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Hey guys,

So far, no winners on the Craziest Drama contests.  None of you guys really seem to be putting forth any effort in explaining what the best drama was and why it was so much fun.  I’m looking for PASSION, people!  I’ll be extending all contests deadlines to Friday and announcing the winnners at the same time as the unveiling of the Top 10 list to give people more time to participate.

Today’s contest is who you think the best new PUA on the scene in 2008 was.  You have to give their name, a detailed reason why you think they’re so good, and any links to back up your statements (blog posts, videos showing them doinng their thing, etc.)

Winner of this contest gets… $100!

So if you win both contests, that’s $200 smackers in your pocket.

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39 Responses to “Top 10 Contest 2008: Best New PUA”
  1. Slick says:

    That will have to be Cajun. Hands down.

    He was on Keys to the VIP as a JUNIOR instructor at Love Systems and KILLED it.
    After the show he became a lead instructor. And everyone knows how picky Savoy is on becoming an instructor.

    Everyone talked about his appearance and he gained mad respect from everyone. He is #3 PUA according to TSB magazine.

    Then he went on Mensroom TV for an interview:

    For a 5″3′ guy, having a face for radio, and from CANADA (come on…..), he sure pulled it off.

  2. Jack says:

    since Cajun’s already been talked about, I’ll talk about someone else.
    Cajun was my instructor at toronto bootcamp, he is good. but he’s not a new PUA, he’s been in the community for quite a while.

    I would say Gambler (Richard La Ruina)
    First of all, he published a book “the Natural Art of Seduction” at amazon

    Also, he is the CEO of PUAtraining, he works with Adam Lyons, I believe Adam wouldn’t work with anybody who’s got phony skills, therefore he must be the real deal.
    I’ve been in his bootcamp, it really pushes students outside of their comfort zone, I approached 50 times during two days.
    Although I’ve never seen him in action, but he does organize a good training program. I’ve been in his bootcamp before. PUAtraining is the first program offers a 7-day intensive residential course, where newbies could live with the mPUAs for a week, which inludes 75 hours of training, all 1 on 1.

    he’s also been mentioned on many medias, you can see it here at:

    Although I don’t know how good he really is, but according to his facebook notes, it says ” I know the “who is best in-field” is an interesting question but better is who offers the best teaching. The best in-field is really a male ego thing.”

    to understand how good those guys are, simply go to youtube and seach for the user kidtonio.

    (sorry I can’t post the links, cause if I do, then my comments will not be posted)

  3. joey says:

    i’ll make it easier for you. here is 1 – 3 of top 2008 pua list:

    1. the top guy of 2008 is tim from rsd. no doubt. in all honesty. check out the release of the flawless natural was the biggest release of 2008 next to the blueprint. there is infield stuff in it. this guy is the shit! noone gets such amazing results with such little effort. tim simply is what game should look like in its most ideal form. flawless! check out what sinn has to say about him in his ranking. and the longest article sinn wrote this year was a review of the flawless natural.. mad respect from the independent market leader. and moxie from love systems who is amazing and fearless is only talking gold about tim too.

    2. the second top guy of 2008 is sinn. his blog, his sheer amount of free value he’s pumping into the net speak for itself. check out his infield insider with mehow. sinn killed it. top performance stealth game. no girl could tell in there that she was being gamed. he came across as an highly attractive, authnetic guy with some weirdo flavour purposely mixed in.

    3. alexander from rsd is on 3. check out his blog with the latest vid including infield stuff. this guy is the future of natural game and the future of game.

  4. StormPUA says:

    The best PUA of 2008 is hands down Adam Lyons. He is really making his mark on the scene and becoming known as more of a dating coach than a PUA.

    He has made numerous international media appearances including another documentary in europe (Canal+ in France) and appeared on several US news programs.
    FOX News in Dallas:

    He pioneered Social Circle game which other companies have tried to adopt as their own due its proven success. Adam’s former students have also gone on to become instructors for the biggest PU companies worldwide.

