a idealistic dream of teaching men to be gentleman while arming them with manipulation tactics. Or similarly how you learn to hack while simultaneously learning how to protect a computer. Seeing as how this isn’t jail there is no need for you to come onto the scene and punch the big guy in the nose to make a name for your self. In a situation like this it’s better to show your skills and people will just gravitate to you if you are the light and the truth….In Pick-up terminology, Julian is reacting and by doing so DLV’d him self causing anyone to prejudge him before they ever meet him. Julian, you just inoculated the population against you.

  27. gaBehcuoDsuoitneterP says:

    Not a slap. The girl touched Mystery’s cheek then runs her hand down over his chest, in a sexual manner (she’s drunk, bold, and turned on).. What’s the problem, guys? From the video, though, it does seem this kid is making a joke: passing off Mystery’s routines as his own, for the would-be paying sucker in the audience he’s marketing himself to – he obviously doesn’t respect them enough to know the difference. It’s obvious Mystery was tearing shit up like Cloverfield and this guy was on the sidelines filming him/offering pointless commentary. The editing couldn’t pass off this guys insecurities as comedy and made him seem somewhat bitter. Perhaps at Mystery’s success of getting paid to get laid. It was a good attempt at marketing-by-association.

  28. Harry says:

    I met him once in a male strip club he used to work at. He is a friend with this other fake pickup artist Sebastian Drake. He isn’t a guru. He has no class. If he was real he wouldn’t trash other guys.

  29. I’d like to add my two cents here.

    If any of you guys have closely monitored the music industry over the past couple of years, then Julian’s move ain’t nothing new. Look at what 50 Cent did: he literally launched every single album with a score of beefs with other famous rappers.

    Merely by doing so, he spread his name whether those guys replied or not, because the rap industry is a largely ego-driven industry just like the pick up industry is. So, in fact, I think you just accidently promoted Julian Thundercat!

    The thing that’s funny here though is this: nobody has ever had a 100% success rate with women. In fact, when you WOULD have a 100% success rate with women in every setting, no matter where you go and no matter what you say… pick up would become logistics. Getting laid for today, that’s it.

    Where would the challenge be? The creativeness? The risk taking to experiment with something new you never tried before?

    Because here’s a juicy secret: failure is feedback. If you do everything right, you don’t reflect on what you did or didn’t do. So if you fail, you actually LEARN something about yourself, women, dating, and the world.

    And I’m dead serious when I say this: whenever the vast majority in a setting is a success? I move on! My dad’s the biggest IT geek ever, so I was born and raised online. Success rate: more than 80%, which is boring to me. So I switched to clubs several years ago. Same thing there, so now my thing is day game AND social game.

    To more dating success,

    Dennis Miedema

  30. David says:

    I havent seen a video of Style or Mystery (except one that is extremely old) in the field, ever.

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