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A long while back, I referenced a post by a guy named JediMike called "Defeat Mechanisms" which talks about the different ways guys are blown out when picking up women and ways to get around it.  Well, I just got an email from Mike about a follow-up he’s written to this post.

Dude , you reposted a post of mine from my now defunct LJ on your digest a whiles back entitled "Defeat Mechanisms in PU."

I hate posts like that because they provide problems and not solutions, and recognisisng those defeat mechanisms fucked up my game for months.

With that in mind, here is the answer to "Defeat Mechanisms", and IMHO the solution to that problem.

BTW   I LOVED "Art of Approaching". Had I read it earlier it would have saved me TWO YEARS of experimentation. Literally.

Mike Walden

So here’s Mike’s new take on defeat mechanisms, title "James Bond and PU."

<Posted to the mighty AKPUA lair Pu-ah.>

Okay so my huge Ah-ha for today was on persistence.This came from reading GWM and watching Bandler on state matching. The old school GWM (as detailed in tyler sensei’s achive) basically went, you roll on a girl , open and project sexual state into her until you get her to state match, then you suggest a non slutty isolate excuse and close.

The other part of GWM was you never eject ever. Ever. Ever.

Fine sez I, a good method.

There are improvements on that (I like using RSD stuff to up my value and ensure a smooth opener, or going direct at certain stages) but GWM has great mid game and the best rapport method I’ve ever seen (wow you ate at the Peach Pit? You drink coffee at Central Perk?  and you know Axl ? too) .

Also GWM solved a lot of my inner game issues just from the realisation that chicks like sex, (not just as a ploy-for-status-game) and if you’re a cool guy you can be the guy they have it with (I know, but it takes a lot to get that drummed in to you). Shit man that’s such a big deal like I don’t have to sell sex to a girl I just have to be nearby and interested. Like PU isn’t the value competition that RSD makes you think it is.

One of the big things that GWM does do that doesn’t get the press is that it says RELAX as you do this  state projection shit. A factor which in a lot of sarging is overlooked. Partly for it’s benefits to your state of mind and partly in the way you project a relaxed cool vibe to the HB, rather than tensing her up (which I think newbie PUAs can do thru her state matching your own nervousness).

My big thing in this tho’ was that there are challenges in this “don’t eject” dogma. Not least of which was that “never eject” is fine if the set just sits there and lets you game it. But they don’t. Many HBs will walk away.

I remember a set I did a few months back, I opened, was doing well and one of them didn’t like me (she knew I was going to fcuk her friend and leave her (the CB) all alone for the night) so as we walked up Queen st to the next club the CB would grab her friends’ arms and run across each crossing so I had to run to keep up, making me look like a chode. Loss of social value. Instinctive but astute gameplay by the dumb CB. The solution shoulda been to either engage my HB in conversation as soon as I saw the CB attempt, or just let them run on and meet them at the club , but I wasn’t expecting that, and in fact the solution isn’t to game around it but game right over it as I’ll explain soon).

Often tho’ girls walk away and go and do other stuff while your trying to sarge, they go and dance or go talk to their friends or whatever.

This blows GWM out (or so I thought) because every time you follow them you are admitting lower status. I thought. You can’t keep sarging after they try to blow you out cos you admit lower status. I thought.  You can only sarge if they are immediately and consistently welcoming, or you admit lower status. I thought.

Thinking more about GWM I got to thinking of what it looks like when you do that sexual state projection stuff. To an observer, you look like you’re just magnetic, rather than gaming…a sort of sexual magnetism like James Bond.

Then I got to thinking about James Bond (I was in traffic , I was bored…). See chicks always throw up barriers (walkaways and being snotty, tho good ripostes can turn a snotty girl around by being better at MC battling than she is eg the ‘Judge Judy routine’).

Why ? I remember once I got approached  by a drunk cute 17 yo girl. Yum. Now don’t get me wrong I can’t really say for sure how I would have responded to a shoot/don’t shoot picture there but in this case I … choked. I choked and went all aloof…like an HB in a club…aloof. I still looked cool and collected even tho ten seconds later I was calling myself all the lame motherfuckers under the sun.

