Ibiza Summit

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Sounds like there’s a new PUA summit in the works over in Europe.

Hey Thundercat,

We wanted to give you the scoop on what we think will be the biggest European Community event of the year – The Ibiza Summit 2006.

Ibiza is a pick-up paradise.  Every night of the week is like a Friday night in a big city.  It’s like South Beach, Leicester Square and Cancun all rolled into one.  The largest club in the world is here (9,000 people) and the women are just incredible.  The party continues on the beaches during the afternoon.  Hot babes from all over the world.

This is not a beginners summit, this is for the guys who are practicing regularly and want to meet with other guys to pick-up 24 hours a day for a week.  No seminars are planned, although you never know who might turn up.

Spread the word far and wide – full details at www.projectibiza.com


Sounds like it could be a really cool get-together.  I’ve never even heard of Ibiza before, but it sounds awesome.

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