The Top 10 Pick Up Artists Of 2007

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Okay – sorry this took so long to get up.  I usually like to get the Top 10 list out on New Years Eve, but the holidays, travel, and spotty internet connections kept me from doing so.

Also, just finding the time to sit down and writing everything out was very time consuming and hard to do for some reason this year.  I really thought long and hard about who deserved to go where in the list, but I think this is the best ranking I’ve done yet.

Again, I just want to remind everyone – the Top 10 list isn’t just based on pure pick up skill alone.  I weigh a lot of different factors into who I believe is the top PUAs out there.

I also planned to have a big lead up to the unveiling of the Top 10 this year, but since I got so sidetracked with my family and other things, I didn’t have the time to write it out, so I’ll try and get that out later this month so you guys can see real video and pictures of some of the top 10 in action.

Until then, here are your Top 10 Pick Up Artists of 2007.


1.  Mystery

Yes my friends, it has finally happened.  I am ranking Mystery as the official #1 Pick Up Artist of 2007!

It has surprised many people that Mystery has yet to be ranked at number 1 in all the years I’ve been doing the list.  After all, Mystery does like to proclaim himself as the best ever, and anyone who’s ever met the man would be hard pressed to deny his sheer skill as a pua.

However, in my book, being a top pua is more than just about sheer raw talent.  Why is this?

Because there are factors out there that play a part in success that can’t be controlled.  Factors such as how good looking you are, how rich you are, how famous you are, etc. which can make it easy for you to pick up women.

I would never rate a rock star or movie/TV actor as a Pick Up Artist, because they have a lot of status factors going for them, as well as the factors I just listed above.

To me, a Top Pick Up Artist is about skill, but it’s also about being able to teach what he knows to others, to innovate new and interesting ways of meeting and dating women, to make women feel good about being picked up, and about crafting a lifestyle that can overcome obstacles for success with women, and most of all – contribution to the community at large.

It’s true Mystery has always been at the forefront of the pickup world.  He pioneered the first concrete pick-up method (Mystery Method), he created a lot of the lingo we use, he started the peacocking phenomenon, he lead the "lifestyle" charge that brought about the project hollywood days…

In short, there was a lot about Mystery that was good reason to rank him as number one since I started the list.

However, there was always something that held me back from giving him the top spot.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like Mystery or didn’t think him worthy.  In fact, I’m one of the guy’s biggest fans.  I always root for Mystery to succeed, because I like the guy a great deal.

But for years, I felt Mystery had become stagnant.  He had gotten most of his innovations from concepts Style had come up with, that helped him to refine his model and make it more effective.  He had also withdrawn from teaching a great deal, and most of his game was based on wowing girls in clubs with his magic tricks, which I felt was a little too gimmicky.

It was for those reasons why I ranked Style as number one for so long over Mystery (a source of much frustration and animosity from Mystery, I can assure you!).

However, this year is different.

2007 saw a great deal of things from Mystery.  He published a book that you can find in bookstores across America about his method.  He began personally teaching workshops again.  He released a massive new course of original content.  He pioneered a new lifestyle based on the one he lost with Project Hollywood, with Project Miami and now he’s back in Los Angeles.

But the biggest achievement for Mystery in 2007 was his television show The Pick Up Artist on VH1.  It was quite an achievement to get that show on the air, and bring the pickup community into the mainstream.

Mystery showcased his talents as a teacher and a seducer on that show, and did it in a way that was very positive for the community at large.  Though the show had its problems, Mystery didn’t.

And with that show, Mystery has crafted a new and exciting lifestyle based around the celebrity that it garnered.  It’s almost as if he’s transcended being a pick-up artist and moved into celebrity territory.

But despite all this, Mystery is still as big of a pioneer as he’s always been in the pick up community, and that is why I am ranking Mystery as the #1 PUA of 2007.  It’s been a long time in coming, and he deserves it.

2.  Style

So Neil Strauss was dethroned in 2007, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less awesome than he ever has been in the PUA arena.  In fact, he really gave Mystery a run for his money this year.

2007 Saw Neil release two new pick-up books, a bundle called the Rules Of The Game.  It also saw the development of the Stylelife Academy, which is one of the best pick up and seduction sites on the internet in my opinion (even if it is a bit pricey to be a member of.)  Neil has really been refining his techniques and methods to teach people in Stylelife how to become honest to god pick up artists, and people have been loving his teachings.

And though Neil has been absent from the mainstream media, that hasn’t stopped him from creating his own videos with former celebrities in an effort to get the word out about his Stylelife mission.  I have no doubt that these videos will do a lot to bring new people into the community.

On top of everything else, Neil has consistently been trying to perfect his "relationship" game, which is like the PUA equivalent of the 9th circle of jedi masterdom.  Few PUAs ever focus on relationships with the women they pick up, but Neil has been working hard to master this high-end level of game.  I’ve seen some of the girls he’s been in relationships with in 2007, and all I can say is WOW.  Not only have they been gorgeous, but they’ve also been incredibly fascinating women.

