Podcast 9: Racist & Swampass

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates this week.  I explain what’s been going on in the podcast.  This week’s topics include:

  • A new blog design
  • Mystery Lawsuit News
  • Juggler phone call
  • Sinn makes fun of RSD
  • Under 21 convention recap
  • Barry Kirkey & his friend Stephane
  • And more…

I’ve made this week’s podcast MP3, for all the people who complained about the format of the previous podcast, so everything should be cool now.

Click Here To Download Podcast 9

Check back Monday for regularly scheduled updates.

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25 Responses to “Podcast 9: Racist & Swampass”
  1. Dare says:

    Hey Thundercat,

    I’m about 20 minutes in, & I gotta say its fascinating to hear about the Juggler conversation you had & your take on it.

    Did he mention anything about the WAY in which they let Dan go?

    –The Nimbus recap bit was really funny

    “He didn’t have enough Woo” lol!

    Adam would be wise to take RSD off his friend’s list online.


    Hope the rest of the Show’s just as enjoyable. Adam seems more with it today too so props for that!

    –Wow, you’re starting to rag on Barry pretty proper!!

    This will be interesting..

    ..And so will Barry’s rip-back’s I’d imagine…

  2. Dare says:

    Wow, Thundercat,

    The Stephane & Barry Friday special was the “worst show” he’s done?

    Stephane’s a douchebag?

    Wow, “Barry hates everybody”? Really?

  3. Craig Jordan says:

    You don’t consider yourself a “Pick-up Artist”?

  4. James says:

    Good point about Barry’s incogruence about other people’s pseudonyms

    Racist & Swampass! Ha ha

  5. Greg says:

    Thundercat that skit with Horseface was so funny! Fuck him

  6. Mack Tight says:

    Yeah Fuck Barry Kirkey

  7. Hey Now... says:


    Just to clarify: did Barry (26) take your idea to do a podcast about commenting on the dating scene or are your two shows different concepts?

    I like them both. Good luck

  8. Greebo says:

    Holy shit – that interview with horseface was fucking hilarious!!!!

  9. Dare says:

    A Review:


    While I think you guys again grabbed the wrong end of the stick about Baz, you sure Entertained me with this WAY more edgy style.

    You took Barry & Stephane’s edgyness about ripping and incorporated that into your own rips back on them. You had me wondering if you were serious or not at times which is a great place to be comedically. Huge entertainment value there. I can’t get over how edgy you now seem Thundercat. I like it!

    Question: I just hope it aint coming from a place of ACTUAL seriousness about Barry.

    Okay, calling you Mattress is childish & a less mature person could take that to heart, but you’re way above that Thundercat right? That’s Barry’s brand of humor, & a large part of mine. Mature humor is BORING; case in point AFC Adam’s humor last week (So yeah feel free to take that as a compliment Adam)

    So I can only conclude that either:
    a) You’re not above it & are hurting inside
    b) You are above it & are finally getting your groove on comedically, with this fresh twist of dramatic ripping-humor.

    Because if this is the new Thundercat, comedically, dramatically, & not some put-on, then we’re in for a real treat having TWO decent “rip-Shows” now.

    And it entertained me for real. Props to Adam for getting in on the ripping too about delusions of radio, lol.

    Again just to clarify: If you guys actually believed the twists you were turning on Bazo, then you got your screws loose up in there. BUT if you were ripping for the fun of it & twisting his comments for comedic effect, well, then I commend your new direction!


    PS – joking about Barry having REAL hatred for everybody, while funny, is kind of a dark place to go to for humor in my opinion. Especially if you guys actually believe that shit for real?!

    We shall see whether Barry & Stephane will live up to their claims that “no one can rip as well as we can”…I’m not a betting man, but 20 bucks says Barry beats the three of you hands down ;)

    ..But then you guys will change the victory conditions with “your intelligence”…

  10. Lansing says:

    There was some funny moments in your latest podcast but a couple of points…

    Technical – Your audio levels are still off. I can still hear Adam and his GF better than you on the audio. Also, your sound clips are much high volume wise than the voices.

    Comments about Mattress: You need to remember to let people talk. Adam was telling a story more than once and you interupted. Sometimes it was funny (i.e. the MI theme song) but other times it was annoying.

    Adam’s GF : Get her talking more or get her off the show. It seems odd that she is there. Like, you hear her voice a few times throughout the show and sometimes wonder why the heck she is there.

    Adam : will reserve comments on him for now, need to listen more.

    About the whole “Barry” bashing. It seemed too “rehersed” and try hard. Barry is kind of “different” That is clear. He has some crazy shit on his show and I don’t appreciate half of it. But, I kind of like the insight into someone’s head like he offers. When I hear Thundercat it seems everything is rehearsed and well planned ahead of time. Of course, better for “business” prospects. I have no doubt that Thundercat makes more money from this stuff. But, I feel like Barry is saying what he really thinks (even if it is f-ed up.

  11. Dare says:


    Technical – Your audio levels are still off. I can still hear Adam and his GF better than you on the audio. Also, your sound clips are much high volume wise than the voices.

    -> That depends on the type of headphones/speakers you’re using. It sounds fine on my Sony MVR-V150 headphones. I’m not that technical – but i think the better the base, the fairer the sound will be. On my crappy ipod headphones i get the same thing.

    You need to remember to let people talk.

    -> YOU need to remember that people who say “you need to” are too afraid to ask people to do something based on what they LIKE or WANT personally, instead of appealling to some higher “god” or “society” to do their arguing FOR them…


    Thundercat dosn’t NEED to do SHIT.

    Why not give him some feedback on what YOU liked & didn’t like & he can take it or leave it.

    Don’t tell him what he NEEDS to do, jack.

    I’d LIKE you to remember that.

