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So you know that guy on the latest DYD audio series? The one and only 2-6? Well, it looks like Scorpius recently had an outting with him. Having been out with 26 before, I know this guy is not only the coolest mother fucker on the planet, but he also has pretty tight game. And this Field Report from the great white north just further illustrates this Canuk has some skills…

Scorpius writes:
We go into “My Apartment” and BAM… 26 is instantly in a 2-set. Solid. Straight posture, cocky demeanour, lots of field tested material that he calls up without hesitation.

A group of four:
Twentysix, Dangerous, Scorpius (me), Joy_stick.

We sarged these two clubs: (Thurs. Mar. 11, 2004).
“My Apartment”

We were all moderately peacocked.

I field tested some stuff: street punk leather jacket from hell, bondage pants, toque, no glasses. All to good effect. Lots of compliments. (From guys, not from girls, hahah but it’s a start).

And also..as we walked around I heard this one random guy say to his friend “Who are these guys? They’re dressed like…”

26 had me watch him number close a nice chick on the dance floor.

Dangerous was good in set. He’s got this very relaxed pimp-like game. Knows a lot of ss and nlp.

He showed me:
- an ss-based fast breathing exercise for energizing the body.
- Relaxation techniques
- the kind of image you want to project in a club (at ease, not moving around too fast, like you’re the shit and nothing bothers you).

Joy_stick’s body language was also good.. you can tell he’s got some natural ability.. and he’s now combining that with asf theory.

Ok.. this is the funniest thing.. I love it when I am gaming a girl and she starts giving me *GOOD* feedback on the correct way to pick her up. AAhahahaha lol. Does anyone else find that hilarious?

This one very hot girl was telling me in a very nice way “You’re talking too fast, slow down, you sound like you’re reading off cue cards, and stand more like this” [She shows me a straight, confident looking posture.] LOL!!! She’s not the first girl who has done this. Lots of girls want you to fuck them, (consciously and/or unconsciously) but they absolutely insist on you going through the sequence in the correct way.

It’s like on dyd, where the salmon females won’t fuck the males unless the guys do the mating sequence exactly right. This is also covered in “The Red Queen”.. i think there’s a kind of scorpion where the female will literally kill the male if his game is off.

Just a note to myself: Remember to always be cooler than the girls in the set.

Ok, next we went to Tonic.

Outside, we were standing next to this group, they were checking me out, pointing to my shoes, one of them said “Not bad”. lol.

We go into the lineup.. all of a sudden 26 is at the front talking to the bouncer, and then skipping the lineup and being let in. haaaaahaha. The rest of us had to wait. It was only a few minutes.

There’s some risk involved with trying to skip club lineups. If it’s done incorrectly, they might not let you in at all. It’s a skill.

Tonic is a much more hardcore club. Lots of targets for us in there. Much better for peacock clothes. From a pickup standpoint, the difficulty level is about equal to ‘my apartment.’ But in the latter there were lots of guys just standing around watching sports on tv. Not as cool as hundreds of people dancing and moving.

26 ran into this 2-set that he and Tyler had extracted at some earlier date. He chatted/gamed them for a little bit. He said that one of them had a negative attitude.

Then he said “I’m gonna field test something”.. then he got between this guy and girl that were dancing pretty close.. and he just started dancing with the girl.. and the other guy was instantly shut out. heheh.

I ran some good sets in here.

26 told me I’d do much better without the glasses, so I pocketed them, and yeah.. there was a noticeable difference in girl’s attitudes after that.

I had fun gaming this one girl with the dental floss thing, thumb wrestling and spinning. Those routines usually do what they’re supposed to.

26 watched me do a few sets. He gave me the following feedback:

- went into sets ASAP.

Work on:
- Engaging the whole set.. with 70% of the time spent on the less attractive girl to begin with. (To prevent the less attractive one from removing the more attractive one.)
- Don’t turn towards them before they’re turned towards me.
- When the wing enters the set, don’t turn towards him too quickly, and turn the shortest possible distance towards him.
- Eye contact, straighter posture, voice projection, smile more.

Voice projection is a hard one. I opened several sets just to practice that alone. Club gaming is challenging.. you’ve got to be good at a lot of things at once in order to be successful.

You can read the whole thread here.

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