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Well, the 2004 Los Angeles Pick-Up Artist Summit was this past weekend here in LA.  The proceedings were held in the Project Hollywood Mansion with some of the biggest names in the business present, along with a healthy number of ASFers who came out special for the event.

The Summit technically started on Saturday, but Friday night is when it really started in my opinion.  I was over at the mansion for a bit on Friday (I only planned to say a few minutes) and I ended up staying there the whole night and going out to sarge.

The thing that got me hooked was that there were a bunch of guys there that I had never gotten to meet before, and a bunch of good friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.

First off, I finally got to meet Formhandle, webmaster of and babysitter of mASF.  I can say that Formhandle is a very cool guy in person.  Very chill, laid back, smart, fun to talk to, and just all around nice guy.  I sarged with him a little that Friday evening, and it was interesting to see how different our styles were.  He’s much more subtle and under the radar, I’m more aggressive and overt.  Always a good match in a winging situation, lol.

I also got to meet the incomparable Jlaix for the first time in person, fresh from his resurrection from his recent auto-erotic asphyxiation death on April 1st.  He seemed to be chipper and in good spirits.  I had known Jlaix through his posts on mASF and Mystery’s Lounge, but he was very different from what I expected.  He was an aloof, cool guy, who was actually very laid back.  Not the drunken monster most people flame him to be.  Jlaix told me he’s trying to be a "kinder, gentler Jlaix" after being put on probation at his favorite club after too aggressively AMOGing obstacles.  But man, is he good with the AMOGs.  I also got to see a bit of his game that night.  VERY tight.  VERY solid.  He equates inner game with alcohol, which is pretty much the way the majority of people see it, lol.

Got to meet Wilder for the first time.  Nice guy.  We got to talk a bit about Opening since I wrote a book on the subject and he teaches it at is workshops in San Fran.  He’s also written a few posts on the subject recently on mASF.

Met Pheromone for the first time as well.  Cool guy.  Not yet 21, but very alpha.  Enjoyed talking to him a great deal.

Got to hang out with Christophe, whom I hadn’t seen since Chicago.  It was fun to see him again, as I always have a good time with that kookie Frenchman.

Friday night, everyone went out sarging.  A big group of us went down to the Saddle Ranch on Sunset Blvd. where Christophe, Herbal, and I ended up venue changing this 3-set of German girls to Mel’s Diner and then pulling them back to the PH mansion.  Herbal kissed his girl a bit, but other than that, we just got solid number closes.  A fun night all in all.

I miss Saturday due to other commitments, but I heard that Formhandle was the first speaker at teh summit, where he discussed PAIMAI and Body Language techniques.

Then, TheOne came out and did impressions of all the big Pick-Up Artist guys, including Mystery, Style, Tyler, Papa, Swinggcat, etc.  Apparently, it was hilarious, and had everyone cracking up.

Jlaix spoke for a bit, I think it might have been about AMOGs, but I can’t remember.

Playboy was supposed to speak, but I didn’t hear anything about him, so I don’t know if he did or not.

Tyler spoke for a bit, but he apparently kept getting interrupted by Mystery during his presentation.  It got to the point where Mystery basically took over the presentation (which Tyler didn’t seem to mind since he was scheduled to speak for three hours)

Saturday ended with MINE’99 doing a mini-seminar about how his stuff teaches things the other systems don’t and how to do psychic influence and yoga techniques to improve your inner game.

Come Sunday, it’s time for me to speak.  It was daylight savings the night before, so we all lost an hour, which messed up the schedule a bit, so Day 2 of the Summit started late.

I had spent the night before preparing an outline for what I was going to talk about, because I didn’t want to ramble and bore my audience.  I talked a bit about my background and how I got into the game, along with my experiences learing to approach at the Mystery Method Workshop I took back in July.  I then went on to discuss approaching further, along with the theory behind the concept of the "bold move."  People seemed to really enjoy my speech, so that made me feel good about myself.  =)

Next up was Swinggcat, who did a short presentation of his Qualifying and Challenging stuff.  He demonstrated a lot of his routines and stuff, but it was mostly a Q&A session.

Third was Style, who was probably the most interesting speaker of the night.  He shared a lot of higher value demonstrations he does, as well as a few routines, including "The 100% Perfect Woman" and the "Evolution Kiss Close."  Then, in the coolest feature of the night, Style actually had 5 of his girlfriends show up and critique some of the guys in the audience.  While they were doing that, he was gaming them the whole time and playing them off each other for everyone to see, even though the girls didn’t know what he was doing.  It ended up being the LONGEST presentation of the night, but as time went on all of Style’s girls ended up getting rapport with one another.  My guess is he planned this out and is going to work on getting some 3-somes out of it, but I could be social roboting on that one.

The night ended with Mystery doing his typical speil, explaining his origin, his Method, and how it works.

One interesting note is that there was some talk about seeing Tyler and BadBoy square off in a pick-up contest of direct vs. indirect approaching.  I know one guy in particular was interested in seeing that go down.  Will this just escalate the tension between these two?  Or will both of them just shrug it off?  I can’t help but think of Battle of the Titans when this subject is broached.

Overall, I had a blast.  It was fun to meet all the guys and hang out with them for a bit.  Hopefully others had a good time too.  I was pretty nervous about speaking in front of all these guys, but I guess it went over well.  I recieved lots of compliments on my website (nice to know you guys are reading!) as well as my speech.  Hopefully by the time the Austin oen rolls around, I’ll have my skills up to snuff so I’ll have more to talk about other than approaching.

So the LA Summit was a success!  Can’t wait for the next one.  If you guys have a chance, get your butt’s to the Austin Summit this November!  It’s worth it.

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4 Responses to “LA PUA Summit 2004”
  1. Kineti[c]harm says:

    TheOnes PUA impression wasnt filmed by any chance?? Id Love to see it….

  2. BUster says:

    Yes, it was. If I recall correctly, I think I saw formhandle up on the stairs with a camera.

  3. Endiphrent says:

    Yes, the impressions were great. Especially of mystery.

  4. Endiphrent says:

    Arghed, I missed sunday. I so wish I coulda been there.

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