Though Mystery is now number one, I don’t take anything away from Neil (except maybe his strange business partnership with Ross Jeffries).  He’s consistently one of the best pickup artists AND teachers out there.

3.  AFC Adam Lyons

Okay, some of you have probably never heard of this guy before… but this is what makes the Top 10 list worth reading!

AFCAdam is a new face in the PUA scene, and let me tell you – I get the same feeling from this guy that I got from Neil Strauss when I first met him.

I’m convinced that AFCAdam is going to be the next big star in the pickup community.

This guy’s game is RADICALLY different from anyone elses I’ve seen, which is incredibly refreshing to think that there’s still innovation out there not based on the Mystery Method model.

Adam is a London-based pickup artist and the head of the London Lair.  His entire game is based around Social Proof.  He doesn’t use any routines or openers or anything like that.  In fact, his approach is very "AFC" like, hense the nick-name.

Adam likes to brag that is game all about having "no game."  He creates and cultivates a lifestyle that attracts women to him like magnets.

And the fascinating thing is that he’s not rich, or famous.  He’s also pretty average looking, so his success isn’t based around being good looking either.

The women of his that I’ve seen are also of the quality that I’ve seen Mystery and Style get – which is to say the girls are GORGEOUS.

Talking with Adam feels like you’re getting a crash course in Pick-Up from an entirely different perspective.  He’s funny, interesting, and more than willing to share his techniques with anyone who’s interested in them.

Not only that, but Adam also runs the London Lair, and strives to teach others how to be as successful as he is.  He regularly runs his own workshops, and I believe he just released his first ebook.

Long Story Short:  AFCAdam is the newest, most exciting talent in the pick-up world I’ve come across in a long, long time, and I have a feeling 2008 might be his year to reach #1 status.  We’ll have to see.

4.  Swinggcat

Another staple in the top 10 this year drops to number four.  In terms of raw talent, Swinggcat is one of the best pickup artists I know, though 2007 didn’t see much from the Cat.

He did release a new Mastery course with your typical brilliant Swinggcat techniques and psychology, and he’s still one of the most active PUAs I know, going out almost every night and pioneering new techniques and methods he’s developing for himself.

However, Swinggcat is also very withdrawn from the seduction community at the moment, which is one of the reasons I’ve ranked him lower this year than I have in the past.

5.  Brad P

Here’s a new face on the Top 10 – Brad P.

I had heard a great deal of buzz about Brad P before I met the guy.  I had heard about his new and interesting style of pick-up, as well has his famous "Shocker" opener, where he basically insults the girl right off the bat and yet still gets her.

Being the community skeptic I am, I took everything I heard about Brad with a grain of salt.  In fact, when I first met Brad, I felt he was another Mystery clone – a poor man’s Mystery, if you will.

Brad’s tall, just like Mystery, and peacocks in a way very similar to Mystery’s style.

But I came to learn Brad P is not Mystery.

In fact, Brad P is one of the few unique pick up artists I got to meet in 2007.  And trust me – that’s a good thing.

Though his methods do have some things in common with Mystery’s, most of Brad’s material and teachings are all original, and he has his own personal take on certain things.

Brad is also an incredibly fun and charming guy, with none of the hubris that some of the other PUAs I know have.  In fact, he’s very chill, the kind of guy you can hang out with and have a good time.

Brad is also very willing to teach his methods to others.  He runs regular workshops, is constantly creating new products, and isn’t afraid to help out guys who need it.

In fact, Brad is one of those rare guys who developed his own system, began to teach it, and THEN discovered there was an entire seduction community out there – the exact opposite of what you usually see.

Brad P. is definitely one of my favorite new PUAs out there, and I hope to see a lot of good things from him in 2008.

6.  Mehow

Up from number 10 last year, this year I rank Mehow at number six.  Last year there was too much buzz around the guy to ignore him for the top 10 list, and this year I finally got to meet and hang out with the guy.

Mehow is a bit of a surprise because he’s not what you would expect your typical Pick Up Artist to be like.  He’s average to below average in looks, he’s got bleach-blond hair, he’s scrawny, and his voice sounds kind-of gay.

Yet this guys is fearless and can approach like nobody’s business.  And, he gets results.

2007 saw a lot from Mehow.  He released his first product called Get The Girl, and then followed it up with In-Field Exposed, a video series of hidden camera approaches done in live bars and clubs.

There are a few criticisms of Mehow that can’t be ignored in this ranking.  The biggest of which is that his entire system is based on Mystery Method – though there are differences, and Mehow does bring his own unique twists to the table.  But it’s nothing like the original stuff I’m seeing from people like Brad P and AFCAdam.

Another criticism I’ve heard is about the techniques Mehow employs in his club game, which seems to do with buying expensive bottle service and acting gay a lot.

Also, due to his meteoric rise in the community and aggressive marketing and PR appearances, some argue that Mehow is more interested in getting rich and famous than he is in helping other guys succeed with women.

However, despite these criticisms, Mehow is still an exciting new talent to keep an eye on.  I personally believe Mehow’s heart is in the right place, and that he’s going to bring a lot of new and exciting ideas to the community in 2008.

