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Hey Everyone,

AFC Adam and I are going to be hosting a LIVE recording of our podcast this Wednesday evening, August 11th.  We’ll be doing a live show starting at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern time.

What do I mean by LIVE show?

Well, we’ll be broadcasting the show AS WE DO IT.  And a new bonus… we’ll actually be taking calls from people during the show!

That’s right.  You can actually call in and ask questions, make comments, etc. while we broadcast.  We’ll have a call screener in place to take your information and put you live on air with us.

The toll free number for the show is:  1-877-806-7458

You can also participate in a live chat on our show page.  Just head over to The Bootycast Page during the show to join the chat and listen in live.  You can ask your questions there too, since we’ll be monitoring it during the show.

And the show will also be available for download an hour or two after its over.  We’ll be posting a player here on the site.  We’re not on iTunes yet, but hopefully soon.

I look forward to hearing from you guys on the show!  It should be a good one.

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10 Responses to “Bootycast LIVE! Wednesday, 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern…”
  1. Lefty says:

    why don t you demo at bootcamps and you hide behind “the excuse”that you re married?

    you re afraid that ppl will see that you suck in field?

  2. Thundercat says:

    Adam does do demos. I’ve seen him do them.

    Get off my blog, troll.

  3. Lefty says:

    no,he doesn’t.

    read what ppl who took his bootcamp are saying.and not those fake reviews written by adam.

  4. Thundercat says:

    Dude, I’ve been out with Adam when he’s done demos. i don’t need to read stuff, I saw it with my own eyes. Other people have been out with Adam when he demos.

    Have you ever taken one of his bootcamps? If so, you’re just relying on what other people you’ve never met are saying. I’m telling you, Adam does demo. Maybe not as much as he used to, but he can still game when he wants.

  5. Lefty says:

    “I’m telling you, Adam does demo.” and we should believe you bec. you don t make any money from your rel.with adam.

    “but he can still game when he wants”

    not when he wants….if i pay him so much money he better move his ass and do demos.

    and why would i want to take a bootcamp?lol..better donate those money to someone who really needs it.

  6. Thundercat says:

    And we should believe you because you’ve never been out in the field with him and never actually taken a bootcamp and asked him to demo for you?

    You = Troll.

    Adam is the best pick-up instructor out there at the moment, in my opinion. You can choose to ignore him if and hate on him if you want, but its your loss.

  7. Lefty says:

    i didn’t say i was on the bootcamp with him.

    it s what i read from other guys who took his bootcamp.

    anyway the truth it s probably in the middle so let s end here this subject.

    me troll?did i say thundercat=fat and virgin?

    if you don’t like my opinion delete my comments like rsd does when ppl try to call their bs.


  8. Thundercat says:

    Its obvious you were never on an AFC Adam bootcamp, or you wouldn’t be saying such things. When you take a bootcamp, ask Adam to demo for you, and he refuses, then feel free to come back and rage. Until then, you don’t know what you’re talking about. (Remember, I’ve seen him demo.)

    This is the Seduction Lair. We don’t edit dissenting opinions here. lol.

  9. Mr.Right says:

    Hey lefty too good to answer my email now.

  10. Lefty says:

    Mr. Right,

    move your a** on phate site asap.

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