Way To Captivating And Seductive Talking

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The always awesome Nightblue has a fantastic post up about how to create a "sexual state" with your language.

Nightblue writes:
Funny that I vaguely remember posting about captivating verbal game.
I got it pretty solid since the time, basing on those principles with mixed with new natural techs.

While on the subject, I realized something yesterday while talking with
the mighty Brazilian. I actually was a natural since I was into MLTRs with girls 19 to 24 when I was sixteen.

Thats probably also the reason of how I can taste useful material when
I see it. Like Id see a guy when there arent women around, and tell
that he gets laid massively. Which leads to the point; Captivating and
seductive talking and behaving.

Whats lacking at most poets to be PUAs is sexual state.

For being a good PUA
in this day and age, the main secret ingredients are to make a short
brief; take the great Svengali’s "chasers are bound to chase forever"
and mix it with "captivating seductive talking" in which I’ll get into,
and finally pour some "having and wanting sex is our main male role and

Things like C&F and playfulness among other things are the add on’s.   

Note that this is a different thing than my last post "Gamestyle for
quick lays". This post is dedicated for becoming a complete PUA from the inside.
Firstly I should mention that if you dont agree with not chasing, put
that aside and try this all out. You’ll game will definitely improve.

The captivating and seductive talking will upgrade your personality to
a whole new level. You’ll be a out of ordinary dream guy. Civilized,
charming charismatic and seductive.
I dont recommend heavy C&F with this, since that only works for one type of women.

Seductive and captivating talking is the most ancient and effective way
of getting women, since you directly aim at their emotions. For this
you shouldnt use ordinary much used words. But have original words and
This is for the rapport stage which is the MOST important part if your
not looking for a quick lay. I do both styles depending on my mood.

To give an example of how such an interaction goes,
In the beginning of the interaction you convey humor and playfulness
C&F and stuff if you want. But youre not just all about that. You
keep the playfulness vibe in it, but you show more of yourself. Youre
talking about ordinary things in an out of ordinary way. Lets say about
womens emotions.

"You know naive men keep wondering in through their lives what women
want, and start to think that they want a lot. While women just await
their dreamguy, a guy with who they feel their emotions charging by
just being with him. And thats actually all they want."

Or after youve known eachother and some chemistry is going on sending
mixed messages like active disinterest mixed with seductive talking;

"You know your skin reminds me of watching the sun spark on the sea in
a little greek island Mykonos. We’d go there when we were kids and
watch the sea instead of playing like we should."
Then later pulling back teasing or something and making her work to get you to talk like this again.

When you show this of yourself youre more than an ordinary guy. Youre
conveying deepness and reaching her emotions. That you have a high
value personality. This is what canned material cant give you.

Im not telling you to be some kind of don Juan 24/7. But showing this is very powerful.
I wouldnt advise to use this if you just want to sleep with her. Since
this will get the girl to feel strong emotions for you like love. If
you just want to get laid you should read "Gamestyle for quick lays"
somewhere below in advanced.
This is more for mLTRs.

A complete PU is not all about C&F and being sexual. You have to create a complete image in her mind of yourself. 

An image of a fun guy, who also has a personality. Confident,
Intelligent and can talk in a way that takes him into a woman in any
way possible. Become complete.

Always remember:  Your language is your weapon.  It’s the best thing you have going for you when it comes to getting a woman.  Even good looking guys, if they don’t have much to say (or say the wrong things), they’re going to miss out on the women they want.  Read this post a couple times, I think it’s a good one!

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