DYD and Your Reality

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A great post by Sirducer on how to handle shit-tests the DYD way is up in the General Forum of mASF. But what makes this thread really great is Neo-Rio’s reply, which only reinforces my opinion that this guy is one of the few who really knows what he’s talking about.

Neo-Rio writes:
Hanging up and cutting her off doesn’t get you laid any.
Threatening to walk away will get you what you want. Even worse, allowing the woman to walk away will get you zero because sometimes they will take you up on the offer.

You have to control the situation enough to talk the reason out of her and not give up on her, (or let her give up on you) until you solve the issue.
(Surprisingly, this is how families stay together and not get divorced. If people weren’t so willing to use the “You can’t fire me I quit” bluff…..)

If a chick is making a bullshit excuse, it’s actually because she’s scared of rejection and thinks that by being a jerk she can attract you (sound familiar guys?). It’s taken me YEARS to figure this out, but it only just clicked for me last weekend (I think…).
So my response to chick bullshit is:

(wait for it………)

“Let’s Just Be Friends”

(Hopefully a few lit up light-globes will now appear above several people’s heads)

You can read the whole thread here.

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