    As far as I know he is the only one with a kiss close under a minute on film:

    He might not be new in 2008 but he knows how to be natural and teaches it in a way that other guys can relate to without all becoming robots and repeating the same lines. It’s a new method and with all of these shows coming out it’s exactly what this community needs.

    Yeah, I’m coming off as a big fan-boy, but my training with Adam was the best decision I have ever made. Not only can he do it, but he taught me how to do it.

    Oh, and last point to make: From a society of guys who supposedly teach us how to get girlfriends, he is the only one in the community who actually has one.

  5. justin says:

    This was top three in mehows list. Best on camera/No hype real Pulls
    MEhow: wrote

    Here is the First Annual Infield Insider Top 8:

    1. Hypnotica – March/April 2008 – “Hand me my light saber … it’s the one that says ‘Hypnotica: Bad Motherfucker.’” Hypnotica is in my humble opinion the best actual pickup artist in the whole world (from all the guys I have videotaped so far). Furthermore, it’s highly likely he is the best in the world, period. His skills are paranormal. Hypnotica was forged by 15 years of constant, frequently brutal, self-imposed self-improvement. He put himself in the most challenging female laden environment ever by managing exotic dancers (who are the most impossible women to deal with on a daily basis) professionally for the entirety of those 15 years. Those years of training gave him truly super natural intuitive abilities with women. If I had to take a wild guess, I would say that Hypnotica runs a minimum of 50 “sets” a week. Over 15 years that’s 39,000 sets. To top it off Hypnotica is a master hypnotist and NLP practitioner. His infield footage showed it. He made out with a ton of girls, got a ton of phone numbers, and bounced a set out of the venue right on camera. That was only the 3rd bounce ever recorded on tape (the other two were myself and our coach Kamouflage on Infield Exposed and the premier issue of the Insider). But it wasn’t the results that were amazing. It’s how he did it. Pay careful attention to what I’m saying here because you will start to notice a pattern as we go through the rest of the Top 8 list. Hypnotica rarely talked for more than 10 seconds before the woman spoke and he always got a response. There wasn’t a DHV story to be found. He was constantly plowing massive sexuality and edgy dominance and everything was super interactive. Additionally, he ran around the entire night with no wing. Plus, his command of NLP based techniques was so good it was spooky. From my own background his game shouldn’t have worked. For a while I rationalized that all that was because of his mega dominant vibe and that somehow that style of game wouldn’t work for most guys, including me. I was wrong. Watching his footage changed mid game and winging for me forever. Hypnotica is the #1 PUA in the world, and his teaching ability is also quality. From the time it occurred to me to have a list in 08, I had no doubt, even before the year ended, as to who would be #1. Hypnotica deserves it. No “PUA” has worked harder and longer than him. He is the definition of “Natural Game.”

    2. Sinn – September 2008 – Sinn had the fastest kiss close ever recorded on tape: under 3 minutes. Sinn’s background was very similar to mine, we were both Mystery’s instructors for a bit. You can see those MM roots in his footage but he brings the heat in all sorts of unique ways. To just name a few: he is extremely dominant, his sound bites are very high impact, his sexual frames are genius, and the “ex-fiance” tweak I’ve been using ever since I heard it. His mid game style is a mix of traditional DHV storytelling comfort and brief high impact sound bites. On his footage, he kiss closed and got numbers, but the best thing about him is how he can break it all down. I pride myself on my understanding of PUA theorycraft but Sinn definitely gives me a run for my money. His episode was the best explained one. I hardly had to talk at all which was a relief. Sinn is super focused on brining value to his students. None of the “old Sinn” stuff is true anymore. The cat is a down-to-earth, uber cool guy who brings loads of value to anybody within a 5ft radius at all times. If PUA’s had 5 star hotel ratings, Sinn would have 6 stars.