Back to James Bond, in a James Bond film, the female lead always rejects James and is mean to him and aloof constantly . And 007 is persistent. Despite this he keeps following up, exuding his sexual magnetism and looking cool. He doesn’t follow her, wheedling her , trying to get her to open up ala-“cmon baby why you so mean?” he just stays there, keeps the interaction going,  stays cool and suave and keeps exuding that magnetism. Like he knows that all he has to do is stay there and let his natural irresistibility work. In this way 007 is persistent despite having to go over the usual girl hurdles because he does it with the vibe that he overcomes these hurdles **all the fcuking time** and expects them. Like he knows it’s part of the game and knows that the girl is too silly to really mean what she says (to really be rejecting him) that she’s just manfully trying to resist his allure (and good for her).

Think about it. How does Bond look when he’s following a girl who has walked away from him across a bar? Cool. Why? Because he does it with the total expectation that she will be blowing him before the night is out. How does bond look when he’s disregarding rejection but staying right in there…cool.

The reason we get blown out by rejection is that we think that following/crossing these barriers means we are losing social value to the point that the sarge is untenable. James Bond knows his sarge is going to “work” so he loses nothing he knows the sarge is tenable .It makes sense for him to keep standing there. The girl knows he’s thinking this … imagine what that says to her about him and his mental state. She’s thinking OMG this guy knows I’m trying to reject him and doesn’t think I’ll be able to keep myself from fucking him.

One more detail of course is the fact that “A list” girls know that if they pull away from an “A list” guy he will just keep coming on that ass like Ron fucking Jeremy, that the surest way to make him come for them is to pull away, like fishing for salmon, you pull away and we will bite, yo.

I guess the upshot of this A-ha is that it’s a reframe. The defeat mechanisms post I made ages ago doesn’t apply to James Bond and to my mind doesn’t apply to genuine alphas if they treat it like that. Be cool, expect success, plow.

Boy like that’s new content.

I guess for me I always knew that was the solution but not why or how it will work.

Hugs and AMOGging

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22 Responses to “James Bond And Picking Up Women”
  1. 2Ignorant says:


    Ummm, what does MC stand for, as in ‘MC battling’?

    I checked the usual list of acronyms with no luck.


    Are there other similar lists?

  2. peter the freshman says:

    2ignorant, I think he’s referring to rappers. MC as in MC Hammer. Although I don’t know the Judge Judy routine, so I could be wrong. Where can we find out about the meaning of these freakin routines? What the hell is the “AMOG handshake” for cryin out loud?

  3. Neg Leshay says:

    Hey Peter,

    A video of the AMOG handshake in action is available on badboylifestyle.com here (439K)

  4. Bods says:

    Absolutely RIGHT ON. The reason so many guys get blown off is not because the chick really blew them off. Its cause they let her walk all over them and THEY let themselves feel bad over losing social value. What fuckin value?!

    Thanks for saying that in the post man.


  5. AtoZ says:

    MC Battling is when two or more MCs (as in rappers, rhymers, freestylers – people who can come up with rhymes on the spot) are taking turns flowing (rhyming over a beat) usually busting on eachother, diss-comeback style. Most of the time it isnt too serious and many MCs will work in cocky/condescending kind of humor (sound familiar? :) in order for the exchange to be entertaining and not THAT insulting at the same time.

    This is pretty basic and far from a complete definition, but it seems to me this is the aspect of “MC Battling” that Mike is getting at in the above post.


  6. AtoZ says:

    MC Battling is when two or more MCs (as in rappers, rhymers, freestylers – people who can rhyme off the top of their head without pre-writing, s great skill to have for a PUA btw) are taking turns flowing (rhyming over a beat) usually busting on eachother, diss-comeback style. Most of the time it isnt too serious and many MCs will work in cocky/condescending kind of humor (sound familiar? :) in order for the exchange to be entertaining and not THAT insulting at the same time.

    This is pretty basic and far from a complete definition, but it seems to me this is the aspect of “MC Battling” that Mike is getting at in the above post.


  7. AtoZ says:

    sorry for the double post, browser being funky. TC could you delete the duplicate please.

  8. Mike Walden says:

    Hey Bro’s the Judge Judy routine is where if a girl is being all cold when you’re trying to open you tell she’s cute and that she reminds you of Judge Judy “It’ll be cool , I’ll have ex girlfriends wanting me to return their CDs and you’ll be all ‘Mike is too cute to give you your CDs back – finding for the plaintiff’” and so on.

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