The New Blink 182

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I can remember when these guys hit the mainstream when I was in college.  I remember for the simple reason that my neighbor in the dorm was blasting their fuckin’ CD day and night at full volume.  In a way, that soured me towards the group, who I looked at as a flash in the pan punk group who wanted to be Green Day but sang about stupid high school shit like breaking up with their stoner girlfriend and the like.

So I guess I’m surprized that they’ve endured as a group.  I know they briefly broke up for a while and went on to do Boxcar Racer, which was a pretty cool little side project.  But their latest album has made me a fan.  For some reason, the songs on this new release of theirs "Feeling This" are really striking a chord with me.  The songs seem a little bit somber, more grown up, and musically more advanced than anything they’d done previously.  It’s funny because the songs are really very simple for the most part, but in a way that simplicity makes them more sophisticated (probably because any artist knows that to create something simple AND beautiful is the hardest thing to accomplish).

Admittadely, I’m no music critic.  But I do know what I like.  And these guys, I like.


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