    3. Ryan Stock aka Jack of Diamonds – August 2008. Ryan is the sleeper hit of 08 on this list. He is barley in the PU space commercially. On his footage he got number closes but what shocked me was the totally different style. His game is all NLP based 10 second sound bites that result in tons of interactivity. He never talks about identity. He never tells any stories. Yet the girls are really into him. He taught me all sorts of NLP based communication tweaks that I have since been adding to my own game. Just like Hypnotica’s game, Ryan’s mid-game was wildly different from my own understanding yet it was incredibly effective. You have to see this footage, it’s completely and totally different from anything else you have ever seen before. I’ve never even heard of anyone else that runs this style. It’s not “natural game,” it’s more like synthetic interactive NLP game. Plus Ryan can break it down very succinctly.

  6. Hammer says:

    RSD fanboy needs to gtfo. Tim is good, but definitely not the best (also not new). Alex has too much nimbus (wtf does that even mean?).

    I think that without a doubt Mehow is doing the most when it comes to innovation right now of anyone in the community. That’s not to say that he’s the best PUA out there, but in terms of teaching and pushing the envelope, Mehow is the one.

    The only other guys who are doing any serious innovation right now are the Dallas crew (Sinn, Captain Jack, El Topo, Shaft), particularly in the Same Night Lay department.

    The thing is though that none of these guys are new. I think that Cajun definitely had a breakout year, but then again he’s been in the community for years, he just has a much higher profile now. As far as new guys go, Doc Holiday is the best. Soul from Love Systems is also a major up and comer.

  7. UDS Fan says:

    Can we start making bets on Thundy’s top 5?

    #1 Brad P – 4 years of innovation!

    I don’t really follow any others. I’m assuming Adam Lyons makes top 10 but shouldn’t be top 3 this year given he doesn’t even game because of Amanda. London Soul has proven himself as a day game specialist and Gambler aka Richard La Ruina has come out with some cool natural stuff recently…

    I heard Mehow wasn’t actually good?

    What up with Sinn…he’s been moving up recently seems like…but hasn’t he been around for awhile?

    Cajun has to make it with his mensroom video. Love how he says he doesn’t apologize for hitting on girls. This is the mentality people need.

    ACTUALLY!! If you ranked Soul in the top 10…you need to put GLENN P in the top 10 from Brad’s UDS program. This guy has live audio field reports. Who else has them? From open to number close. I’ve seen Glenn in action…one of the best in the East Coast. Too bad the rest of you don’t have him! Brad and Glenn are like Mystery and Matador…except that Mystery looks like a clown – that is not sexy stereotyping!

  8. t says:

    ZZzzzz who cares

  9. AFFILIATE PUS LIST OF 2008 says:

    We all know its people who have business contacts with Thundy still that will make the list… 100$ says his sidekick cohost who licks his ballz, AFC Adam, is top 2 with Mystry and Neil right behind them.. Same predictable list each year.. Curious to see if he puts Mehow on since their relationship went sour..This blog is dead…

  10. Really!? says:

    Is that how it works? I thought this stuff was legit like he actually went out and met them and gamed with them. WTF

    So who will he put as number one?

    If Ross Jefferies had a list, he’d put Thundercat as number 1 since that guy always post on here trying to get some publicity.

    What about the TSB rankings? Are they any better? Mystery and Style didn’t make it on there…thank god!

    PS Stylelife Academy was the biggest waste of money ever. Sucks that I got into the game, reading Neil Strauss stuff so that’s all I knew. I thought he was a god…little did I know that guy just takes your money and has peons answering questions and doing magic tricks…

  11. Thundercat says:

    No, that’s not how it works. I do try and meet the PUAs and guage them that way. Sometimes, its phsyically impossible for me to meet everyone out there, so I have to go off of what I hear from at least three trusted sources. Obviously, the more trusted sources who vouche for the guy, the better.

    Also – business has nothing to do with the list. Seriously. Often times, I seek out the best to work with, because I like to surround myself with the best! But it never influences my decision. There are lots of guys in the community I am friends with and have business dealings with who haven’t made it onto the list, ever.

