Erik Von Markovich aka Mystery… DEAD?

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Mystery RIP

Venusian Arts sent out an email this morning informing its entire list of the passing of Erik Von Marchovich, aka “Mystery,” the legendary pick-up artist.

Details were sketchy as to what lead to his untimely demise.

Was it a jealous girl who murdered him in his sleep?

A crazy VH1 executive who just couldn’t deal with him anymore?

Was it the ultimate AMOG?

Did his 600th STD finally catch up with him?

No, it was, in fact, a very poorly executed April Fools Joke.

Mystery is very much alive and well.  Don’t freak out.  He is fine.  It was just a joke.  This has been confirmed.

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9 Responses to “Erik Von Markovich aka Mystery… DEAD?”
  1. Lance Mason says:

    This hoax is in pretty poor taste..

    Felt sad for a while then realized this is likely just a bad idea for PR…


  2. Christian says:

    I’m from argentine. a fan of this son of a bitch who CHANGED my life… That’s why i was shoked when i received this email from Dustin
    In my country the April fool’s day (or whataver) just doesn’t exist… That’s why i belived this notice
    I cried about one hour… Just like if he was a beloved relative
    Son of a bitch mystery ruined my day… But i still love him anyway because as i said he CHANGED my life
    Even i had a fight with my girlfriend yesterday because of it…
    It wasn’t fun at all BUT… maybe it is a lesson:
    There’s no limits for THE GAME… a very intense false time constraint…

  3. cat says:

    It seems this was a poorly executed April Fools gag. I heard about it from Venusian Arts on Friday.
    I did a search and finally hit on what I had originally surmised, a fucking lame-ass excuse for a joke. I think Mystery is a scum bag for pulling shit like that. I want to ram that fucking furry hat of his up his ass, Caligula-style.

  4. Ivan Dyn says:

    ha, I didn’t know about this one. How is Mystery doing anyway? Haven’t checked out his stuff in a while.

  5. Haha just wow! late reaction from me. :) )

  6. Mystery says:

    Yeah I was in England when this went out. Lovedrop wanted me to do some shit I was reluctant to do and I said, “tell ‘em Mystery’s dead.” said whimsically as a joke, in a skype chat. Who knew that would turn into a fake obituary for not Mystery but Erik von Markovik, being blasted to the entire list, family included. My brother was in tears (grieving) when he finally got ahold of me 23 hours later. When LD said he was going to tell everybody I totally thought he was joking. I mean come on, who does that? Well Dustin, when directed to do so for VA. LD talked to Dustin and it actually got done as if such a thing was, OK. It was not OK, its the stupidest thing EVER. I would never have done such a thing to my friends, and again, on behalf of my bonehead buddies, Im sorry people were upset. Not scumbags, but a miscommunication beween LD and Dustin. This had absolutely nothing to do with PR (come on man, anyone who knows me should know Homey don’t play dat – I dont fuck people over), or attention seeking behavior (Im in England raising my daughter, why would i bother people like that – Im 39 years old!), and nothing to do with Style’s new best seller. Sorry all. I’m doing well. Im off to Sweden for a prepared lecture/bootcamp/media tour in 6 weeks or so – turns out my show is currently airing there and Comedy Central put me on billboards. So I have reason to live haa. Swedish girls. Hey Christian, sorry brother, and thank you for your kind words. Love, Mystery.

  7. JT says:

    Lame. Period.

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