Julian Foxx Douches All Over Style & Mystery

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There’s a new video making the rounds on the internet where a new face in the pick up scene, Julian Foxx, douches on both Style and Mystery.  Check it out…

Now, I have a few problems with this video…

But before I get into the problems I have, I just want to preface this by saying I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Julian Foxx before.  He spoke at the Pick-Up Sumit here in Los Angeles two years ago, and to his credit, I think he’s got some great things to teach guys.

However, I think he’s good enough where he DOES NOT need to douche on two guys I consider friends, and two guys who are way more talented than he is.

Though I must admit, its a good strategy.  Take the two top guys in the market and tool them.  It makes you seem better than they are, even if you come off as a jackass.

So let’s get to the issues I have with this video:

1.  Michael-Mooring on Style

I love how guys think of Pick Up as some type of sport that you can challenge other dudes at.  “Dude, let’s have a friendly pick up contest.”  Riiiiiiight.  Not only does such a thing completely relegate the women to nothing more than “points” you need to score, its also totally lame.  Neil was at a book signing, if he wanted to accept that chellenge, it wouldn’t have been hard to find the first female groupie in line to get her book signed.

But more than that, with all due respect to Julian’s skills, he’s a NOBODY.  Why would anyone compete with a nobody?  That just makes the nobody famous?

I don’t know.  I felt it was a pretty shady tactic to pull there on Julian’s part.  But to Style’s credit, he really did deflect it well.

2.  No Such Challenge Was Issued To Mystery

I like how Julian went right from Neil suggesting he challenge Mystery, to Mystery in the club – as though Mystery accepted the challenge.

Let’s see Julian walk up to Mystery and do what he did with Neil.  Chances are Mystery would accept and crush the dude.  Mystery is one of the few guys I know who could win in a true “pick up challenge.”

3.  The Slap Isn’t A Slap

If you look at the video, Mystery didn’t really get slapped.  That girl put her hand on his cheek.  There was no follow through, Mystery did not recoil in the way one would if they had gotten slap, and there is no evidence there was an actual SLAP.  All there was, was a FAKE sound effect put over the touching of the cheek to make it seem like a slap.  Lame.

4.  Faulty Editing

If you follow a guy around with a camera long enough, you will definitely see him blow a few sets.  Even Mystery can’t get every girl he wants.  But Mystery is good enough where he CAN get girls, and I think this video was edited in such a way to mislead people about Mystery’s skills.

Honestly, no matter how much you may not like Mystery, the guy is GOOD.  I’m willing to bet he did pull that night.  But of course, the video didn’t show that.  All the bad things were highlighted, and none of the good things were showcased.

I don’t see how anyone could watch this video and see it as anything but an attempted to compare Julian to the two top guys in the niche.  Good strategy, bad execution.

What do you guys think?

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