    I do try and be as objective as possible. You also have to remember that I count things like teaching ability, contributions to the community, innovations, personality, philosophy and life outlook, and in-field performance. So its not just about who can get laid the most (though that helps) its also about who the guy is as a whole. That’s why I like to try to only include PUAs I actually meet on the list.


  12. Really!? says:

    That’s what I thought bud.

  13. Gil says:

    He may not be brand new, but he’s certainly still new. Not only has he revolutionized the way game is looked at, but has also done his best to help as many people as he can, for free. Without a doubt, AFC Adam, or Adam Lyons is without a doubt the number one PUA this year, and in my opinion of all time. On his website a number of videos and articles are hosted, for anyone to access for free, . Even more videos are available on Youtube: and . Adam is famous for having given away free bootcamp spots, something unheard of. He sets a great example in regards to how people should be treated. The practical and undeniably powerful ideas he teaches, backed by psychology, help to bring out one’s best self, rather then changing who one is and taking away one’s unique individuality. Finally, he is a part of the newest and perhaps greatest PUA product of all time, along with PUA Training, Ultimate Natural Game, which just released a mere few days ago. Clearly in time to put the a man who without question has worked very, very hard, not only on himself, but also in an effort to help others, and thus truly deserves to be called the number one pick up artist. If you get to reading this Adam, thank you for all that you’ve done.

  14. Gil says:

    I forgot to mention that Adam’s “method” is legitimately different from everything else out there, based on real psychology and not the mystery method like pretty much everything else. Adam is an innovator, and his original way of doing things is most certainly better, and has earned him the right to be noticed as number one. Peace.

  15. Paul says:

    Although he has been in the community for a long time, the best new pick up company out there is “SinnsofAttraction”.

    Sinn is one of the top guys in field, and he is definately one of the best teachers and speakers if not the best. Everytime I listen to him, he is able to transmit a lot of useful information very effectively. He should make the top 3 for sure, above Mystery or Style.

    Or someone please explain to me why Mystery or Style should be above Sinn on the list… Both of them are worse than Sinn skills wise and Sinn has innovated much more than they have lately. You can check out his blog here:

    I also would have BradP and AFCAdam on top. With Sinn they would make a very fair top 3.

    Mehow, although maybe Thundercat doesn’t get along with him, puts out the best products lately. His “Infield Insider” is very useful and his new 10SSA very very good. I would definately keep Mehow in the top 5.

  16. Godert says:

    Adam Lyons has got it. In 2008 I did a bootcamp with him in Amsterdam and he really made a difference in my game. My biggest breakthrough was having fun again while going out, which is key when it comes to generating social proof. What I like about Adam is that he is genuinely making everybody around him bigger then they perceive themselves to be. He seems to really trust that “giving” is of more value than “taking” which is just awesome to be around. An inspiration.

  17. Top Cat says:

    I’ll vote for Adam Lyons. I went to his bootcamps (Gambler’s actually) and his seminars. I learned a lot from him. He fixed my game and taken it to a new level.

    I like how he teaches and his style of approaching girls.

  18. I vote for that netkook that had a drink thrown in his face.

    Also…I vote that that guy, that talks about unconditional love and crap……I say we need to have him committed. Hes hands down the biggest WACKO in the community…second would be the guy with Gin running down his face.

    Maybe the two should team up and do unconditional love hypnosis trans gender tapes?

    This community attracts some of the most CRAZY, emotionally insecure IDIOTS I have ever seen. How some of these people have “followers” is beyond me, but I guess CRAZY attracts CRAZY.

  19. Stryker says:

    1. Soul
    2. Mr_M
    3. Adam Lyons
    4. Cajun
    5. TIm


  20. Pissing you off. says:

    1 Tyler Durden
    2 Don’t care

  21. J says:

    Glenn P is the best new PUA. I don’t think he’s new in terms of the community, but for blowing up this year…it’s got to be him since Brad’s company just blew up too. He’s Brad P’s coach out here in NYC. He’s made a name for himself based on his reputation…he rarely post on the boards if ever…he’s been idle and only works with Brad’s 30/30 members now. Each of his workshops sell out and his reviews are great. I’ve worked with him and he pretty much runs the workshop for 6-8 guys with assistant coaches helping along the way.