  12. Lansing says:

    Yeah Dare, you make a good point. Telling ME what to do (Don’t tell him what he NEEDS to do) which is not telling people what to do. That makes sense.

    If the guy doesn’t want a balanced show no point in having Adam or Amanda there. I would prefer to see him with Cameron talking. Personally I think they would vibe better

  13. sham says:

    That Philipino lady was the best!

    Someone please dig up that URL, I need to hear her again!

    “Oh the finger, no not the finger, oh yes the finger!”


  14. sham says:

    I clipped it out of the show! Here it is:


  15. trippledogdare says:

    Dare, you sound a little too angry over something that had nothing to do with you.

    Are you roid ragin’ or just crazy?

    Or a TC fanboy?

  16. Pooah says:

    From the Under 21 Convention faq…

    Do I have to be Under 21 to attend?

    * NO! This event is for anyone looking to improve their social skills/life in general. This is just the only event with a few speakers under the age of 21.

    3 speakers 21 or under


    Dream has claimed 4,000 cold approached sets at 19, all in Orlando, most in 18+ college bars/clubs.

  17. davo says:

    One thing this edition proved is that comedy isn’t your strong point. The segment where you arrived at what nicknames to call Barry and his sidekick was as excrutiatingly unfunny as the nicks themselves. The horse interview wasn’t much better. I wouldn’t put too much stock in the fact that some listeners thought it was hilarious. Some people pay to see Paris Hilton movies and give their bank account details to Nigerian scammers. The world is full of idiots.

    Leave the comedy to Barry. He does it much better, Halloween music notwithstanding.

    Thanks for the mp3 file.

  18. Dare says:

    Davo, “The world is full of idiots”?

    Well if that’s so, I’m one of them, because that shit WAS FUNNY, in my lame opinion.

    Oh BTW yes to all of the above Q’s/Statements about me..

    ..Ah, fuck, you know in all honesty I just got back from a weekend BINGE with Gunwitch. He knows how to party! The alcohol was unending & so was the party.

    The bastard slipped an E into my palm when i asked if anyone had a paracetamol for my head.

    After that..

    Well, it’s a blurry fucking mess of memory…

    Though i seem to recall seeing John Makenrow & Adam Sandler meeting up with us at some point. We threw eggs at cars laughing like children on crack & then mother-fucker even jumped OVER a fucking moving car. Gunwitch wasn’t so lucky. But he was unharmed, thick skull.

    Oh yeah, I did call Thundercat, but he was in the middle of fucking a hot chick. Or maybe two?..

    Man that guy can talk dirty. I thought I’d leave them to it & rejoin my new friends for a round of card counting since we were already in Vegas.

    After that Gunwitch bought me a whore.

    You should have seen my eyes light up..
    The view from that room was amazing. All the city lights & some stars in the sky. Perfect.

    Oh yeah..

    ..and a WHORE!

    Good times:)

    Ah But what are you gonna do when you have a small dick that only works just before i *cough* need a shit..

    Does that make me gay?


    Ps – Can’t wait to hear Cameron on soon too. That guy’s a great role-player;)

  19. Dare says:

    What the hell’s going on at the Barry Kirkey Radio Show?

    Baz has posted two old episodes now with no news as to why..

    Thundercat would you be able to shed some light on what’s going on over there?

    Is it a) Illness
    b) Too much sex
    c) a new drug addiction
    d) Hurt feelings
    e) Can’t be bothered because too much work to do currently at other job.

    Any idea Thundercat?


  20. hm says:

    Maybe thundercat’s comments about Barry the racist and his buddy swampass really got to him and he’s scared – pretty weird that as soon as thundercat teases him a little, he takes a break from doing the show. I have a feeling the guy can dish it out but cannot take it. Oh, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he says that this isn’t true. Well, we’re smarter than that, barry.

  21. TightGame says:

    Nice podcast, Thundercat.

    I was starting to think that all the guys in the community were a bunch of pussies. The more Barry ripped on them, the more they seemed to be qualifying themselves and sucking up to him.

    Nice to see someone stepping up and taking a swing at his pitches. Makes it all the more entertaining. All though I hope that he’s not so shell-shocked that he’s not putting out shows anymore.

  22. Mike Seaver says:

    Thundercat -

    Props for calling out Barry on his racist comments. As you said, he has a talent when it comes to comedy, and he could still be funny without these jokes in every show, time and time again.

    Yeah, nobody wants to look oversensitive or like a crybaby but basically every show contains comments about blacks/asians/jews and these are repeated messages.

    Especially for teens or younger people listening, this messes with your self image and confidence and that’s not what a community that is about self improvement stands for.

    I think you do have to learn to laugh at yourself but up to a certain point.

    Dude is from the most diverse city in North America? Surprising.

    I actually think Barry seems like a good guy and a lot of his comments come from a sense of insecurity and he doesn’t really hate any group of people, but I think he needs to realize what his comments really mean.

  23. sham says:

    “Maybe thundercat’s comments about Barry the racist and his buddy swampass really got to him and he’s scared ”

    I hope you guys are kidding around. There’s no evidence that one thing caused another. Why assume the worst in another person, without any evidence?

  24. BionicEagle says:

    You guys are ridiculous, Barry’s racial humor is some of the funniest stuff on the show. People shouldn’t take themselves so seriously, you’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself. Besides, political correctness is horribly unfunny. If that’s what you’re after keep replaying Deangelo’s interview CD’s at home in your spare time. Anyway, I wonder what happened to Barry this week. Maybe he’s finally taking a vacation.

  25. Mack Wild says:

    On a related note, my blog has been updated recently. I put up my second to last lay in a lay report. Also there are three articles on laying the groundwork for congruence, which is crucial no matter what your doing out there:


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