7.  Zan

What Top 10 list would be complete without the true seducer – Zan.

I’ve gotten to hang out and speak with Zan a few times this year, and you know what?  He never ceases to amaze me.  Zan is one of the most naturally gifted seducers out there, and he’s always got some type of new hot babe on his arm when I meet with him.

Zan is such a good seducer AND teacher, that a filmmaker who took one of Zan’s classes actually CAST him to play himself in a movie he was directing.  And being on a movie set didn’t deter Zan from picking up all the hot extras sitting around either.

Also – need I remind anybody that Zan is the guy who had 6 girlfriends who all knew about each other and would regularly engage in threesomes with him?  That alone deserves a permanent spot on the Top 10 in my book.

8.  Stephen Nash

Like Zan, Stephen from Cutting Edge Image Consulting is a naturally gifted seducer.  He has interesting methods and techniques, and his focus is on building strong, beneficial relationships with women as opposed to straight-up pickups (though Stephen is no stranger to being a hard-core pickup artist, let me tell you.)

It’s always a pleasure for me to sit down and talk with Stephen because like Zan, he always has such a great attitude and outlook on life and love, that it’s hard not to be inspired by him.

9. Matador

Number 9 on the list this year is Matador.  I got to meet Matador a few times this year, enough to get a good sense of him as a pick up artist.

Of course, everyone got to see him on the VH1 show, but what we did see was very little of his in-field prowess.  Every time I’ve hung out with Matador, I’ve been impressed with how well he controls the interactions he’s in.  He seems very skilled in being the dominant figure in any set.

However, though Matador has tried to distinguish himself from Mystery, he is still just doing Mystery Method, and it’s hard to see where any innovations of his come into play.

But needless to say, there is some raw talent there, and I’ll be interested in seeing where Matador goes in 2008.

10.  Johnny Soporno

Rounding out the Top 10 this year is yet ANOTHER newcomer, Johnny Soporno.

I’d heard of Johnny long before I met the guy, since good friends of mine – people who’s opinions I trust – couldn’t say enough good things about the man.

Supposedly, Johnny was a guy who used to be in the porn business, and had developed a way to successfully manage multiple female partners in long-term situations.

When I met the guy, I found his name to be appropriate.  The guy does look like Tony Soprano – he’s overweight, older, and balding.  A stark contrast to the super-hot chick he had on his arm.

Johnny is also very soft-spoken and sweet.  A big contrast to how he looks.  But I can see why so many people are taken with him.  His philosophy on life and love and dating and seduction are incredible.

I might have ranked Johnny higher if I had a chance to spend more time with him and see how his system really works, but it seems like Johnny has the lifestyle and relationship aspects of his game down better than anyone else out there.

Special Mentions

Mystery Method

2007 saw Mystery leave his own company Mystery Method to start the competing company Venusian Arts.  And you’ll notice a lack of Mystery Method instructors on the Top 10 list this year.

I just want to point out that this is simply because I did not have a chance to hang out with or observe any Mystery Method people other than Nick Savoy in 2007.

I have met MM’s top instructor Sinn, and think he’s very skilled, but I have yet to see him in field.

It’s for these reasons I didn’t include any in 2007′s top 10 list, not because they don’t deserve to be there.  I still feel Mystery Method is one of the best workshop companies out there, and they have a lot of good products as well.  Losing Mystery was a big (and unexpected) setback for them, but as an organization, I still feel they have a lot of value to deliver the community.

I look forward to seeing them in action this year.


Finally, after years and years, I got to meet he king of Croation pick up and direct game.  I liked Badboy a great deal and would have liked to include him in this years list, but have yet to see him in field.  Maybe next year.

Real Social Dynamics

One of the biggest complaints I get from people about the Top 10 list is how it excludes the Real Social Dynamics crew.  As you know, RSD and I (more specifically, Tyler Durden, Papa, and I) have some bad blood there between us.  This really does make me less interested in what they do since I don’t believe they do anything good.  In my book, they are still rip-offs of Mystery Method, and they still have sociopathic tendancies that are not healthy for the people involved in that organization to be a part of.

However, that’s not to say they may have changed the way they do things.  I don’t know.  The last contact I had with these guys was a letter from their lawyer.  They have been so shut off from the community, and from me personally, it’s hard to judge where their skill level lies.

Even if they didn’t trust me to judge Tyler fairly, I have no idea the skill level of any of their instructors.  Maybe some of them deserve to be in the Top 10.  I just don’t know.


A newcomer to the scene, Grungey (or Oliver, depending on how you know him) has been very aggressive in teaching his "Day Game" methods through his Captivate To Connect business.  I got to meet Oliver briefly, and I think the guy has some good stuff, but again, I didn’t get to see him in action enough to say with any certainty he belonged on the Top 10 list.  But you know what?  He just might have the skills to get there someday.  I’ll be keeping my eye on him.

Well, that sums it up for this year’s Top 10.  I told you there’d be some surprizes this year!  Leave your feedback in the comments section.

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