    Why do I think he’s so good? Well his postings are all value add. He replied to people’s post. I’ve actually used his eye contact post

    Every guy that gets into the community is scared of the hottest girls – he has a post on that too!

    He has a bunch of podcast on ApproachAnxiety and audio field reports of him in action from opening, to flirting, to closing. I could put them here but you need to dig and look this guy up cause he’s the real deal.

    His workshops consistently help guys get laid or push them far beyond their limits. He’s a very spiritual guy and has a successful career…he’s definitely doing this for the self-help aspect of it for the guys out there. Glenn was once like us. But he’s worked hard and has even contributed to LoveSystems Routine’s Manual coming up with some new stuff.

    Also, he does lair lectures. I hear lots of guys get something out of them. You can see his reviews:

    If he’s not the best new PUA, he’s definitely on his way to the rankings if he keeps his eyes on the prize…but I don’t think he really even cares…

    So to summarize
    Head coach for unknown company that just made it BIG
    Sells out his workshops
    Gets mad respect from the community
    His post are value add. He doesn’t post to brag. Even his audio field reports give value…plus who else has posted audio field reports that are over 20 minutes long??
    Self help guru – cares about students success
    Taught by one of the best PUAs out there right now, Brad P
    Rates are reasonable given his reputation

    If you don’t know who he is yet…you will in 2009.

  22. Lu says:

    1. Adam Lyon
    2. Brad P.
    3. The rest

  23. Dan Dooley says:

    in my opinion you guys are all touting the same old same old!! Any PUA that has a GIRLFRIEND isnt a PUA he is just making money from guys with bad game and nerves. GAMBLER, ADAM LYONS, MEHOW, SINN, STYLE, MYSTERY please give me a break these are just money making scam merchants. I’ve been out in the field with some top guys who never get a look in and dont want a look in this community only is serves itself on making money not empowering men to take control of their lives. Take RSD for instance I had the misfortune of going to a bootcamp and paid 1500 bucks for the privilege i learned more by reading stuff about in10se and david shade.

    I think its high time these so called guru’s were actually called on the BS and a real league table of PUA’s came into existence with documented proof of claims and wins. All we are talking about here is self congratulation to the same old same old who just rehash the same old same old but never actually prove it works. There are tons of good guys out there that are way better than this crew but unfortunately they have day jobs doing real jobs and not ripping off people by rehashing someone elses work.

    So lets see Gambler, Mystery, Style, Adam Lyons etc consistently prove themselves week in week out, and please dont say they have cos they havent any video footage ive seen of them in action is child’s play, picking up average looking girls who are easy anyway. I know one guy who has picked up celebrities married and single in the UK and the US, and other high profile women and has done it in tough towns like NY and HB 12′s!! and nailed them many times over and there isnt a MM handbook insight. I would like to see a call to arms and lets actually find out who the best really is.

  24. Karim says:

    The problem with this list is that it doesn’t reward the best PUA but only the famous ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if the best PUA are just guys nobody has ever heard of. The best PUA for me is indeed an obscure one. His name is Grandma (of Casanova Crew).You can find some of his feats on this (edited) video:

    He is obviously a very confident and competent PUA with good BL. Most importantly, he made me understand that belief in yourself is fundamental in approaching and interacting with women. That is why I believe, this obscure PUA should be named best PUA of the year instead of some random chap who just happens to have written an ebook or created another pick-up company.

