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Yesterday I wrote a post about some of the internal strife that appears to be occurring over at the Charisma Arts company.  So I wrote Dan personally and asked him what the low-down was.  Here’s his response:

Dan replies:
Charisma Arts is still teaching high quality workshops and giving their
clients 100%. They are still in my opinion the best school to learn a
genuine natural approach to picking up women out there.

I was not exactly fired. You can read the longer explanation at my blog at charismatips.com
My only criticism of CA is just on their internal business and politics
side. It in no way affects their clients. I still recommend people take
their courses.

For me it was a good parting. I was a bit burnt out teaching the same
workshop every weekend for two years and have for quite some time wanted
to expand what I taught to women and business.  Now I am getting that opportunity by starting a new company that is more mainstream.

Having good social skills not only helps make you good with women but
also in all other aspects of your life. I want to teach the complete
picture not just one part.

I wish Wayne and CA the best. I am also very excited about starting
something new and becoming passionate and re-inspired with new

I can certainly understand being burned out.  As far as I know, no one is complaining about Charisma Arts as a workshop company.  It seems their students are by and large satisfied.  But I’m getting it from a lot of sources that Juggler is hard to work with.

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One Response to “Dan’s Response About Charisma Arts”
  1. Dare says:

    Good luck to Dan with his new direction,

    I’m willing to bet there are THOUSANDS who like me got into this “community” PRIMARILY because we wanted to improve our lives through better COMMUNICATION skills with EVERYBODY, so that we’d be ABLE to put our “best foot forward” as Neil Strauss says.

    Alot of us just don’t know how to do that but we know that’s our main problem, not women.

    We NEED more people like Dan to take this thing into what is should be – a modern men’s movement to better social lives ALL-ROUND.

    Thanks Thundercat for having the balls to ask whats going on behind the scenes at CA. Here’s to more openness & honesty in the whole community.

    Fuck all Tyler Durden types if they continue in deceptive & manipulative ways. We don’t need any more pople like that.


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