  25. James says:

    The best New PUA of 2008 is definitely Bravo from Stylelife Academy. He was personally trained by Style and was promoted to Stylelife Senior Coach in just one year. The shit he pulls off is ridiculous! I was one of the students in their Chosen 9 bootcamp and he made it a life changing experience for me. His style is much more fun and direct than anyone i have ever seen. That evening once all us students were off our “training wheels,” Bravo began to have his own fun. He was bouncing from set to set with no less than a number close or an in club make out. He not once, but TWICE made out with two girls simultaneously that evening. I believe you call that a triple makeout with two different sets of girlfriends. There is no doubt in my mind he could have left the club with all those girls for a quad induction massage. I thought he was crazy not to go home with the girls, but he was there for us and to teach us. He spent the rest of the early morning debriefing with each of us individually instead of plowing a 4some. I thought that was pretty darn cool…

    Here is a youtube i was able to secretly catch with one of the girls. At the end of the bootcamp, I gave him the footage and he uploaded it to his channel:

    On top of that, his field reports are amazing. His latest is “LR: We’ve Got Tonight,” which you can find on the Stylelife forums, is about him picking up a hired gun at the Sunglass Hut and taking her home and railing her all night without any exchange of contact info or last names!

    You’ll be seeing and hearing about Bravo for a long time guys…

  26. Andy Foeshell says:


    this guy is the most underground bad -ass of pick-up ever.. I took a workshop with him and he IS THE REAL DEAL DEAL!!!

    His coaching was top notch and his demo sets were killer… I must have seen him do like 10-15 sets and they were all off the hook…. He gets attraction instantly and even better he can teach guys how to get it just as quick!!

    He has a reputation of pulling more same DAY TIME pulls than anyone who has ever come to the community… SAME DAY??? i have heard of the snl… but daytime pulls?!?!?!

    Who else can do this and prove it??

    I wish there was a way to have video taped all this happen… but the whole workshop was in awe… Someone else mentioned that he doesn’t post much and that’s true… but there are tons of free live pick-ups to listen to to prove my point.. As well as live lectures…

    You can read tons of reviews about this guy on Brad’s website or the LOVE SYSTEMS forum…

    Him and BRAD are the real deal… Ask anyone from NYC who knows GlennP and they WILL ALL SAY THE SAME… They have all seen him in field and have seen the many girls of his!!

    He always is surronded with the HOTTEST chicks!!

  27. Francis says:

    The best new PUA of 2008(and yes, he is actually “new”… this guy didn’t become an instructor until 2008) is, from personally working with him and seeing him in field, Nick Sparks. He works with Christian Hudson at and this guy is simple amazing. I’ve seen Sinn, Mehow, Sebastian Drake, and other so called “big names” in field and while they were all impressive, I can honestly say that Nick Sparks takes the cake… hands down.

    The guy can open 99% of girls with ANY LINE. We played a game where I gave him the most absurd line possible, and he would open with it, every time. I’ve never seen him get shot down. He just absolute captivates random people at bars, clubs, or in the streets. I spent several days with him this summer and the experience was life-changing.

    But the thing about him is opening is not even the strongest point in his game… he PULLS like there’s no tomorrow. Whether it’s a same night lay or a followup, the guys gets laid like a rockstar.

    I’ve never learned more about women then from anyone else than I have from Nick Sparks. Both him and I are speaking at the Under and Over 21 Convention this year (separately, I’m speaking with David Moneda), but I can humbly say his game is far superior to mine. And I really hope he gets the credit he deserves… because this guy is going to be an all-star in the community once he gets some recognition.

    If you want to find more about him his site is . Reading his blog posts you’ll find out he’s a guy who is in this community for all the right reasons. He has a genuine love for women that a lot of guys in the community lack. When you talk to him he is just inspirational, and he makes you want to strive to be a better person.

    Also a great teacher. Taught me how to skyrocket my success. He just got done running a very successful program called “Irresistible” helping guys become more sexual with women, through Christian Hudson’s website –, and from what I’ve heard it was truly amazing.

    My highest recommendations for a great guy who deserves some recognition. Thundercat, I really hope you check him out because I think you would love this guy.

    Francis Adams

  28. don Pyro says:

    Dude…Tyler D is probs best…Then Adam Lyons, Then Gambler, then Charlie Sheen…lol

  29. Stevie says:

    Cajun sucks… Check out this new pic of Tyler

  30. JoeB says:

    Tyler rocks IMO but a good list nonetheless.

  31. Magnetik says:

    Hey ThunderCat.

    This is a hard one for 2009. I know this is the 08 version but seeing where in 09 lets do this one lol.

    The top 4 PUA’s in my opinion at the moment would have to be, in no order.

    Brad P./Captain Jack/Sinn/Adam Lyons.

    Brad P.
    Dude is just steller! Has amazing inner and outer game. Fashion sense kicks ass and is just overall an amazing teacher. Brad is one of those guys who pretty much sets his own records

    Captain Jack.
    Admittedly I don’t know about CJ, but from what I’ve heard from Sinn he is one kick ass PUA. thing is he is not an instructor but is extremely good to be considered sinns personal wingman.

    No brainer, dude is the encyclopedia of pick-up. This guys knows practically all systems, in and out. Has a great way to teach and always has something awesome and new to teach. Day game stuff he is the best by FAR because he did sort of put that stuff together himself.

    AFC Adam.
    This dude is straight up awesome, yes he is dating amanda from but he has amazing skill. His innovation on systems and different techniques and approaches to already “set in stone” methods makes him one of the best. This guy has had tremendous success.

    Those wud be my candidates for the best pua of 2009.
    Let’s see what happens


  32. mark says:

    i think there all good, but back to ME

  33. tony says:

    i vote for 1.mystery2.matador

  34. Nic says:

    The reason I choose Gambler is not only because of the free amount of DVD’s, books, reports and 30 day trials in his seduction university, but, because of his revolutionary 100% rejection proof method of stealth attraction. I think he deserves to be awarded the 1 place this year. The 2 place I think should be for AFC Adam Lyons because of his ability to explain clearly, show live pick ups, and offer quite alot of free material. Now Cajun was obviously amazing in the KTTVIP episode but he did that approximatly 1 to 2 years ago, after that i did not see him anywhere, creating his own system alothough he works for Lovesystems. Carlos Xuma should definatly be in the top 5 because of the time he takes to record and give away many things for free. He almost every week has 1-2 new videos. Alex Coulson should also be somewhere in the top 10 because of his idea to approach women in the day time and finally we should ought to give Mystery a place in the top 10 because lets face it he actually started to create all this routine-material-abbreviation thing. He is the Grandfather of pickup and he is not a PUA but a GMPUA (Grand Master Pick Up Artist). The way he communicates is trully hypnotic. The reason why i do not put him in the top 3 is because he did not really offer many free material and did not create anything new this year. So it should go 1.Gambler, 2.AFC Adam, 3.Carlos Xuma, 4.Alex Coulson, 5-10 Mystery

  35. R. Greene says:

    Another list ruined by Gambler and AFC adam spamming it with their products. The fact that they give you links to their produts is enough to make me want to vomit.
    Yes, adam dates a cheerlead from Texas. As a british guy who has been to Texas , all i can sy is you only need to open your mouth over there. I slept with models, MTV presenters, pretty much any girl i wanted, becase im British and they put you on a massive pedestool.

    Richard – Never opened a set on Camera
    Adam – Hasnt opened a set in two years

    Leave these pages for people who are actually commenting guys and stop spamming everyone with your rubbish products, and voting for yourselves.

  36. RSDGUY says:

    Definitely Tyler Durden is the best, the original PUA, the creator of the rsd seduciton method, before him there was no method or techniches . not even routines, TD is the best pua.

    next would be Tim and Jlaix.

    that’s it.

  37. Thundercat says:

    Um… there were lots of guys teaching this stuff before Tyler came along. You may be a bit young to remember, but TD learned everything from Mystery initially. His methods are just a hodge-podge of stuff that he’s stolen from other, better PUAs.

  38. Eddy says:

    Well, isn’t it interesting that all of the optrutonipies in California are gone? Could it be that he got that he was in danger of being investigated by the California AG’s office so he pulled the program offer in California?Or is it pure coincidence that they are now gone?

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